Road Safety


* New Zealand Road Code
The road rules section from the official New Zealand Road Code to help you understand New Zealand traffic law and become a safe and courteous road user.
* Accident Research Centre
At Monash University
* Bike Wise
Bike Wise has a world of information about bikes for kids and grown ups too. Learn all about bike safety, mountain biking, chosing a bike, bike maintenance, the history of the bicycle, biking for kids as well as bike events in New Zealand.
* Car Safety
Crash tests and Safety Recall information from
* Crash test results
Provided by the Australian New Car Assessment Programme (ANCAP)
* National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
* NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi
* Ride Forever
Ride Forever is the one-stop shop for riders to access New Zealand's online motorcycling community. Includes a directory of clubs, retailers and a whole range of event listings. Supported by ACC
* Road Safety in Christchurch
* Ruben the Road Safety Bear
* Safer car
General car safety, recalls and crash test ratings.
* School Travel Planning Christchurch
School Travel Planning is an internationally recognised process whereby a school, working in conjunction with its local council, determines how it can promote safer and more sustainable travel options for school related journeys by pupils, parents, care givers and school staff.
* Slowdown
* Students against drunk driving (SADD) New Zealand
* Transport Accident Investigation Commission Te Komihana Tirotiro Aitua Waka
Responsible for the independent investigation of significant aviation, rail, and marine accidents and incidents. TAIC does not investigate road accidents or incidents except when the circumstances may have significant implications for the safety of, for example, the rail transport system.
* Transport Resources & manuals
Rules are a type of legislation that focus on improving land transport safety. They rationalise and bring together requirements that can be spread through many sources (including regulations, Gazette notices, Orders and policy directives).
* Used car safety ratings
These ratings give an indication of how safe common Australian and New Zealand used-vehicle models are likely to be in a crash. These ratings are calculated by the Monash University Accident Research Centre in Australia.
* Using child restraints safely
Advice and information from the NZ Transport Agency.