Earthquakes and Tsunamis


* Christchurch Earthquakes 2010, 2011
* Historic Earthquakes
* Research


* Canterbury earthquakes 2010 2011 kete
A place where you can share your stories, photos, memories of the earthquake and the aftermath.
* Donate your earthquake story
Christchurch City Libraries is collecting earthquake stories.
* Earthquake Commission
Responsible for providing insurance of residential property against loss or damage caused by earthquake, volcanic eruption, hydrothermal activity, tsunamis and natural landslips; administering the Natural Disaster Fund; and facilitating research and education about natural disaster damage and its mitigation.
Learn how to be prepared for an earthquake or any of the other natural disasters the Earthquake Commission covers.
* Geology Department
At Otago University
* GeoNet
Monitoring geological hazards (earthquake, volcano, landslide and tsunami) in New Zealand.
* GNS Earthquake information
From the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences.
* Hazard Watch
weekly reviews of natural hazard events reported in New Zealand. Hazard Watch is a service of the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences (GNS). Latest volcanoes, Volcanic alert bulletins
* Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited
Crown Research Institute responsible for earth and nuclear scientific research and consultancy services in New Zealand.
* Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management
Leading the way in making New Zealand and its communities resilient to hazards and disasters
* Tsunami
Information from the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management