Christchurch: a chronology

A timeline of Christchurch events in chronological order from pre-European times to 1989.

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December 7, 1883
Second Industrial Exhibition opens.
December 8, 1843
Greenwood brothers (James and Joseph) settle at Purau, Lyttelton Harbour.
December 9, 1867
Lyttelton railway tunnel opens, the first in the world to be drilled through a volcano rim. It was New Zealand’s first tunnel, and at the time was described as one of the longest in the world, yet had been planned and financed by this tiny colonial settlement whose population was just over 9000, (6,647 in Christchurch and 2,510 in Lyttelton.)
December 10, 1981
Government announces its intention to preserve the Chief Post Office in Cathedral Square.
December 10, 1989
Sunday trading begins in Christchurch.
December 11, 1979
Completion of airport international arrivals terminal, stage 1 (arrival hall).
December 12, 1849
New Zealand Company agrees to reserve two and a half million acres as a site for the Canterbury settlement.
December 12, 1941
Slit trenches dug in Hagley Park and in Cranmer and Latimer Squares.
December 13, 1942
Premiere in Christchurch of "Landfall in Unknown Seas" by Douglas Lilburn and Allen Curnow.