* Deccan Herald Online Edition Bangalore
A daily newspaper in Bangalore. Includes access to some back issues
* The Economic Times
India's most widely circulated financial and business daily which is the second largest financial daily in the world.
* The Hindu Madras
The Hindu calls itself "India’s National Newspaper".
* India Express Bombay
A publishing group that publishes the dailies Indian Express & The Financial Express .
* India News
From the Washington Post and the Associated Press. May require free registration.
* indymedia - India
A network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth.
* Press Information Bureau
in english
* - Gujarati edition
in Gujarati
* - Hindi edition
in Hindi
* The Times of India
features Indian, World and Entertainment news as well as Sport, Business and Cricket . Also features metropolitan news from Major Cities
* The Tribune Chandigarh
Daily newspaper based in Chandigarh. Includes access to previous weeks editions. In english
* United News of India (UNI)