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* Popular Magazines
Articles from the most searched for magazine titles based on searches performed by library customers. Titles range from Time, National Geographic, Newsweek and Fortune to Vanity Fair, Men's Health and Sports Illustrated.
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* ACC SportSmart
* ActiveSmart
Government initiative which aims to get New Zealanders more active. The website creates free personalised, tailored fitness and nutritional plans for those who register.
* American Football Canterbury Christchurch
Governing body for American Football within the greater Canterbury region
* Canterbury Croquet Association Christchurch
Management of the sport of croquet in Canterbury
* Funding Sources for Sport and Recreation
A directory of potential funding sources that has been developed in conjunction with the Funding Information Service.
* Get Active
Get Active is a resource for people and groups who want to start their own grassroots campaign in New Zealand.
* International Committee for Fair Play
* Jade Stadium
* Lacrosse Wellington
* Māori Sports Awards
Annual award that recognises Māori achievement in sport.
* New Zealand Darts Council
* NFL National Football League
* Oceania Sport Information Centre
* Outward Bound Trust of NZ
* Peninsula and Plains Orienteers Christchurch
To provide map sport events at various venues in Canterbury (both competitive and recreational) for orienteers of all ages and abilities. New members welcome at all events
* Womens Sports Foundation
* The World Games
The aim of the International World Games Association (IWGA) is to stage - at four year intervals - a multi-sport event of the highest category for the sports of 31 IWGA Member Federations