World War I


* Anzac Day
Includes essays on the history of the day and the Anzac tradition, paintings from the National War Art collection, campaign maps, and biographies of a range people who served at Gallipoli. From
* Anzac Day @ Radio New Zealand National
A guide to Anzac Day for New Zealanders
* Cenotaph Database
A database of over 33,000 New Zealanders who served in war and conflict from the South African War to the present day, and who are now deceased. It is primarily a roll of honour of those who died as a result of war service, but also includes some personnel who have died since.
* From Papanui to Passchendaele
WW1 involvement of soldiers from suburb of Papanui, Christchurch. Profiles individual soldiers. Backgrounds their home community and the war they fought in.
* The Gallipoli Campaign
For nine months in 1915, British (including New Zealand) and French forces battled the Ottoman Empire - modern Turkey - for control of the Gallipoli peninsula. From
* Kua Whewehe Matou! Breaking up the Maori Contingent
An edited extract from Monty Soutar's essay Kua Whewehe Matou! Breaking up the Maori Contingent and the Ordering Home of Four of its Officers in the book How We Remember: New Zealanders and the First World War.
* New Zealand and Le Quesnoy: the ties of war
This exhibition marks the anniversary of the liberation of Le Quesnoy by New Zealand troops on 4 November 1918, described as 'New Zealanders' most successful day of the whole campaign on the Western Front'. From
* New Zealand and the First World War - an overview
General introduction to the origins of the First World War and New Zealand's participation in it. From
* New Zealand Defence Force - Medals
Features the more common medals which have been awarded to New Zealand military personnel since the New Zealand Wars of the 1840s and 1860s. It does not cover medals which have been awarded to New Zealanders in small numbers or in unique military circumstances. Because the military history of New Zealand is linked with Britain, British medals awarded to New Zealanders have been included.
* New Zealand Defence Force - Personnel Records
Provides information on who is entitled to apply for details from the records of ex-Service personnel (including medals), how to apply and lists the contact details for Personnel Archives.
* New Zealand World War I History
From New Zealand Electronic Text Centre
* New Zealanders in World War I
A guide to information about the men and women who served in the New Zealand armed forces during World War I.
* Project Passchendaele
To commemorate the tragedy of Passchendaele, Auckland War Memorial Museum is undertaking Project Passchendaele as an online campaign seeking photographs, letters, personal papers and reminiscences owned by descendants of those killed or wounded in the battle. The war stories supplied may be published in a Project Passchendaele feature section on this website along with any accompanying images. Service record information will be used to update Auckland Museums Cenotaph database, a biographical record of deceased New Zealand service personnel.
* Remembering Gallipoli, 1916
Collection of images from
* War Reference Guide - Archives New Zealand
A Reference Guide to commonly used records regarding the armed forces held at Archives New Zealand.
* Where did they go?
Find out about troopships - departures, destinations, the vessels, as well as details on troopship magazines. From the Auckland War Memorial Museum Library
* WW1 Memorials Register
This register of 453 public WW1 memorials was compiled by Jock Phillips during the writing of the book he co-authored with Chris Maclean, The Sorrow & the Pride: New Zealand War Memorials (1990). From