Christchurch: a chronology

A timeline of Christchurch events in chronological order from pre-European times to 1989.

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September 24, 1881
Telephone exchange (the first in New Zealand) begins operation.
September 24, 1960
Jellie Park Pool opens.
September 25, 1965
Riot at Paparua Prison. 40 warders and police injured.
September 25, 1983
Coldest recorded day in September with a maximum of 5.9o.
September 26, 1897
Reading of the Riot Act to an angry crowd of about 6000 in Lichfield Street as a result of religious imposter A.B. Worthington’s "Temple of Truth" fraud. Beginning in 1890, Worthington’s sect had built a ”grecian temple“ in Latimer Square.
September 26, 1945
Charles Hazlett Upham (born Christchurch 1908) awarded second V.C. for gallantry in the Western Desert, 1942. He won his previous award in Crete during May 1941.
September 26, 1968
City Council given partial control of the Estuary.
September 26, 1975
Noahs Hotel opens.
September 26, 1976
Orana Park Wildlife Reserve opens.
September 27, 1851
First Avon drowning reported. The victim was drunk. The river claimed 105 lives in the first 50 years of settlement. A high proportion of the victims were drunk.
September 27, 1853
First meeting of the Provincial Council.
September 27, 1974
Visit by the Shah and Empress of Iran.
September 27, 1975
Extensions to airport domestic terminal open.
September 27, 1983
Visit by Duke and Duchess of Wellington.
September 28, 1864
Re-built Victoria Bridge opens. It is probably the country’s first iron and stone bridge.
September 29, 1888
South Island rugby team plays Lillywhite and Shrewsbury’s English team at Lancaster Park.
September 29, 1978
Friendship Corner opens by the Bridge of Remembrance. After a heated public debate over whether the area should be used for parking, the Council decided to plant the area with trees representing Christchurch’s sister cities.
September 30, 1972
New Town Hall complex and James Hay Theatre (designed by Warren and Mahoney) opens. Ferrier Fountain commissioned.
September 30, 1982
Closure of gas works.
September 30, 1983
Christchurch City Council adopts recommendation to close Victoria Street to traffic through Victoria Square.