* 1881 Electoral Rolls - Auckland
These cover North Auckland, Auckland and South Auckland / Waikato. This is the nearest equivalent to the British 1881 census, and only lists males who had lived at a residence for at least six months.
* Auckland Area Passenger Arrivals 1838-1886
Indexes newspaper reports of Auckland area inward passengers for the period 1838 to 1886. Also covers newspaper reports for Kororareka, Russell and New Zealand Company settlements 1838-1845. Much trans-Tasman migration is not included, and often those in steerage were not included in the newspaper reports.
* Auckland Area Passenger Vessels 1838-1886
Provides details of particular ships including information on the name of the Captain, ship's tonnage and the port of origin. This database allows you to follow up on details of the particular ship you are interested in.
* Auckland City Libraries - History & Genealogy Databases
Auckland City Libraries provides access to a range of family history databases - many searchable and accessible to the general public, others accessible only to library members.
* Auckland Crown Grants
Searchable database of the original land grants for the inner Auckland area. Produced by Auckland City Libraries.
* Auckland Family History Databases
from Auckland City Libraries
* Auckland Police Census 1842-1846
Census of Auckland area households and their inhabitants. This is the only surviving census for Auckland area households and their inhabitants for the 19th century. It was carried out each year from 1842 to 1846. Note that the names of children and wives are not given. The original manuscript (NZMS 25) is held in Special Collections, Auckland City Libraries.