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* Pottermore
Experience the Harry Potter stories like never before with from J.K. Rowling. Learn more about the wizarding world as you discover exclusive new writing from the author herself. Explore key scenes from Harry's journey and begin your own. Experience it all for free.
* Harry Potter
Unlock the magic and take the wizard's challenge at the official web page of the US publisher of Harry Potter - Scholastic.
* Harry Potter at Christchurch City Libraries
See which Harry Potter books for kids are available in our libraries.
* Harry Potter Books
Play Harry Potter games, print some bookmarks and watch videos on the the website of the UK publisher of Harry Potter - Bloomsbury.
* Harry Potter Lexicon
This lexicon is a list of words covering the whole Harry Potter world. A great source of Harry Potter trivia and includes a timeline of events. This site covers only facts from the books or from interviews by JK Rowling, not things in the movies.
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Unofficial fan site
* The Official Harry Potter Movie Website
Enrol at Hogwarts (be sure to check what books and supplies you'll need from the list). Don the Sorting Hat to decide your house allegiance and set off to explore a magical world..
* J.K.Rowling Official Site
* The Leaky Cauldron
Get the latest news from the most trusted name in Potter.