Sustainable Living


* EcoBob
Ecobob is a web site, developed to make eco friendly living easy. The web site provides users with an easy way of accessing information on environmentally friendly living such as profiles of eco houses, a listing of businesses providing eco living products and services, a range of information articles on eco living and an online community for people to share ideas and connect on eco living topics.
* eDay
eDay is a community initiative designed to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling computers and the hazardous nature of electronic waste (e-waste), while offering an easy way for households and schools to dispose of old computers and mobile phones in an environmentally sound manner.
* Enviroschools
The Enviroschools Foundation runs programmes which empower students and schools to create healthy, peaceful, sustainable communities.
* Phase2
Phase2 is dedicated to the advancement and adoption of science- and ethics-based (strong) sustainability through leadership and engagement.
* Sustainable Business
There are many ways that business can become sustainable and many benefits that come from it.
* Sustainable Christchurch
Aims to actively contribute within Otautahi-Christchurch to opportunities and means for achievement of long term sustainability
* Sustainable Living Education Trust
Sustainable Living courses and workshops are available at many locations and dates through the year. Sustainable Living Education Trust gathers and provides useful information for action - the practical stuff that you need to know to make a difference everyday.
* Target Sustainability
Target Sustainability provides free support to help Christchurch businesses become sustainable through reducing waste and being energy and water efficient.
* Understanding ecolabels and sustainability claims
This page outlines the laws regarding ecolabels and sustainability claims and links to the relevant regulations as well as an Ecolabel Directory.
Guide to becoming rubbish free in New Zealand. Based on the experience of Matthew Luxon and Waveney Warth in Christchurch.
* Zero Waste New Zealand Trust
Established in 1997 to support a growing network of groups working on waste minimisation initiatives and to help develop breakthrough strategies to deal with New Zealand's growing waste problem.