* Chemistry @ Te Puna Web Directory
Links to New Zealand organisations and information.
* A Dictionary of Chemistry
Published by Oxford University Press, 2000. Electronic Resource from Oxford Reference Online.
Access this with your library card number and PIN, or at our libraries.
* American Chemical Society
ACS is a congressionally chartered independent membership organization which represents professionals at all degree levels and in all fields of chemistry and sciences that involve chemistry.
* American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
* American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS)
Promotes the exchange of ideas, information, and experience, to enhance personal excellence, and to provide high standards of quality among those with a professional interest in the science and technology of fats, oils, surfactants, and related materials.
* ChemCases
Twelve case studies of chemistry in the products we use and the situations we meet. helps you evaluate the decisions behind these products and situations.
* Chemical Elements
Provides quick information about the chemical elements, either in a brief fact list or presented within the periodic table. Information provided includes atomic number, atomic mass, electron configuration, number of neutrons melting point, date of discovery and uses.
* Chemicool Periodic Table
* Chemistry @ Studyit: for NCEA students
Studyit is an online learning environment for NCEA chemistry students.
* Chemistry in New Zealand
Chemistry in New Zealand (CiNZ) is the official professional journal of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry.
* Chemistry Processes in New Zealand
This second edition (1998) of the publication Chemical Processes in New Zealand is now out of print, but is still the most comprehensive account of the practice of chemistry in New Zealand. The book contains 17 sections with self-explanatory headings, and various numbers of articles (101 in all) under each heading. From the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry.
* Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry
* New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (NZIC)
The New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (NZIC) represents some 1000 members involved in the profession of chemistry. Members participate in the study, practice, teaching, promotion and management of chemistry.
* Society of Chemical Engineers New Zealand
* Society of Chemical Engineers NZ (SCENZ)
* SparkNotes Study Guide Chemistry
The chemistry study guide includes the periodic table and atomic structure, gases, titrations. May require you to join but membership is free.
* Web Elements
Utilising colour, pictures and photographs, the chemical elements of the periodical and their properties are described as well as their history, uses, reactions with other elements and more.