Timber and Wood Technology


* Directory of NZ Dri licensees
Ensuring kiln-dried timber which consumers can use with confidence.
* New Zealand Pine Manufacturers' Association (NZPMA)
Develops high quality NZ pine products on shore and promotes them to selected overseas markets
* New Zealand Timber Industry Federation
Involved in market development and promotion, standards and technical matters, and quality assurance.
* NZ Timber Preservation Council
WOODmark is the New Zealand timber industry's registered trademark for assurance of treatment quality.
* Verified Timber
The Verified Timber programme ensures that structural timber meets strength and stiffness standards
* Wood handbook - Wood as an engineering material
Covers the physical as well as mechanical properties of wood. Useful for secondary school students studying technology.
* Wood Processors Association of New Zealand (WPA)
The Wood Processors Association (WPA) of New Zealand represents companies engaged in the primary processing of wood and wood products. WPA membership accounts for up to 75% of New Zealand's primary wood processing capacity and its members come from the pulp and paper, panel boards, and sawmilling sectors. WPA serves its members by representing their collective interests and allowing a single voice for a significant part of New Zealand's export earnings.
* Wood Technology Research Centre
* Woodnet : NZ forestry database : log notification board