* BusyThings
Access colourful, quirky and fun games and activities for 3 to 7 year olds. Designed to entertain and educate!
Access this with your library card number and PIN, or at our libraries.
* Literacy Planet
Fun learn-to-read resource for children. Includes pre-reading skills, practice exercises and basic mathematics. (was Intrepica) Set up a new account with your library card number and email address.
* TumbleBook Library
Fun animated children’s stories, games, quizzes and puzzles.
Access this with your library card number and PIN, or at our libraries.
* Arthur
Meet Arthur, D.W. and the rest of the gang. From PBS.
* Bananas in Pyjamas
Dance, sing and play some games with the Bananas in Pyjamas
* Bob the Builder
* Club Penguin
Become a penguin in this virtual world. Play games, find a job and meet other penguins.
* Cbeebies
Games, colouring and stories from the BBC.
* Fun School
Become a student at Fun School!
* Garfield Online
Play a game with Garfield, check out the cool cartoons and answer a trivia quiz.
* Guinness World Records
Explore world records and see if you can set one.
* Kaleidoscope Painter
Turn your computer into a kaleidoscope with lots of cool colours.
* KidsFest Christchurch
Christchurch's annual festival for kids.
* Kidzone
Play games on the TV2 website. You can play with Spongebob, the Party Animals and more.
* Kipper
Explore Kipper's website.
* Knowledge Adventure
Play games from the creator of JumpStart Adventures and Reader Rabbit
* Lego Games
Play heaps of games from the world of Lego. Play with pirates, ninjas, and Star Wars characters
* Magic School Bus
allow Mrs Frizzle to take you on a magic tour.
* Mission: Migration
Help your flock of birds to migrate safely by learning how choices you make each and every day around your home, school, and neighborhood can affect their fate. Avoid storms and predators and glide for super speed.
* Moshi Monsters
Adopt a monster and do lots of different things with it at this site.
* National Geographic games
Play Pipe Panic, find Pluto’s Secret and visit Dog Town.
* PBS Kids Fun and Games
* Pingu
Have some icy adventures with Pingu.
* Poptropica
Explore a virtual world just for kids! Join millions of kids from all around the world to play games, solve mysteries and meet some book characters.
* Radacadabra
Fun for kids who love to dance.
* Sesame Street Games
Play along with Big Bird, Elmo and Oscar at Sesame Street.!
* Seussville
The home of Dr Seuss, the cat in the hat and more.
Sparky the Fire Dog will help you learn about fire safety by playing games, watching cartoons and fighting robots. You can also visit the fire station and learn about different sorts of fire trucks. From the National Fire Prevention Association
* Star Wars
Play some Star Wars games and learn about the Star Wars universe.
* The Stacks
Play games based on book characters from Scholastic.
* Thomas the Tank Engine
* What now!
* The Wiggles