* Astronomy & Space
* Car Magazines & News
* Transport Magazines


* American Scientist
selected content from the magazine of science and technology published by Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
* Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
* Discover Magazine
Science and Technology articles.
* Engineering Dimension
Engineering Dimension is the official journal of IPENZ. It informs Members of IPENZ news and activities and also news from the wider engineering profession.
* Engineering Insight
Engineering Insight is the flagship publication of IPENZ. It reaches and engages with professional engineers and leaders and decision makers, particularly those involved with infrastructure and engineering. The editorial content balances contemporary issues and technical accuracy to ensure the articles are accessible and of interest to engineers and non-engineers alike.
* IEEE Spectrum
Selections from the magazine. Includes searchable back issues . From The IEEE, The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
* Invention & Technology
from American Heritage Magazine
* Journal of Hydrology : New Zealand
* National Geographic Magazine
Selections from the most recent issues. From the National Geographic Society
* Nature
Extracts from the weekly science journal. Free registration required for access to some parts of the site.
* New Scientist
Stories from the magazine and topic guides that bring hot topics together. Archival content back to 1989.
* New Zealand Journal of Ecology
* Notornis and Southern Bird
This peer-reviewed journal has been publishing ornithological research relevant to New Zealand and the South Pacific since 1943 (originally as New Zealand Bird Notes). A fully searchable database of articles is provided.
* Physics Today
A publication of the American Institute of Physics.
* Platinum Metals Review
* Popular Mechanics
Massive site with coverage of Automotive, Home Improvement, Science and Technology, Electronics, the Outdoors & more.
* Popular Science
Selections from recent issues with Automotive, Computer, Electronics, Home Technology & Science and Research sections.
* Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
PNAS is published by the National Academy of Sciences
* Science
Full text and summaries from the latest issue. From the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
* Science & Technology Review
* Science Friday Online
* Science in the Headlines
* Science News
Includes browsable archives from April 12, 1924.
* Scientific American
Contains selections from articles, news, reviews etc.
* Skeptical Inquirer
Selections from The Magazine for Science and Reason. From CISCOP, The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
* Technology Review
Selected articles from latest issues.
* Transactions and proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 1868-1961
The Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand is one of New Zealand's most important research publications, particularly for science.
* Wired News
Science and tech news from Wired magazine.