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* Coal
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* Industry Associations
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* Australian Uranium Association (AUA)
The Australian Uranium Association was established in September 2006. Its purpose is to represent the uranium industry by articulating the national and global interest associated with Australian uranium exploration, mining and export, as well as by advocating the industry's views to government and the community. The AUA is the only advocacy body that exclusively represents uranium companies.
* Crown Minerals, Ministry of Economic Development
Crown Minerals manages the New Zealand Government's oil, gas, minerals and coal resources, known as the Crown Mineral Estate.
* Expert Group on Minerals and Energy Exploration and Development (GEMEED)
GEMEED operates under the policies and procedures of APEC and the EWG. Representatives from all APEC economies are members of GEMEED.
* Extractives Industry Training Organisation (EXITO)
* Facts About Minerals
Statistics on minerals production, consumption, trade and transport, employment and other minerals information. From the American National Mining Association.
* History of mining in New Zealand
From Crown Minerals
* Mineral resources - Maps, fact sheets and reports...
From Crown Minerals
* Minerals Facts and Figures
From Crown Minerals
* Minerals Programme for Minerals Other Than Coal and Petroleum
Describes the policies, procedures and provisions involved in the allocation and management of Crown owned minerals other than coal and petroleum. [PDF 456KB]
A searchable guide to minerals and gems providing a multitude of sorting options, including alphabetical, chemical or crystal group, color, streak, hardness, elemental affiliations, and Dana or scientific classification. Each mineral includes properties, distribution, and uses. Includes image gallery & glossary of rock mineral and gemstone terms.
* New Zealand Minerals Industry
An overview of the minerals industry in New Zealand. Includes statistics and publications. From Crown Minerals.