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Christchurch City Libraries
work PO Box 73045,
Christchurch 8154,
New Zealand.
workp: +64-3-941-7923

My Account

Keep track of what you have out and when it’s due by:

My Account — our previous system

Our previous catalogue is still available. You can access your library account details by entering your library card number and PIN. From your account page you can change your PIN and view the following:

Items checked out to your account

All the items you have out in order of when they’re due back. Items that are overdue will be shown in bold.


Shows all the items that you have placed holds on and where you are in the queue. Items that are ready to be picked up will be shown in bold.

Charges Owing

If you have accumulated any charges they will be displayed here.

My Reading

Turn the "My Reading" feature on to keep a list of the authors/artists of all the items that you have had out from when you turned "My Reading" on. This can be useful if you want to get more items by that author.