Project Spaces and Artist Run Galleries


* Artspace Auckland
* Blue Oyster Gallery Dunedin
Artist run initiative based in Dunedin.
* Cuckoo
A ‘gallery' with no fixed space - consiting of a loose grouping of artists, curators and writers making up the collective Cuckoo are known for their practice of taking over existing gallery spaces for short term, lively projects.
* Enjoy Wellington
Enjoy prioritises art as an installational conceptual experience.
* Gridlocked Christchurch
Archive of project which works around the notion that artists want their work to be seen, and the public need to see art. Sites around the Central City are negotiated for the use of Artists.
* High Street Project Christchurch
Artist run initiative based in Christchurch.
* Honeymoon Suite Archive Dunedin
Archive of the former artists run space for 1997 & 1998
* The Physics Room Christchurch
* rm one zero three Auckland
Artist run initiative with a gallery located in downtown Auckland