* ahoy!
ahoy! is a series of flag exhibitions on public buildings in Hamilton, NZ. Ten artists and designers have contributed flag designs which will be exhibited over the next two months.
* ART BOX Project Wellington
Public art space which relocates to public spaces around Wellington.
* The Kiosk Christchurch
The Kiosk is a permanent public art site for temporary exhibitions. Curated by The Physics Room.
* Oblique
A former charitable Trust based in New Zealand, developed with the intention of coordinating public and non-institutional art projects, including the Otira Project, Thoroughfare and the Kiosk. Site archive by the Physics Room.
* opshop Christchurch
Rudolf Boelee & Robyn Voyce, visiting hours by appointment
* The Otira Project
A 1999 site-specific project in a South Island 'ghost town' involving over 40 artists from New Zealand and overseas.
* Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand
July 3-16 2006
* Thoroughfare
An exhibition of work by emerging Christchurch artists in a vacant bank, as part of the 1999 Sydenham Mayfest festival.
* Window
Window exists in two states; its primary location is the physical exhibition window located near the Main Library of the University of Auckland, and its shadow is the virtual exhibition spaces of the Window website