Family history and whakapapa


* On this day in Canterbury
Look up what happened in Canterbury history on your birthday or other significant dates in your familiy history.
* Whakapapa at Christchurch City Libraries
Detailed information about how to trace your whakapapa from Christchurch City Libraries.
* Birth, Death and Marriage records
Search for birth, death and marriage records from 80 to 100 years ago.
* Climbing your family tree
Fantastic site with online and offline information to help you track down and write down your family history.
* Family history charts
All the charts and print outs you'll ever need to start writing down your family history. Includes The Story of Me - a great way to start with what you know.
* Family tree kids
Aimed at kids who are starting to explore their family history. Printable activities, information, interview tips and more.
* Immigrant cultures
Find out about the history of different immigrant cultures in New Zealand.
* The Maori Battalion
Was one of your ancestors in The Maori Battalion?
* On this day
Look up what happened on your birthday or other significant dates in your family history.
* Papers Past
Search more than one million pages of old NZ newspapers! From 1839 - 1945.
* Researching family history
Some simple advice on starting to track down your family history.