* The Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius
A Nova Online exhibition which tells the story of the Roman city of Pompeii and the risk that Vesuvius presents today NOVA Online From PBS A global view on living with volcanoes
Online exhibit of the effects of 3 years of continuous volcanic activity on the tiny island of Monserrat. From National Geographic
* GeoNet
Monitoring geological hazards (earthquake, volcano, landslide and tsunami) in New Zealand.
* Global Volcanism Program
10,000 years of volcanic eruptions. Keyword search, alphabetic and geographic indexes. From the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution
* Hazard Watch
weekly reviews of natural hazard events reported in New Zealand. Hazard Watch is a service of the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences (GNS). Latest volcanoes, Volcanic alert bulletins
* Hydrothermal Vents
A hydrothermal vent is an underwater hot spring found on the ocean floor.
* Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited
Crown Research Institute responsible for earth and nuclear scientific research and consultancy services in New Zealand.
* Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management
Leading the way in making New Zealand and its communities resilient to hazards and disasters
* Mt Tarawera eruption - Central North Island - 1886
Fact file from Christchurch City Libraries
* Natural Hazards Data
The National Geophysical Data Center in the United States collects post event data related to natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes and makes the data available at this site
* Out of the Inferno: Volcanoes
Online companion to the PBS television series Savage Earth
* SVE Volcano News
From Societe Volcanologique Europeene
* US Geological Survey
Volcano alerts, webcams, images publications and resources for students and teachers. Includes Volcano hazards program. From the United States Geological Survey
* Volcano Watch
From Michigan Tech Geology Dept
* Volcano World
Research and information on volcanoes around the world.
* Volcanoes
* The Volcanoes of Auckland
Designed for school pupils studying the volcanoes of Auckland. From the Auckland Regional Council