Christchurch: a chronology

A timeline of Christchurch events in chronological order from pre-European times to 1989.

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October 22, 1863
First Agricultural and Pastoral Association show in showgrounds (which is now Sydenham Park). An “unofficial” show had been held in October, 1862.
October 22, 1985
"Elizabeth" the one tonne sea elephant dies of a viral infection on Sumner Beach. She had lived for 5 years on the City's beaches, estuary and rivers and was often found crawling up suburban streets.
October 22, 1988
Announcement of the appointment of Patricia Costigan as Christchurch's first female District Court Judge.
October 23, 1874
Canterbury Club building (designed by Frederick Strouts) inaugurated.
October 24, 1870
Disastrous fire (New Zealand’s most extensive to that date) destroys the centre of Lyttelton.
October 25, 1877
First high pressure water supply system in operation at Lyttelton.
October 25, 1986
“Qin Shihuang” (Chinese Buried Army) exhibition opens at the McDougall Art Gallery. 71,145 people visited the exhibition over a seven week period, the largest number to a paying show at the Gallery.
October 26, 1796
Whaling ship “Mermaid” sights Kaikoura Mountains.
October 26, 1863
Chamber of Commerce transfers from Lyttelton.
October 26, 1980
City Council gives land at Cuthberts Green to the trustees of new Ngā Hau E Whā National Marae.
October 26, 1982
Old library re-opens as Library Chambers (architect Don Donnithorne).
October 27, 1983
New office building on the corner of Manchester and Kilmore Streets has New Zealand’s first exterior lift.