Climate Change


* Government Agencies


* Environmental Studies and Policy Collection
Search journals for different environmental perspectives from the scientific community, government policy makers and corporate interests. Explore more than 3 million articles on global warming, climate change, alternative energy, environmental policy, going green, recycling, soil, plants, agronomy and more.
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* GreenFile
Research database covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. A collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on the environmental effects and what can be done to minimise them. Includes some full text content.
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* Biodiversity and Climate Change
Datasets, tools & reports from the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre.
* C2ES Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Successor to the Pew Center on Global Climate change.
* Climate Change
Topic guide from New Scientist magazine.
* Climate Change Information New Zealand
Information about climate change - its impacts and implications, and New Zealand's overall approach. Visit this site to find out ways you can help look after New Zealand's environment through your community.
* Climate Change Programme of the IUCN
International Union for Conservation of Nature, helps the world find pragmatic solutions to our most pressing environment and development challenges.
* Climate change publications
NZ Ministry for the Environment.
* Climate Change U.S. E.P.A.
The Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Change site offers comprehensive information on the issue of climate change in a way that is accessible and meaningful to all parts of society - communities, individuals, business, states and localities, and governments.
* Climate Debate Daily
Website publishing essays and research for and against the idea of climate change. From Denis Dutton and Douglas Campbell of Canterbury University.
* Climate Institute
The Climate Institute's mission is to protect the balance between climate and life on earth. The Institute has helped in 22 nations to lay the basis for negotiation of the climate treaty signed in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and has also worked to implement the treaty's goals in North America and in other regions of the world.
* Climate Progress edited by Joe Romm
Time named him "The Web's most influential climate-change blogger." Romm was acting assistant secretary of energy for energy efficiency and renewable energy in 1997. He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and holds a Ph.D. in physics from MIT.
* Climate Smart Strategy (2010 - 2025)
The Christchurch City Council's vision for a climate smart city ready to respond to the local impacts of climate change. Find links to the report outlining this strategy, climate change resources relevant to Christchurch and Canterbury, and how you can help by becoming climate smart.
* Climate Update
A monthly summary of New Zealand's climate, including soil moisture and river flows. Published by NIWA.
* Environmental Defence Society
The Environmental Defence Society is a not-for-profit environmental advocacy organisation, comprised of resource management professionals who are committed to improving environmental outcomes within New Zealand.
* Environmental Visualization Laboratory
Video and imagery of world-wide weather and climate data.
* Global Warming
From the Union of Concerned Scientists: citizens and scientists for environmental solutions.
* Greenpeace's Climate Change Campaign
* NIWA Climate Research
Information about the greenhouse effect and climate change from a New Zealand perspective. Published by NIWA.
* NZ Climate Science Coalition
Provides an alternative view of climate change: publishes reports and links to web sites etc.
* RealClimate
RealClimate is a commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists for the interested public and journalists. We aim to provide a quick response to developing stories and provide the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary. The discussion is restricted to scientific topics and will not get involved in any political or economic implications of the science.
* Skeptical Science
"Getting skeptical about global warming skepticism". Addresses the most used climate myths and what the science really says.
* United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Bonn
A specialized agency within the United Nations. A specialized agency within the United Nations system.
* World Bank Group: Climate Change
Provides resources and expertise for the World Bank's participation in international climate change negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and provides technical advice to the World Bank's Global Environment Facility Program.