Weathertightness & Leaky Buildings


* Building a Weathertight Home
Official information from the Department of Building and Housing for anyone planning to build a new home.
* Building Research Association (BRANZ)
The building and construction industry's research, testing, consulting and technology transfer organisation.
* Leaky Buildings & Building standards
Recent articles from the NZ Herald.
* Leaky Buildings research papers
From the Parliamentary Library, New Zealand.
* New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc (NZIBS)
National body of professional building consultants. Provides information about services, descriptions of common problems in old and new houses, definitions of terms, and an indexed list of members
* Reports on Weathertightness
Official reports on weathertightness of homes including the Hunn Report of 2002 and the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Report of 2009.
* The Science of Building Weather-tightness
A summary of the presentations given at the Claddings Institute of New Zealand forum in March 2002.
* Weathertight e-news
A quarterly online newsletter from the Department of Building and Housing
* Weathertight Homes Resolution
Official information for homeowners about the Weathertight Homes Resolution processes
* Weathertight Homes Tribunal
Official tribunal provides speedy, cost-effective and independent adjudication for leaky home claims brought under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006.
* Weathertightness
Official information for homeowners and building professionals from the Department of Building and Housing
* Weathertightness of Buildings in New Zealand
Report of the Government Administration Committee's inquiry into the weathertightness of buildings in New Zealand, March 2003.