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One of the early breweries was the Reliance on what was called the Ferry Road, somewhere near Smith, plumber. The owners were Mr W.T.J.Travers, the veteran lawyer, and a Nelson man, Oldham.

John Manning, the father of Samuel Manning, started business as a Maltster and porter brewer on premises opposite the now Catholic Church & Schools which then did not exist. Samuel was then a mere lad, but a shrewd, enterprising one, as proved by establishing & converting into a Limited Co. Samuel Manning brewery.

The Crown Brewery was started early by Mr May, and joined by Burrell Parkerson, son of the Dr. They were not hard business people, and it passed into other hands, (A. Moore &c) eventually into the Louisson family, through Alfred Louisson the first of the family here. A very shrewd person.

Roger Deacon who was with Richard Packer in the Brewery, started on a section in the Reserves a small brewery “on his own”. He was afterwards joined by William Vincent, who had been a shearer and keeper of the Rakaia accommodation house, as Deacon & Vincent. Deacon got out of it. Vincent was joined by Todhunter, ultimately, all going over to Ward & Co.

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