Industry Training Organisations


* Industry Training Federation of New Zealand (ITF)
The ITF is an organisation that represents Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) to government and works to improve the policy for, and delivery of, industry training.
* Industry Training Organisations
From the Tertiary Education Commission.
* Industry Training Organisations @ Te Puna Web Directory
Links to New Zealand organisations and information.
* Social Services ITO
The Social Services Industry Training Organisation (ITO) supports the development of the social services workforce
* Agriculture Industry Training Organisation (AgITO)
* Apparel and Textile Industry Training Organisation (ATITO)
* Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO)
Mission is to develop and manage, for the aviation, tourism and travel industries, high quality training linked to nationally recognised qualifications. The organisation is funded by contributions from industries and the sale of training resource material.
* Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO)
Develops and implements industry qualifications for the Building and Construction sector.
* Community Support Services Industry Training Organisation (CSSITO)
Formerly the New Zealand Engineering, Food and Manufacturing Industry Training Organisations (EFMITO)
* Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisations (ESITO)
* Electrotechnology Industry Training Organisation (ETITO)
* Extractives Industry Training Organisation (EXITO)
* Fire and Rescue Services Industry Training Organisation (FRSITO)
* Forest Industry Training and Education Council (FITEC)
* Hairdressing Industry Training Organisations (HITO)
* Horticulture Industry Training Organisations (NZHITO)
* InfraTrain New Zealand
* Joinery Industry Training Organisation (JITO)
* Local Government Industry Training Organisation
* MITO New Zealand (Inc.)
Previously known as the New Zealand Motor Industry Training Organisation.
* National Trade Academy
Offers Agriculture Training Courses, Equine Training Courses, and Horticulture and Animal Care Courses towards national qualifications for careers in these land based industries.
* New Zealand Association for Training and Development (NZATD)
NZATD is New Zealand's professional association for workplace learning and performance, training and development, and adult education specialists.
* New Zealand Industry Training Organisation
Meat processing, dairy manufacturing, seafood industry, leather manufacturing qualifications.
* New Zealand Journalists Training Organisation (JTO)
A voluntary organisation funded by newspaper, magazine, radio and television companies.
* NZ Sports Turf Industry Training Organisation
* Power Crane Association of New Zealand (PCA)
Official representative on all matters relating to the safety and operation of cranes.
* Public Sector Training Organisation (PSTO)
* Retail Industry Training Organisation
* Retail Meat Industry Training Organisation
* Seafood Industry Training Organisations (SITO)
* Sports Fitness and Recreation Industry Training Organisation (SFRITO)
works with the industry to set standards, develop new qualifications and create training systems to suit the needs of workplaces in the adventure tourism sector.
* Training @ New Zealand Screen Council
* Tranzqual ITO