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* Lobby Groups
* Political News
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* Government of New Zealand
* – your guide to finding and using New Zealand Government services online. Provides a comprehensive search facility to all New Zealand Government and related web sites.
* Election Results Service
From the Chief Electoral Office.
* Elections NZ Te Kaitiaki Take Kowhiri
* Electoral Commission Te Kaitiaki Take Kowhir
An independent body set which registers political parties and party logos. Receives registered parties annual returns of donations and returns of election expenses. Allocates election broadcasting time and funds to eligible political parties.
* Voting system
Explains MMP, referenda, Maori representation, local government and more.
* Electorate Profiles
Contain maps of the electorate, analysis of the vote for the last two elections, and key statistical indicators for the electorate against the population of NZ as a whole. Published by the Parliamentary Library.
* History of the vote
* Māori and the Vote
Tracing the evolution of Māori voting and democracy in New Zealand. From the Electoral Commission Te Kaitiaki Take Köwhiri.
* MMP - how we vote in our parliament
* New Zealand Election Study
Through analysis of political behaviour over five successive New Zealand elections, we are monitoring the democratic process in New Zealand during a period of social and economic change.
* New Zealand Gazetteer: Search for Place Names
The New Zealand Gazetteer of Place Names holds all official names for geographic places and features within the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (NZGB). The New Zealand Gazetteer also has other types of unofficial names, such as recorded collected and replaced names.
* New Zealand Parliament
New Zealand's House of Representatives
* New Zealand Political Change Project
To study the impact upon the political system of the introduction of proportional representation in 1996.
* New Zealand Politics Timeline
A timeline of political firsts produced by Christchurch City Libraries.
* Parliamentary Library Research Papers
Research papers cover a variety of topical subjects of relevance to Parliament.
tools to compare the political policy of all the main Parties, over a comprehensive range of policies.
* Politics
A collection of videos and tv shows related to politics. From NZ on Screen.
* Single Transferable Vote
Government site explaining how Single Transferable Vote works.
Records what MPs are doing in Parliament - contributions to debates, questions asked, pecuniary interests, committee work, ministerial portfolios etc. Not official - run by volunteers.