Wars and Conflicts


* Military Museums
* New Zealand Wars
* The South African War 1899-1902
* World War I
* World War II


* Military History @ Oxford Reference Online
A collection of reference books covering Military History.
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* Vietnam War Reference Library
The Almanac traces the progression of this controversial war from its beginnings in 1941 through its last days in 1975. Biographies contains comprehensive biographical essays on the people involved in the war. Primary Sources provides a variety of perspectives on the war through excerpted screenplays, literature, speeches, and hearing testimonies. Ed. Kevin Hillstrom, Laurie Collier Hillstrom, and Diane Sawinski. Detroit: U*X*L, 2001.
From The Gale Virtual Reference Library.
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* 28th Māori Battalion Association
Official site of the 28 Māori Battalion Association
* American Battle Monuments Commission
The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) was established by Congress in 1923 to commemorate the service, sacrifice and achievements of U.S. Armed Forces where they have served overseas since 1917, and within the U.S. when directed by public law.
Information from the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association (RSA)
ANZAC Day in New Zealand is held on 25 April each year to commemorate New Zealanders killed in war and to honour returned servicemen and women. Pointers to key resources.
* Anzac Day collection
This collection brings together 18 titles covering Kiwis at war. Iconic documentaries and films tell stories of terrible cost, heroism and brotherhood. From NZOnScreen
* ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Queensland)
Includes educational and historical information on ANZAC Day, the Spirit of ANZAC and all conflicts in which Australian forces have served.
A guide to Anzac Day for New Zealanders
This website has been conceived for helping overseas visitors to organise their travel to the Somme battlefields and memorials and to follow in the Australian and New Zealander fighters’ footsteps.
* The Art of War
Online exhibition from the National Archives of the United Kingdom
* Australian Korean War Commemoration Site
* Australians at War Film Archive
The Archive is an Australian Government initiative, commissioned through the Department of Veterans' Affairs and designed to film and record the stories of over two thousand war veterans as a permanent asset for posterity.
* Capital Defence
About the built military Heritage of Wellington
* Cenotaph Database
A database of over 33,000 New Zealanders who served in war and conflict from the South African War to the present day, and who are now deceased. It is primarily a roll of honour of those who died as a result of war service, but also includes some personnel who have died since.
* The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Minds memorials in over 150 countries and holds information on the 1.7 million members of the British Commonwealth forces who died in the two world wars as well as the 60,000 civilian casualties of WWII. This huge database is online as the Debt of Honour Register. Users may search the Register for "personal and service details and places of commemoration" for relatives and "identify the exact location, by cemetery plot or memorial panel, where any given name is commemorated." Search variables include surname, initials, war or year of death, force, and nationality.
* Defence Service personnel files transferred to Archives New Zealand
The military personnel files of those who served in our Defence Services during the South African War and the First World War have been transferred to Archives New Zealand from the New Zealand Defence Force, Personnel Archives. About how to access these files.[PDF]
* Experiencing War
This companion Web site accompanies Voices of War, the first book of stories drawn from the collections of the Veterans History Project.
* Ex-Service Memorials and Cemeteries
Unlike many other countries, New Zealand has specifically designated areas within public cemeteries, as well as stand-alone individual cemeteries, for the interment of veterans, irrespective of whether death was due to service or to natural causes. These are called Services Cemeteries and there are now 178 of these throughout New Zealand. Information from Veterans' Affairs New Zealand
* From Memory - War Oral History Programme
The From Memory - War Oral History Programme offers information and advice for interviewing New Zealand war veterans including background on each of the main Second World War campaigns in which New Zealanders served, and lists of suggested questions. It also features a comprehensive guide to creating oral histories which covers everything from finding interviewees to choosing the correct equipment. From
* Frontier of Chaos? Maori-European Contact before 1840
Case studies of relations between Maori and European and a discussion of those who crossed between the two cultures. From
* Korea - Recollections of the Korean War, 1950-1953
Imperial War Museum's Sound Archive presents interviews with British and Commonwealth veterans.
* Korean War Commemoration
The Department of Defense 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration site
* Māori Pioneer Battalion
Photographs of soldiers of the New Zealand Māori Pioneer Battalion, from Auckland City Libraries' Heritage Images Collection.
* A Military History Timeline Of War And Conflict Across The Globe 3000 B.C. To A.D. 1999
This timeline is presented in order to give the user the ability to see what major conflicts were going on across the globe in any given year or time period.
* National War Memorial
The tomb of the Unknown Warrior. The Memorial commemorates all New Zealanders who gave their lives in the South African War, the two World Wars, the conflicts in Malaysia and Vietnam and on peace-keeping operations world-wide. The National War Memorial features a Carillon, Hall of Memories and the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. A New Zealand Memorial Park to be based alongside the Memorial is currently under development.
* New Zealand and the Vietnam War
Essay adapted from the Oxford Companion to New Zealand Military History. From From
* New Zealand Fencible Society
The Royal New Zealand Fencible corps were retired soldiers from Britain and Ireland, often referred to as 'Pensioners', who enlisted as a military reserve to act as a 'defence force' for the protection of the early settlers in the fledgling town of Auckland, New Zealand.
* New Zealand Forces in Asia 1949-1972
Essays on the Cold War, Malaya Emergency, Borneo Confrontation and Korean and Vietnam conflicts. From
* New Zealand in the Korean War
Essay adapted from the Oxford Companion to New Zealand Military History. From From
* New Zealand War Graves Project
Aims to produce a photographic archive of all graves and primary memorials of New Zealand's war dead.
* Online Bookshelves Korean War
Official histories and other documents. From the US Army Center of Military History
* Online Bookshelves Vietnam War
Official histories and other documents. Publications of the U.S. Army Center of Military History
* Remember me - echos from a lost generation
* US Army Center of Military History
An essential mission of the Center of Military History (CMH) is to write the official history of the United States Army. This history provides a comprehensive account of Army activities in peace and war and serves as an important tool in training officers and noncommissioned officers in the profession of arms.
* Veterans History Project
A project coordinated by the Library of Congress to collect interviews and documentary materials spanning much of the twentieth century.
* Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection
Posters, handouts, and other printed ephemera from the Vietnam War Era that were distributed on the University of Washington campus during the decades of the 1960s and 1970s. They reflect the social environment and political activities of the youth movement in Seattle during that period. From the University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections
Memories of New Zealand and the Vietnam War. From New Zealand History online
* Virtual Vietnam Archive
Currently, the project contains over 1.5 million pages of materials online, ranging from photographs, slides, audio and video recordings, and a number of oral histories. From Texas Tech University
* War Art Online
Over 600 images from the National Collection of War Art comprises official pieces of war art, commissioned by the New Zealand government, and other unofficial art works acquired by or donated to government departments. An interactive site including video clips and information about war art and the artists in the collection. From the collection held by Archives New Zealand.
* Wargraves and Memorials in New Zealand
Memorial to the casualties of WW1 & WW2 who are commemorated in New Zealand. It includes web links photographs and service records of those remembered.
* Wrights Hill Fortress Restoration Society Wellington