New Titles Non-Fiction April 2017 (arrived in March 2017)

Art & Architecture

150 best tiny home ideas Gutierrez, Manel Couto 728.37 GUT
A brush with nature : abstract naturalism and the painting of life Alex Beard ; afterword by Nick Paumgarten 709.73 BEA
Alex Beard's precise yet abstract visual arithmetic is why many consider Alex Beard a successor to the school of visual mathematicians championed by M.C. Escher.
A feast for the senses : art and experience in medieval Europe Martina Bagnoli 709.02 FEA
A life with artists : Hannelore and Rudolph Schulhof Carolina Pasti 709.73 LIF
The Schulhofs were unique among American collectors, as they sought art with a truly international dimension and traveled the world for over fifty years to collect it.
Alma Thomas 759.13 THO
This exhibition features works from every period in Thomas's career, including rarely exhibited watercolors and early abstractions, as well as her signature canvases drawn from a variety of private and public collections.
Barcelona art nouveau 724.6 PEM
Battle of the sexes : Franz von Stuck to Frida Kahlo 709.034 BAT
Featuring a selection of 140 works, including paintings, sculptures, graphic art, photography, and film, this book traces the artistic investigations of ever-changing gender roles from the mid-19th century to the end of World War II.
Bouchardon : royal artist of the enlightenment Anne-Lise Desmas 709.44 BOU
One of the most imaginative and fascinating artists of eighteenth-century France, Edme Bouchardon (1698-1762) was instrumental in the transition from Rococo to Neoclassicism and in the artistic rediscovery of classical antiquity.
Building community : new apartment architecture Michael Webb 728.31 WEB
Centre Pompidou : Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, and the making of a modern monument Francesco Dal Co 725.8 DAL
Colour & light in watercolour Jean Haines 751.422 HAI
Dancing around the bride : Cage, Cunningham, Johns, Rauschenberg, and Duchamp Carlos Basualdo 709.73 DAN
This fascinating book explores the interwoven lives, radical art, and shared experimental spirit of Marcel Duchamp and four of America's most important postwar artists: composer John Cage, choreographer Merce Cunningham, and visual artists Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg.
Drawing & painting wild animals Vic Bearcroft 743.6 BEA
Drawings for paintings in the age of Rembrandt Ger Luijten [and 9 others] 741.9492 DRA
Eclectic : the Julie and Robert Breckman collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum Gill Saunders 769 BRE
The Julie and Robert Breckman Print Fund has enabled purchases by such art world stars as Damien Hirst, Julian Opie, Chris Ofili, Grayson Perry and Rachel Whiteread to name but a few.
Edward Bawden : design Brian Webb & Peyton Skipwith 759.2 BAW
Edward Bawden (1903-1989) was one of twentieth century Britain's most innovative graphic
Exploring color workshop : with new exercises, lessons and demonstrations Nita Leland 752 LEL
Fairfield Porter John Wilmerding 759.13 POR
A figurative realist in the heyday of abstract expressionism,
From sketch to watercolour painting : pen, line and wash Wendy Jelbert 751.422 JEL
How to paint water in watercolour Joe Francis Dowden 751.422 DOW
How to read Medieval art Wendy A. Stein 709.02 STE
Louis Comfort Tiffany masterworks Camilla de la Bedoyere 748.2 TIF
Marcus Jansen : decade 759.13 JAN
Marcus Jansen produces violently exquisite landscapes, haunting combines, and disturbing portraiture, whose originality and powerful social critique rival the aesthetic mastery and intellectual engagement of the greatest artists of the 20th century", writes Art FUSE, New York.
Monet : the early years George T. M. Schackelford 759.4 MON
Norman Lindsay : 80 years of pencil drawing Lin Bloomfield 709.94 LIN
Optical illusions Wang Shaoqiang, ed. 701 OPT
The projects shown in this book create extraordinary effects that make us doubt and fall for their magic. Waves and mazes, overlapping images, the stereoscopic vision tricks of graphic or space designs, the works showcased are wonderful examples of what an optical illusion is and how it tickles our mind.
Paul Nash Emma Chambers 759.2 NAS
Paul Nash is one of the most distinctive and important British artists of the 20th century. He is known for his work as an official war artist, producing some of the most memorable images of the First and Second World Wars, and also as one of the most evocative landscape painters of his generation.
Pinxit Mark Ryden 759.13 RYD
Blending themes of pop culture with techniques reminiscent of the old masters, Mark Ryden has created a singular style that blurs the traditional boundaries between high and low art.
Places of the mind : British landscape and watercolours, 1850-1950 Kim Sloan 758.1 PLA
Red : the history of a color Michel Pastoureau 701.85 PAS
The art of the affair : an illustrated history of love, sex, and artistic influence Catherine Lacey, Forsyth Harmon 709.2 LAC
An illustrated chain of entanglements (romantic and otherwise) between some of our best-loved writers and artists of the twentieth century
The Blue Rider in the Lenbachhaus, Munich Helmut Friedel 759.3 FRI
A private historic villa that was transformed into one of Munich's most beloved museums, the Lenbachhaus has reopened with a redesign by the renowned architect Norman Foster. Published to help celebrate the museum's reopening, this book offers a fresh perspective on the Lenbachhaus' most popular holdings.
The burning hours Kushana Bush 759.993 BUS
Kushana Bush inhabits a singular position within contemporary New Zealand art. Reaching across history, culture and society, her meticulously detailed compositions, multi-ethnic characters and open-ended narratives combine to create a unique visual language.
The figurative Pollock Nina Zimmer 759.13 POL
This beautiful book focuses on the distinctive and expressive power of Jackson Pollock's figurative paintings, drawings, and prints; a rarely studied aspect of his artistic career.
The landscapes of Reg Mombassa : antipodean scenery : views from the eyes of a car 709.94 MOM
Reg Mombassa: Landscapes is a stunning retrospective of one of Australia's most beloved and celebrated artists
Vasily Kandinsky Helmut Friedel 759.7 KAN
This opulent book presents Vasily Kandinsky's major paintings from all phases of his artistic career and celebrates the artist and his groundbreaking work.


50 cars that changed the world Andrew Nahum 629.222 NAH
Citroen DS Malcolm Bobbitt 629.2222 CIT
How to build, modify & power tune cylinder heads Peter Burgess, David Gollan 629.252 BUR
How to paint classic cars : tips, techniques & step-by-step procedures for preparation & painting Martin Thaddeus 629.26 THA
The classic car book : the definitive visual history 629.222 CLA
The essential guide to motorcycle maintenance : tips & techniques to keep your motorcycle in top condition Mark Zimmerman 629.28775 ZIM
The original Ford GT 101 : how the first GT came into existence and how it was recreated Ed Heuvink 629.2222 FOR


A most unusual life : Dora van Gelder Kunz : clairvoyant, theosophist, healer Kirsten van Gelder and Frank Chesley 130 KUN
Born on a sugar plantation in Java at the turn of the 20th century, psychic, alternative healer, and writer Dora van Gelder Kunz was to become one of the most unique and unforgettable women of her age.
Dr James Barry : a woman ahead of her time Michael Du Preez & Jeremy Dronfield 617.092 BAR
Dr James Barry: Inspector General of Hospitals, army surgeon, duellist, reformer, lady killer, eccentric. He performed the first Caesarean in Africa, was deported from St Helena and gave Florence Nightingale a dressing down in the Crimea. Long ago, in another life, he had also been a mother.
Dusty Allen rediscovered : a neurologists's life Neil Anderson 616.8 ALL
While there was much about Allen's life that distinguished it from that of his contemporaries, this biography vividly illustrates many of the typical features of life as a specialist in the first half of the 20th century: medical education in Dunedin, work as a house surgeon and in general practice, travelling to Britain as a ship's doctor, postgraduate training in Great Britain and the difficulties encountered in eking out a living as a specialist in New Zealand.
Goneville : a memoir Nick Bollinger 781.66 BOL
In this award-winning memoir, New Zealand writer and musician Nick Bollinger talks with complete candour about his unorthodox childhood, his obsession with music, the impact of a family tragedy, and the journey that would decide the course of his life.
How to murder your life : a memoir Cat Marnell 362.29 MAR
By the age of 15, Cat Marnell longed to work in the glamorous world of women's magazines - but was also addicted to the ADHD meds prescribed by her father.
John Key : portrait of a prime minister John Roughan 993.041 KEY
Lenin the dictator : an intimate portrait Victor Sebestyen 947.0841 LEN
Sebestyen's focus is on Lenin the man - a man who loved nature almost as much as he loved making revolution, and whose closest ties and friendships were with women.
Ma, I'm gettin meself a new mammy : the heartbreaking true story of a little girl who just wanted to be loved Martha Long 941.83 LON
Ma, it's a cold aul night an I'm lookin for a bed Martha Long 941.83 LON
Ma, I've got meself locked up in the mad house Martha Long 941.83 LON
Ma, I've reached for the moon an' I'm hittin' the stars Martha Long 941.83 LON
Ma, now I'm goin up in the world Martha Long 941.83 LON
Margaret Malcolm : a pioneer woman in educational leadership Wilf Malcolm 370.8 MAL
This is the life-story of Margaret Malcolm, a pioneer advocate in the 1970 and 1980s for the role of women in educational leadership. Written by her brother Wilf Malcolm, a former Vice-Chancellor of Waikato University, it provides an account of the significant events of her life and career.
Mariner : a voyage with Samuel Taylor Coleridge Malcolm Guite 821.7 COL
A new biography of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, shaped and structured around the story he himself tells in his most famous poem, 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'.
Max Perkins : editor of genius A. Scott Berg 070.51 PER
Traces the life of the influential book editor who worked with Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe, and F. Scott
Mrs Kelly Grantlee Kieza 305.4 KEL
The astonishing life of Ned Kelly's mother
Paw tracks : a childhood memoir Denis O'Connor 636 OCO
Paw Tracks is a searingly honest account of how the power of nature can lift the human spirit and overcome the most unloving of childhoods.
Queen bees : six brilliant and extraordinary society hostesses between the wars Sian Evans 941.08 AST
Second wind : my autobiography Jimmy White 794.735 WHI
In an era where sportsmen have gained a reputation for their blandness, White has consistently been a brilliant one-off. Regarded as one of the most naturally gifted snooker players of all time, White has enthralled the public with his antics on and off the table over three decades.
Stephen Hawking : a life in science Michael White and John Gribbin 530.092 HAW
The river of the water of life : a biography of Ihaka 'Ike' Samuels Bradford Haami 266 SAM
The River of the Water of Life is the amazing biography of Ike Samuels, a well-loved Maori elder from the Ngati Haua tribe in the Waikato, who continued his father's legacy as a Maori evangelist and became a missionary to the jungles of Papua New Guinea. It is the story of big faith overcoming cultural, environmental and religious extremes.
The spy who loved Castro [Marita Lorenz] 972.91 LOR
Born in Germany during the outbreak of WWII, Marita was incarcerated in a Nzai concentration camp as a child. In 1959 she travelled to Cuba, where she met and fell in love with Fidel Castro.
The transferred life of George Eliot : the biography of a novelist Philip Davis 823.8 ELI

Business & Management

Advertising by design : generating and designing creative ideas across media Robin Landa 659.1 LAN
Agile PR : expert messaging in a hyper-connected, always-on world Marian Salzman and the Team at Havas PR 659.2 SAL
Ask Ryan Levesque 658.872 LEV
More and more businesses are learning that the more they tailor-make the messages they put on their sites, as well as how they interact with every single user, the more satisfied customers get and the more they earn.
Australian and New Zealand business franchise guide 658.87 AUS
Black ops advertising : native ads, content marketing, and the covert world of the digital sell Mara Einstein 659.1 EIN
Creative change : why we resist it how we can embrace it Jennifer Mueller 658.409 MUE
Creative confidence : unleashing the creative potential within us all Tom Kelley & David Kelley 650.1 KEL
Digital marketing for dummies Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry 658.872 DEI
Disruption denial : why companies are ignoring the disruptive threats that are staring them in the face David Guillebaud 658.406 GUI
Financial accounting : a New Zealand perspective Murray Smart, Nazir Awan, Richard Baxter 657 SMA
Graphic recording : live illustrations for meetings, conferences and workshops Robert Klanten, Anna Lena Schiller, and Sven Ehmann 741.6 GRA
To see the big picture, draw it first. Graphic recording is the rapidly growing practice of visualizing the content of a presentation or meeting by drawing it live with markers and a large sheet of paper.
Knock 'em dead resumes : a killer resume gets more job interviews! Martin Yate 650.14 YAT
Managing transitions : making the most of change William Bridges with Susan Bridges 658.406 BRI
Marketing 4.0 : moving from traditional to digital Philip Kotler 658.8 KOT
Practical accounts and bookkeeping in easy steps Alex Byrne 657 BYR
Reinvention roadmap : break the rules to get the job you want and career you deserve Liz Ryan 650.14 RYA
ReOrg : how to get it right Stephen Heidari-Robinson, Suzanne Heywood 658.402 HEI
Smart collaboration : how professionals and their firms succeed by breaking down silos Heidi K. Gardner 658.46 GAR
Smart policies for workplace technologies : email, social media, cell phones & more Lisa Guerin 651.7 GUE
The 9 types of leadership : mastering the art of people in the 21st century workplace Beatrice Chestnut 658.409 CHE
The art and science of training Elaine Biech 658.3124 BIE
The art of innovation : lessons in creativity from IDEO, America's leading design firm Tom Kelley with Jonathan Littman 658.406 KEL
The attention merchants : from the daily newspaper to social media, how our time and attention is harvested and sold Tim Wu 659.1 WU
The effective executive : the definitive guide to getting the right things done Peter F. Drucker 658.4 DRU
The ten faces of innovation : IDEO's strategies for beating the devil's advocate & driving creativity throughout your organization Tom Kelley with Jonathan Littman 658.406
The upstarts : how Uber, Airbnb and the killer companies of the new Silicon Valley are changing the world Brad Stone 658.11 STO
Working the phones : control and resistance in call centres Jamie Woodcock 658.812 WOO
Working with difficult people Amy Cooper Hakim and Muriel Solomon 650.13 HAK
Xero Heather Smith 657 XER


We told you so : comics as art [editors, Tom Spurgeon, Michael Dean] 741.5 WE
Tom Spurgeon and longtime Comics Journal editor Michael Dean assemble an all-star cast of industry figures, critics, cartoonists, art objects, curios, and groundbreaking publications to bring you a detailed account of Fantagraphics' first 40 years.


Delete this at your peril : the Bob Servant emails Bob Servant with Neil Forsyth 004.69 FOR
This is an hilarious collection of email exchanges starring the anti-hero of spam, Bob Servant.
Go recipes : a problem-solution approach Shiju Varghese 005.133 GO
Invent your own computer games with Python Al Sweigart 005.133 PYT
MacOS Sierra : the missing manual David Pogue 005.446 MAC
Microsoft SharePoint 2016 step by step Olga Londer, Penelope Coventry 004.68 MIC
Modern Python cookbook : the latest in modern Python recipes for the busy modern programmer Steven F. Lott 005.133 PYT
Power Excel with MrExcel : 617 Excel mysteries solved Bill Jelen 005.36 MIC
Sams teach yourself Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL in 10 minutes Ben Forta 005.756 FOR

Crafts & Collecting

Adorable baby knits : 25 patterns for boys and girls Jody Long 746.432 LON
Agnes b. styliste text and interviews by Florence Ben Sadoun ; 746.92 B
This richly illustrated clothbound book explores her signature approach to design, the history of the brand, and her continuing influence, which extends beyond fashion to the worlds of art, film, publishing and music.
A-Z of wool embroidery 746.44 A
Crafting with feminism : 25 girl-powered projects to smash the patriarchy Bonnie Burton 745.5 BUR
Creating a backscene : a railway modelling companion Paul Bambrick & John Ellis-Cockell 625.19 BAM
Elegant soutache Amee K. Sweet-McNamara 745.594 SWE
Create stunningly intricate jewelry using soutache a form of ornate braid or tassel.
Euphoria tapestry quilts : 40 applique motifs & 17 flowering projects Deborah Kemball 746.46 KEM
Harvest : unexpected projects using 47 extraordinary garden plants Stefani Bittner 745.92 BIT
A beautifully photographed, gift-worthy guide to growing, harvesting, and utilizing 47 unexpected garden plants to make organic pantry staples, fragrances, floral arrangements, beverages, cocktails, beauty products, bridal gifts, and more.
John Derian picture book John Derian ; foreword by Anna Wintour 745.5 DER
John Derian's home goods empire reaches far and wid. Over the past 25 years, the brand has expanded greatly to include home and general design gifts and products. Now, for the first time ever, comes the book John Derian fans have been waiting for.
Junk Gypsy : designing a life at the crossroads of wonder & wander Amie Sikes 745.5 SIK
Knit me, dress me, love me Sue Stratford 745.5924 STR
Knitting from the North : original designs inspired by Nordic and Fair Isle knitting traditions Hilary Grant 746.432 GRA
Knitting short rows : techniques for great shapes & angles Jennifer Dassau 746.432 DAS
Make it with air-dry clay Fay De Winter 731.42 DE
Makers of East London photography by Charlotte Schreiber ; written by Katie Treggiden 745.5 TRE
Modern folk embroidery Nancy Nicholson 746.44 NIC
Patchwork embroidery Aimee Ray 746.46 RAY
Postage stamp designs : from Kafka to Loriot = Postwertzeichendesign : von Kafka bis Loriot Hans Gunter Schmitz 769.56 SCH
Step-by-step free-motion quilting : turn 9 simple shapes into 80+ distinctive designs Christina Cameli 746.46 CAM
Stitched shibori : technique, innovation, pattern, design Jane Callender 746.66 CAL
Surface decoration Kevin Millward 738 MIL
Surface Decoration looks at all manner of surface decoration techniques, at every stage of the ceramic process and from a practical perspective explains how to achieve these effects.
The art of tatting jewelry : exquisite lace and bead designs Lyn Morton 746.436 MOR
The knitter's book of knowledge : a complete guide to essential knitting techniques Debbie Bliss 746.432 BLI
The natural world of needle felting : learn how to make more than 20 adorable animals Fi Oberon 746.0463 OBE
Thread painting : bunnies in my garden Jenny McWhinney 746.44 MCW
Topsy-turvy knitted dolls : 10 fun reversible toys to make Sarah Keen 745.5922 KEE
Vogue knitting shawls & wraps. 2 the editors of Vogue knitting magazine 746.432 VOG
Walk : master machine quilting with your walking foot Jacquie Gering 746.46 GER
Whitework with colour Trish Burr 746.44 BUR
Zakka embroidery : simple one- and two-color embroidery motifs and small crafts Yumiko Higuchi 746.44 HIG


Masking evil : when good men and women turn criminal Carol Anne Davis 364.1523 DAV
In this collection of incisive profiles, veteran crime writer Carol Anne Davis turns the spotlight on men and women from respectable backgrounds who crossed the line into depravity.
The fix : how bankers lied, cheated and colluded to rig the world's most important number Liam Vaughan and Gavin Finch 364.168 VAU
The Fix by award-winning Bloomberg journalists Liam Vaughan and Gavin Finch, is the inside story of the Libor scandal, told through the journey of the man at the centre of it: a young, scruffy, socially awkward misfit from England whose genius for math and obsessive personality made him a trading phenomenon, but ultimately paved the way for his own downfall.
The lynching : the epic courtroom battle that brought down the Klan Laurence Leamer 364.134 LEA
The New York Times bestselling author of The Kennedy Women chronicles the powerful and spellbinding true story of a brutal race-based killing in 1981 and subsequent trials that undid one of the most pernicious organizations in American history the Ku Klux Klan.


Earn money from your home Stewart Whyte 338.4764 WHY
Earning money from your own home whether it be letting a few bedrooms in your house, an investment property or a holiday home has never been easier. However, to meet the demand and market your accommodation effectively as a host you will need basic knowledge and some professionalism
Economism : bad economics and the rise of inequality James Kwak ; foreword by Simon Johnson 330 KWA
High returns from low risk : a remarkable stock market paradox Pim van Vliet, Jan de Koning 332.6322 VAN
For generations investors have believed that risk and return are inseparable. But is this really true?
Investing for dummies Eric Tyson 332.6 TYS
Stocks for the long run : the definitive guide to financial market returns & long-term investment strategies Jeremy J. Siegel 332.6322 SIE
The barefoot investor : the only money guide you'll ever need Scott Pape 332.024 PAP
The moneysmart family system : teaching financial independence to children of every age Steve and Annette Economides 332.024 ECO
The no spend year : how I spent less and lived more Michelle McGagh 332.024 MCG
The real book of real estate : real experts, real stories, real life Robert Kiyosaki 332.6324 KIY
We do things differently : the outsiders rebooting our world Mark Stevenson 338.06 STE
We do things differently travels the world to find new models for re-imagining our future in education, healthcare and government, food production, energy supply, and more.


From vacant to engaged : putting child-led learning at the heart of your planning Alistair Bryce-Clegg 371.1 BRY
Interacting or interfering? : improving interactions in the early years Julie Fisher 372.21 FIS
Road no good Bridget Isichei 370.71 ISI
Bridget Isichei wanted to help people and make a real difference in the world. However, she had no idea what she was in for when she accepted a two-year volunteer post to train women to be pre-school teachers in the popular tourist destination of Vanuatu.
Terms and conditions : life in girls' boarding-schools, 1939-1979 Ysenda Maxtone Graham 371.02 MAX
Ysenda Maxtone Graham's quietly hilarious history of life in British girls' boarding-schools between 1939 and 1979. She speaks to members of a lost tribe the boarding-school women, who look back on their experiences with a mixture of horror and humour.
What I didn't know : true stories of becoming a teacher 371.1 WHA
Working with Treaty principles at school = Ngā tikanga o Te Tiriti hei mahi i te kura Susan Battye and Edith Chaney 370.117 BAT


Engineering design process Yousef Haik, 620.0042 HAI
Hydraulics and pneumatics Jagadeesha T 621.51 JAG
Hydraulics and pneumatics : a technician's and engineer's guide Andrew Parr 621.51 PAR


Food fight : GMOs and the future of the American diet McKay Jenkins 631.52 JEN
The drama of conservation : the history of Pureora Forest, New Zealand Carolyn M. King 333.75 DRA
This book offers a sweeping history of Pureora Forest Park, one of the most significant sites of natural and cultural history interest in New Zealand.


An orchard odyssey : find and grow tree fruit in your garden, community and beyond Naomi Slade 634 SLA
Rabbits & possums in New Zealand Lloyd Esler 632.6932 ESL


1940s fashion : the definitive sourcebook Emmanuelle Dirix & Charlotte Fiell 391 DIR
50 men's fashion icons that changed the world Dan Jones 391.1 JON
Africa rising : fashion, design and lifestyle from Africa 960 AFR
Dior : the art of color texts, Jerry Stafford 746.92 DIO
An exquisite ode to colour, this book presents the history of Dior cosmetics placed within contexts of fashion.
Fashion the ultimate history of costume : from prehistory to the present day Stefanella Sposito 391 SPO
Roaring '20s fashions : deco Susan Langley 391 LAN
Timeless style : dressing well for the rest of your life Anna Harvey 646.34 HAR

Film, Television & Theatre

Buffering : unshared tales of a life fully loaded Hannah Hart 792.7 HAR
Hannah Hart, wildly popular YouTube personality and author of the New York Times bestseller My Drunk Kitchen, is stirring up tales from her past with a collection of narrative essays about family, faith, love, sexuality, self-worth, friendship and fame.
Disney A to Z : the official encyclopedia Dave Smith 791.433 SMI
Jim Henson's Labyrinth : the ultimate visual history Paula M. Block 791.437 BLO
The definitive 30th-anniversary exploration of the beloved Jim Henson classic, featuring rare artwork, interviews, and on-set photos.
Kathy Griffin's celebrity run-ins : (my A-Z index) Kathy Griffin 792.7 GRI


Fairy tales for the disillusioned : enchanted stories from the French decadent tradition edited and translated by Gretchen Schultz & Lewis Seifert 398.2 FAI
Ireland's immortals : a history of the gods of Irish myth Mark Williams 299 WIL

Food & Wine

A Chinese street food odyssey Helen and Lise Tse 641.5951 TSE
A new way to dinner : a playbook of recipes and strategies for the week ahead Amanda Hesser 641.54 HES
A rainbow of smoothie bowls : 100 wholesome and vibrant blended creations Leigh Weingus 641.875 WEI
Art of the pie : a practical guide to homemade crusts, fillings, and life Kate McDermott 641.8652 MCD
Basics to brilliance Donna Hay 641.5 HAY
Beans! Peas and lentils 641.6565 BEA
Bella Younger's Deliciously Stella Bella Younger 641.5 YOU
Deliciously Stella is the world's latest Instafoodie to take the chia seed-eating yoga-pant-wearing health world by storm.
Blood, bones & butter : the inadvertent education of a reluctant chef Gabrielle Hamilton 641.5 HAM
Brew Your Own big book of homebrewing : all-grain and extract brewing, kegging, 50+ craft beer recipes, tips and tricks from the pros 641.873 BRE
Citrus : recipes that celebrate the sour and the sweet Catherine Phipps 641.643 PHI
Cook Japan : stay slim, live longer Reiko Hashimoto 641.5952 HAS
Cut your grocery bill in half with America's cheapest family : includes so many innovative strategies you won't have to cut coupons Steve and Annette Economides 640.73
Deliciously Ella with friends 641.5637 WOO
Eat beautiful : food and recipes to nourish your skin from the inside out Wendy Rowe 641.5 ROW
Eat Mexico : recipes from Mexico City's streets, markets & fondas Tellez, Lesley 641.5972 TEL
Eat well live well 641.563 EAT
Everyday express : delicious food for the family ready in under 60 minutes 641.555 EVE
EveryDayCook produced by Alton Brown 641.5 BRO
Fresh and affordable family food Jay & Sarah 641.5 WAN
Gateaux : 150 large and small cakes, cookies, and desserts Christophe Felder 641.86 FEL
Gatherings : recipes for feasts great and small Flora Shedden 641.5 SHE
Grape, olive, pig : deep travels through Spain's food culture Matt Goulding 946 GOU
Honey & Co. : food from the Middle East Sarit Packer 641.5956 PAC
Ivan Ramen : love, obsession and recipes from Tokyo's most unlikely noodle joint Ivan Orkin with Chris Ying 641.5952 ORK
Leon : fast & free : free-from recipes for people who really like food Jane Baxter & John Vincent 641.5631 BAX
Made with love : 100 of the world's best chefs, cooks, & food artisans & the food they make for the people they love 641.5 MAD
Mamma : reflections on the food that makes us Mina Holland 641.5 HOL
A collection of oral histories with recipes exploring the influence of family on our relationships.
Nordic light : lighter, everyday eating from a Scandinavian kitchen Simon Bajada 641.5948 BAJ
Posh rice : over 70 recipes for all things rice Emily Kydd 641.6318 KYD
Quick and easy : one pot meals for the New Zealand outdoors Paul Garland 641.578 GAR
Quick and easy Thai recipes Jean-Pierre Gabriel 641.59593 GAB
Raw cake Daisy Kristiansen, Leah Garwood-Gowers 641.563 KRI
Spiralize everyday : 80 recipes to help replace your carbs Denise Smart 641.65 SMA
Super nutrition for babies : the right way to feed your baby for optimal health Katherine Erlich and Kelly Genzlinger 641.5622 GEN
Superfoods for babies and toddlers 641.5622 SUP
Taste & technique : recipes to elevate your home cooking Naomi Pomeroy 641.5 POM
The 30-minute cook : the best of the world's quick cooking Nigel Slater 641.555 SLA
The cancer-fighting kitchen : nourishing, big-flavor recipes for cancer treatment and recovery Rebecca Katz 641.5631 KAT
The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog : drinks manual : secret recipes and barroom tales from two Belfast boys who conquered the cocktail world Sean Muldoon 641.874
The fast days cookbook : delicious & filling low-calorie recipes for the 5:2 diet Laura Herring 641.5635 HER
The fat revolution cookbook : indulgent full-fat recipes without the sugar or the guilt Christine Cronau 641.563 CRO
The London cookbook : recipes from the restaurants, cafes, and hole-in-the-wall gems of a modern city Aleksandra Crapanzano 641.5942 CRA
The new one pot cookbook : more than 200 modern recipes for the classic easy meal 641.82 NEW
The Quay to The Cove : coastal cuisine Lindy Davis 641.5 DAV
The total grilling manual : 264 essentials for cooking with fire Lisa Atwood 641.76 TOT
The wholefood pantry : change the way you cook with 175 healthy toolbox recipes Amber Rose 641.563 ROS
Wholehearted : inspiring real food for every day/ Kelly Gibney 641.563 GIB

Gardens and Gardening

100 plants to feed the bees : provide a healthy habitat to help pollinators thrive the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation 639.92 LEE
Essential perennials for every garden : [selection, care, and profiles to over 110 easy-care plants] Sally Roth and Jane Courtier 635.932 ROT
High-value vegetables Mel Bartholomew 635 BAR
How to grow stuff Alice Vincent 635 VIN
Indoor edible garden Zia Allaway 635 ALL
My garden is a car park and other design dilemmas Kendra Wilson 712.6 WIL
Square metre gardening Mel Bartholomew 635 BAR
Succulents : the ultimate guide to choosing, designing, and growing 200 easy-care plants Robin Stockwell 635.952 STO
Teeny tiny gardening : 35 step-by-step projects and inspirational ideas for gardening in tiny spaces Emma Hardy 635.986 HAR
The complete gardener's guide Simon Akeroyd 635 COM
The complete guide to landscape projects : stonework, plantings, water features, carpentry, fences 712 COM
The downsized veggie garden : how to garden small wherever you live, whatever your space Kate Copsey 635 COP
The organic gardeners handbook Frank Tozer 635.0484 TOZ
The perennial matchmaker : create amazing combinations with your favorite perennials Nancy J. Ondra 635.932 OND
The princess's garden : royal intrigue and the untold story of Kew Vanessa Berridge 712.50942 BER
Tiny tabletop gardens : 35 projects for super-small spaces outdoors and in Emma Hardy 635.986 HAR
Vegetable gardening Carol Klein 635 KLE

Health & Medicine

15 minutes to fit : the simple 30-day guide to total fitness, 15 minutes at a time Zuzka Light and Jeff O'Connell 613.7 LIG
Awakening the planetary mind : beyond the trauma of the past to a new era of creativity Barbara Hand Clow 904 CLO
Completing our conscious evolution by releasing our collective fear of catastrophes.
Big fat food fraud : confessions of a health-food hustler Jeff Scot Philips 338.19 PHI
Presents an account of the shady practices of the food and weight-loss industries, showing how labels can be manipulated for profits, the media can be led to promote specific products, and regulators can be fooled.
Bipolar, not so much : understanding your mood swings and depression Chris Aiken and James Phelps 616.895 AIK
Body wise : discovering your body's intelligence for lifelong health and healing Rachel Carlton Abrams 613 ABR
Bonk : the curious coupling of science and sex Mary Roach 612.6 ROA
Bring back the fat : the real secret to sustainable weight loss Christine Cronau 613.25 CRO
Collaborative and indigenous mental health therapy : Tataihono - stories of Maori healing and psychiatry Wiremu NiaNia, Allistair Bush, and David Epston 362.2 NIA
This book examines a collaboration between traditional Maori healing and clinical psychiatry.
Complete guide to fitness & health Barbara Bushman, editor 613.71 COM
Craving : eating well throughout your pregnancy Sandra Mahut 618.24 MAH
Diary of a vampire in pyjamas Mathias Malzieu 843.92 MAL
This is a memoir by French bestselling and award-winning author and musician Mathias Malzieu. It focuses on a single year in which he explores his close encounter with death.
Doctors in denial : the forgotten women in the 'unfortunate experiment' Ronald W. Jones 616.994 JON
Ron Jones ants to set the record straight by telling his personal story: a story of the unnecessary suffering of countless women, a story of professional arrogance and misplaced loyalties, and a story of doctors in denial of the truth.
Enjoy sex (how, when and if you want to) : a practical and inclusive guide Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock 613.96 BAR
Fresh start bariatric cookbook : healthy recipes to enjoy favorite foods after weight-loss surgery Sarah Kent 641.5638 KEN
Head first, health fast Leanne Hall 613.71 HAL
Come off the dieting hamster wheel and take a psychologically savvy approach to body image, nutrition, weight loss and
Helping teens who cut : using DBT skills to end self-injury Michael Hollander 616.8582 HOL
How not to die : discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease Michael Greger with Gene Stone 613.2 GRE
I can't lose weight and I don't know why Dr Sandra Cabot 613.25 CAB
Is it all in your head? : true stories of imaginary illness Suzanne O'Sullivan 616.08 OSU
Override : my quest to go beyond brain training and take control of my mind Caroline Williams 612.82 WIL
Can you really rewire an adult brain? In theory the answer is 'yes', but there's a problem: no one seems to know exactly how to do it. In Override, Caroline Williams goes on a mission to find out.
Personalisation and dementia : a guide for person-centred practice Helen Sanderson 616.83 SAN
Reverse heart disease naturally Michelle Honda 616.12 HON
Sleep smarter : 21 essential strategies to sleep your way to a better body, better health, and bigger success Shawn Stevenson 613.79 STE
Smart fat : eat more fat, lose more weight, get healthy now Steven Masley and Jonny Bowden 613.25 MAS
Start your own personal training business : your step-by-step guide to success The staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. & Cheryl Kimball 613.71 STA
Still down : what to do when antidepressants fail Dean F. MacKinnon 616.8527 MCK
The allergy-free baby & toddler cookbook Fiona Heggie & Ellie Lux 641.5622 HEG
The good skin solution : natural healing for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne Shann Nix Jones 616.52 JON
The hungry brain : outsmarting the instincts that make us overeat Stephan J. Guyenet 616.8526 GUY
The interstitial cystitis solution : a holistic plan for healing painful symptoms, resolving bladder and pelvic floor dysfunction, and taking back your life Nicole Cozean and Jesse Cozean.. 616.623 COZ
The IVF diet : the plan to support IVF treatment and help couples conceive Zita West 618.24 WES
The metabolism plan : discover the foods and exercises that work for your body to reduce inflammation and lose weight fast Lyn-Genet Recitas 613.25 REC
The miracle of water Masaru Emoto 613.28 EMO
The modern herbal dispensatory : a medicine-making guide Thomas Easley, Steven Horne 615.321 EAS
The modern yoga bible : the definitive guide to yoga today Christina Brown 613.7046 BRO
The overcoming multiple sclerosis cookbook : delicious recipes for living well on a low saturated fat diet Ingrid Adelsberger 641.5631 ADE
The paleo approach : reverse autoimmune disease and heal your body Sarah Ballantyne 616.978 BAL
The power of breath : yoga breathing for inner balance, health and harmony Swami Saradananda 613.19 SAR
The vaccine race : how scientists used human cells to combat killer viruses Meredith Wadman 614.524 WAD

History, Geography & Travel

50 states, 5,000 ideas : where to go, when to go, what to see, what to do text by Joe Yogerst 973 YOG
Africa's long road since independence : the many histories of a continent Keith Somerville 967 SOM
Bears in the streets : three journeys across a changing Russia Lisa Dickey 947 DIC
Lisa Dickey traveled across the whole of Russia three times in 1995, 2005 and 2015 making friends in eleven different cities, then coming back again and again to see how their lives had changed.
Benjamin Franklin in London : the British life of America's founding father George Goodwin 973.3 FRA
Bhutan 954.98 MAY
Lonely Planet
Blood royal : the wars of Lancaster and York, 1462-1485 Hugh Bicheno 942.044 BIC
Blood Royal is the second volume of a magisterial new interpretation of the savage struggle for supreme power between and within the Plantagenet houses of Lancaster and York from 1450 until 1485.
Britain's tudor maps : county by county John Speed 941 SPE
A stunning new edition of the earliest atlas of the British Isles.
Civil wars : a history in ideas David Armitage 355.0218 ARM
Croatia 949.72 CRO
The best things to do in Croatia are showcased with fantastic photography, illustrations and detailed descriptions.
Dead cert. II : more stories from Thames, Paeroa and Waihi cemeteries Meghan Hawkes 993.32 HAW
Meghan Hawkes, former columnist for the Peninsula Press, Thames, has gathered together another selection of her much loved Dead Cert columns: the stories behind the headstones.
Denying the Holocaust : the growing assault on truth and memory Deborah E. Lipstadt 940.5318 LIP
The powerful and deeply disturbing book that was at the heart of the David Irving libel case, now dramatized in the film Denial.
Dunedin fonebook 993.92 CHA
France 944 WIL
Lonely Planet
Granta : the magazine of new writing. 138, Journeys 808.8 GRA
What are the ethics of writing about a place you visit as an outsider? With Granta's long tradition of travel writing in mind, we ask some of the foremost writers of the genre: is travel writing dead?
Great American railroad journeys : historical companion to the BBC series foreword by Michael Portillo 973 GRE
Hermann Goering and the Nazi art collection : the looting of Europe's art treasures and their dispersal after World War II Kenneth D. Alford 709.4 ALF
Hermann Goering : from secret Luftwaffe to Hossbach War Conference, 1935-37 : the personal photograph albums of Hermann Goering Blaine Taylor 943.086
In Patagonia Bruce Chatwin 982.7 CHA
Into the heart of Tasmania : a search for human antiquity Rebe Taylor 994.6 TAY
Iron dawn : the Monitor, the Merrimack, and the sea battle that changed history Richard Snow 973.73 SNO
No single sea battle has had more immediate and far- reaching consequences than the one fought in Hampton Roads, Virginia in early March 1862.
Island of the lost : shipwrecked at the edge of the world Joan Druett 993.99 DRU
Auckland Island is a godforsaken place in the middle of the Southern Ocean, 285 miles south of New Zealand. With year-round freezing rain and howling winds, it is one of the most forbidding places in the world. To be shipwrecked there means almost certain death
Istanbul : a tale of three cities Bettany Hughes 956.1 HUG
Kate's style : smart, chic fashion from a royal role model Caroline Jones 941.085 CAT
Latitude North Charles Moseley 948 MOS
From a deserted mining camp in the Arctic Circle to the deck of a deep sea trawler, Charles Moseley has explored every corner of the northern lands and seas.
Lightfoot guide to the Via Francigena. Besancon to Vercelli [Paul Chinn & Babette Gallard] 940 CHI
This book traces 435 kilometres of the Via Francigena.
Lightfoot guide to the Via Francigena. Canterbury to Besancon [Paul Chinn & Babette Gallard] 940 CHI
This book traces 910 kilometres of the Via
Lightfoot guide to the Via Francigena. Vercelli to St Peter's Square, Rome [Paul Chinn & Babette Gallard] 945 CHI
This book traces 848 kilometres of the Via Francigena from Vercelli to St. Peter's Square in Rome.
Lisbon 946.94 BOU
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide
Maui revealed : the ultimate guidebook Andrew Doughty 996.921 DOU
Mawson's remarkable men : the personal stories of the epic 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition David Jensen 998.9 MAW
Migration to New Zealand : a guide for family history researchers Christine Clement 929.1 CLE
Mr Stuart's track : the forgotten life of Australia's greatest explorer John Bailey 994.03 STU
My digital travel for seniors Jason R. Rich 910.2 RIC
An exceptionally easy and complete full-colour tutorial on using computers, smartphones, or tablets to plan travel, make online reservations, manage your itinerary, and save money.
New Zealand's South Island road trips 993.7 ATK
Lonely Planet
No wall too high : one man's daring escape from Mao's darkest prison Xu Hongci 951.05 XU
Rena's promise : a story of sisters in Auschwitz Rena Kornreich Gelissen with Heather Dune Macadam 940.5318 GEL
Scorched earth : Stalin's reign of terror jorg Baberowski ; 947.0842 BAB
Detailed, well-documented, and including many new details on the workings of the Stalinist state, this powerful work encompasses the dictator's brutal reign from his achievement of total power in 1929 to his death in 1953.
Sea charts of the British Isles : a voyage of discovery around Britain & Ireland's coastline John Blake 623.8922 BLA
Searching for Lord Haw-Haw : the political lives of William Joyce Colin Holmes 940.5488 JOY
Searching for Lord Haw-Haw is an authoritative account of the political lives of William Joyce. He became notorious as a fascist, an anti-Semite and then as a Second World War traitor when, assuming the persona of Lord Haw-Haw, he acted as a radio propagandist for the Nazis.
Sicily 945.8 SIC
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide
Te Arawa : a history of the Arawa people Don Stafford ; foreword by Paora Tapsell 993.01 STA
The age of Caesar : five Roman lives Plutarch ; translated by Pamela Mensch 937.05 POM
An outstanding new edition of Plutarch, the inventor of biography, focused on five lives that remade the Roman world.
The Alps : a human history from Hannibal to Heidi and beyond Stephen O'Shea 949.47 OSH
The American President : from Teddy Roosevelt to Bill Clinton William E. Leuchtenburg 973 LEU
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker : the story of Britain through its census, since 1801 Roger Hutchinson 941 HUT
The cat thief of Gaizhou : teaching (and learning) in China Rob Harris 951.06 HAR
The end of the Asian century : war, stagnation, and the risks to the world's most dynamic region Michael R. Auslin 950.4 AUS
The Holocaust : a new history Laurence Rees 940.5318 REE
This landmark work answers two of the most fundamental questions in history - how, and why, did the Holocaust happen?
The January Man : a year of walking Britain Christopher Somerville 941 SOM
The story of a year of walks that was inspired by a song, Dave Goulder's 'The January Man'. Month by month, season by season and region by region, Christopher Somerville walks the British Isles, following routes that continually bring his father to mind.
The king who had to go : Edward VIII, Mrs Simpson and the hidden politics of the abdication crisis Adrian Phillips 941.084 PHI
The Kingite rebellion John Robinson 993.02 ROB
This book explains the reasons for the rebellion, the battles and their outcome. The rebellion cost lives and caused widespread disruption, and the divided king movement failed in all its objectives.
The last of the tsars : Nicholas II and the Russian Revolution Robert Service 947.083 NIC
The Lost City of the Monkey God Douglas Preston 972.85 PRE
Since the days of Cortes, rumours have circulated about a lost city of immense wealth hidden somewhere in the Honduran interior, called the White City or the Lost City of the Monkey God. In 2012 Preston joined a team of scientists using classified technology that could map the terrain under the densest rainforest canopy. They found evidence of not just an undiscovered city but an enigmatic, lost civilization and returned carrying a horrifying, sometimes lethal and incurable disease.
The noise of ice : Antarctica Enzo Barracco 998.9 BAR
The not-quite states of America : dispatches from the territories and other far-flung outposts of the USA Doug Mack 973 MCK
Traces the author's explorations of U.S. territories including American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Northern Mariana Islands to juxtapose their blends of culture against the expansionist views of the Founding Fathers.
The rough guide to Australia 994 BAL
The strange last voyage of Donald Crowhurst Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall 910.45 CRO
Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall reconstruct one of the greatest hoaxes of our time. From in-depth interviews with Crowhurst's family and friends and telling excerpts from his logbooks, Tomalin and Hall develop a tale of tragic self-delusion and public deception, a haunting portrait of a complex, deeply troubled man and his journey into the heart of darkness.
The wars of the Roosevelts : the ruthless rise of America's greatest political family William J. Mann 973.91 ROO
The wicked wit of Queen Elizabeth II compiled, edited and introduced by Karen Dolby 941.085 ELI
Why? : explaining the Holocaust Peter Hayes 940.5318 HAY
World of wanderlust : how to live an adventurous life Brooke Saward 910.4 SAW

House & Garden

A touch of farmhouse charm : easy DIY projects to add a warm and rustic feel to any room Liz Fourez 747.88 FOU
A-Z of sewing for smockers 646.406 A
Beautiful : all-American decorating and timeless style Mark D. Sikes 747 SIK
Creative living country Chloe Grimshaw 747 GRI
Cushions, curtains & blinds : step by step 646.21 CUS
English houses Ben Pentreath 747 PEN
Francois Catroux text by David Netto 747 CAT
This first volume on Francois Catroux is a comprehensive consideration of the work and life of an international master of interior design.
Joinery editors of Fine Woodworking 694.6 JOI
Microshelters : 59 creative cabins, tiny houses, tree houses, and other small structures Derek "Deek" Diedricksen 690.89 DIE
Pattern making for kids' clothes : all you need to know about designing, adapting, and customizing sewing patterns for children's clothing Carla Hegeman Crim 646.406
Pure soapmaking : how to create nourishing, natural skin-care soaps Anne-Marie Faiola 668.12 FAI
The homemade workshop : build your own woodworking machines & jigs James Hamilton 648.08 HAM
The perfect bath Barbara Sallick ; written with Marc Kristal 747.78 SAL
Tidy space : zen design solutions for tidy living ; Tidy space : shaker design solutions for tidy living Michael Freeman 747 FRE
Traditional woodworking handtools : a manual for the woodworker written & illustrated by Graham Blackburn 684.082 BLA
Ultimate guide plumbing 696.1 HEN


Of fortunes and war : Clare Hollingworth, first of the female war correspondents Patrick Garrett 070.433 HOL


Beginning Japanese : an integrated approach to language and culture Michael L. Kluemper 495.6834 KLU
Complete Arabic Jack Smart 492.7 SMA
Delusions of grammar : the worst of the worst Sharon Eliza Nichols 428.2 NIC
More missspellings! More badder grammar!
Essential Korean phrasebook & dictionary : speak Korean with confidence Soyeung Koh & Gene Baik 495.783 KOH
Japanese for fun : phrasebook & dictionary : the easy way to learn Japanese quickly Taeko Kamiya 495.6834 KAM
Japanese kanji for beginners : the method that's helped thousands in the U.S. and Japan learn Japanese successfully Timothy G. Stout & Kaori Hakone 495.611
Making sense : the glamorous story of English grammar David Crystal 428.2 CRY
May we borrow your language? : how English has stolen, purloined, snaffled, pilfered, appropriated and looted words from all four corners of the world Philip Gooden 422
Misadventures in the English language Caroline Taggart 428.2 TAG
Spelling it out : how words work and how to teach them Misty Adoniou 428.1 ADO
The accidental dictionary : the remarkable twists and turns of English words Paul Anthony Jones 422 JON
Tuttle concise Chinese dictionary : Chinese-English, English-Chinese Li Dong 495.13 LI
Unlocking French with Paul Noble 448.2 NOB
Unlocking Italian with Paul Noble 458.2 NOB
Unlocking Spanish with Paul Noble 468.2 NOB


Business law in New Zealand Jeremy Hubbard, Nicholas Smith 346.07 HUB
Speculation : a history of the fine line between gambling and investing Stuart Banner 346.092 BAN


Deaths of the poets Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts 809.1 FAR
What is the price of poetry? In this book, two contemporary poets undertake a series of journeys across Britain, America and Europe to the death places of poets of the past, in part as pilgrims, honouring inspirational writers, but also as investigators, interrogating the myth.
Neoliberalism and cultural transition in New Zealand literature, 1984-2008 : market fictions Jennifer Lawn 823 LAW
Lawn argues that the terms of neoliberal choice, competition and self-determination, have proven both culturally affirmative and socially corrosive, reconfiguring the potentialities of collective life in an era of rapid reform.
Once we were sisters Sheila Kohler 823.914 KOH
Once We Were Sisters is the story of Maxine and Sheila Kohler. Growing up in the suffocating gentility of 1950s South Africa, the girls plan grand lives for themselves that will bring them out of the long shadow cast by their father's death and their overbearing mother's bullying.
The bughouse : the poetry, politics and madness of Ezra Pound Daniel Swift 811.52 POU
Tracing Pound through the eyes of his visitors, The Bughouse tells the story of politics, madness and modern art in the twentieth century.
The dog upstairs : a collection of writing by New Zealand teenagers selected by Tessa Duder & James Norcliffe ; edited by Glyn Strange 820.809283 DOG
The splendid things we planned : a family portrait Blake Bailey 818.6 BAI
Presents a darkly humorous account of growing up in a prosperous, eccentric family with an older brother whose erratic and increasingly dangerous behavior threatens them all.
Work & days : poems Tess Taylor 811.6 TAY
Taylor offers a rich, severe, memorable meditation about what it means to try to connect our bodies.


Crafting textiles in the digital age Nithikul Nimkulrat, Faith Kane, and Kerry Walton 677.022 CRA

Music & Musicians

American luthier : Carleen Hutchins : the art and science of the violin Quincy Whitney 787.2 WHI
Beethoven for a later age : the journey of a string quartet Edward Dusinberre 785.7 DUS
Edward Dusinberre, first violinist of the renowned Takacs Quartet, offers a rare peek inside the workings of his ensemble, while providing an insightful history of the compositions and their performance.
Beethoven's skull : dark, strange, and fascinating tales from the world of classical music and beyond Tim Rayborn 780.92 RAY
Conversations in jazz : the Ralph J. Gleason interviews Toby Gleason 781.65 GLE
During his nearly forty years as a music journalist, Ralph J. Gleason recorded many in- depth interviews with some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time. These informal sessions, conducted mostly in Gleason's Berkeley, California, home, have never been transcribed and published in full until now.
Country music hair Erin Duvall 781.642 DUV
This work showcases the most notable bobs, beehives, bouffants, mullets, hats, wigs and curls from the 1960s to the present, alongside interviews with hairstylists and musicians and a full history of the 'dos of the decade.
Love for sale : pop music in America David Hajdu 781.64 HAJ
Play it loud : the epic history of the style, sound, and revolution of the electric guitar Brad Tolinski and Alan di Perna 787.87 TOL
Pressed for all time : producing the great jazz albums from Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday to Miles Davis and Diana Krall Michael Jarrett 781.65 JAR
Prince A to Z Steve Wide 781.66 PRI
An illustrated A to Z, celebrating the unparalleled artistic impact of cultural icon Prince.
The history of rock & roll. Volume One, 1920-1963 Ed Ward 781.66 WAR

Natural Science

A brief history of everyone who ever lived : the stories in our genes Adam Rutherford 599.93 RUT
A lion called Christian Anthony Bourke & John Rendall 599.75 BOU
Badgers James Lowen 599.76 LOW
Call of nature : the secret life of dung Richard Jones 573.4 JON
Camouflaged wildlife : how creatures hide in order to survive text by Joe McDonald 591.4 MCD
Candid creatures : how camera traps reveal the mysteries of nature Roland Kays 590 KAY
Gem : the definitive visual guide 553.8 GEM
Geological structures : an introductory field guide Chris and Helen Pellant 551.8 PEL
The bee book Fergus Chadwick 595.79 CHA
The greatest show on Earth : the evidence for evolution Richard Dawkins 576.82 DAW
The new encyclopedia of British, European & African birds David Alderton with illustrations by Peter Barrett 598 ALD


Alchemy of nine dimensions : the 2011/2012 prophecies and nine dimensions of consciousness Barbara Hand Clow with Gerry Clow 133.93 CLO
As we enter the end dates of the Mayan calendar, exploring the nine dimensions of consciousness becomes essential to our evolutionary survival as a species.
No goodbyes : insights from the heaven world Barry Eaton 133.9013 EAT


Breastfeeding uncovered : who really decides how we feed our babies? Amy Brown 649.33 BRO
Do parents matter? : why Japanese babies sleep well, Mexican siblings don't fight, and American families should just relax Robert A. LeVine and Sarah LeVine 649.1
Focused : ADHD & ADD parenting strategies for children with attention deficit disorder Blythe Grossberg 618.9285 GRO
Raising a secure child : how circle of security parenting can help you nurture your child's attachment, emotional resilience, and freedom to explore Kent Hoffman 649.1
Rants in the dark : from one tired mama to another Emily Writes 306.8743 WRI
Spoonfed generation : how to raise independent children Michael Grose 649.1 GRO
Sulky, rowdy, rude : why kids really act out + what to do about it Elven, Bo Hejlskov 649.15 ELV
The picky eater project : 6 weeks to happier, healthier family mealtimes Natalie Digate Muth and Sally Sampson 613.2 MUT

Pets & Animals

A year in the life of the Yorkshire shepherdess Amanda Owen 636.301 OWE
Cesar Millan's lessons from the pack : stories of the dogs who changed my life Cesar Millan with Melissa Jo Peltier 636.7 MIL
Chicken soup for the soul : my very good, very bad cat : 101 heartwarming stories about our happy, heroic & hilarious pets [compiled by] Amy Newmark 636.8
Chicken soup for the soul : my very good, very bad dog : 101 heartwarming stories about our happy, heroic & hilarious pets [compiled by] Amy Newmark 636.7
Dog years : faithful friends, then & now Amanda Jones 636.7 JON
A look at the lives and stories of 30 dogs.
Felix the railway cat Transpennine Express and Kate Moore 636.8 MOO
Felix is much more than just an employee of TransPennine Express. For her colleagues and the station's commuters, Felix has changed their lives in surprising ways.
How the dog became the dog : from wolves to our best friends Mark Derr 636.7 DER
How to train a superpup : [unleash your puppy's potential] Gwen Bailey 636.70887 BAI
Jem Barry Johns 636.73 JOH
This is a personal story about a special dog who was part of my life for 10 years
Paw tracks at Owl Cottage Denis O'Connor ; illustrations by Richard Morris 636.8 OCO
Four Maine Coon kittens and names them Pablo, Carlos, Luis and Max. Set against the wilds of the Northumbrian coast, this book charts the ups and downs of life with the author's mischievous new cats.
Paw tracks in the moonlight Denis O'Connor 636.8 OCO
When Denis O'Connor rescues a three-week-old kitten from certain death during a snowstorm, little does he know how this tiny creature will change his life forever.
The education of Will : a mutual memoir of a woman and her dog Patricia B. McConnell 636.7 MCC
An animal behaviourist recounts the story of how in order to help a troubled dog she was compelled to revisit painful memories about her own past in order to gain understanding into the impact of trauma on the brain.
What is my cat thinking? Gwen Bailey 636.8 BAI
What is my dog thinking? Gwen Bailey 636.7 BAI
Zen dogs Alex Cearns 636.7 CEA

Philosophy & Psychology

Maori values can reinvigorate a New Zealand philosophy Piripi Whaanga 199 WHA

Philosophy and psychology

You are the universe : discovering your cosmic self and why it matters Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos 111 CHO


Cindy Sherman, imitation of life Philipp Kaiser, Sofia Coppola, Joanne Heyler 779 SHE
This magnificent book encompasses the full scope of Cindy Sherman's career, with a special focus on the cinematic quality of her oeuvre.
Greatest landscapes : stunning photographs that inspire and astonish 779 GRE
The smartphone photography guide : shoot, edit, experiment, share Peter Cope 778.3 COP
Wildlife photographer of the year. Portfolio 26 [editor, Rosamund Kidman Cox] 779 WIL
William Eggleston : portraits Phillip Prodger with an appreciation by Sofia Coppola 778.92 EGG
The American photographer William Eggleston is best known for capturing everyday suburban life in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, and for his pioneering use of colour


Wellington summer Shakespeare, 1983-2017 David Lawrence 822.33 LAW
Wellington Summer Shakespeare 1983 - 2017 collects photos, ephemera and memories from some of the plays' directors to document the evolution of Wellington's only large-scale, large-cast, outdoor theatre event.


Everything is here Rob Hack 821.92 HAC
A collection of poems about Rob Hack's experience in New Zealand and the islands. It has stories from Porirua East, Niue, Paris, Rarotonga, Sydney and the Kapiti Coast, that are full of people and day-to-day things
Hold your own Kate Tempest 821.92 TEM
Kate Tempest's first full-length collection is an ambitious, multi-voiced work based around the mythical figure of
I am Minerva Karen Zelas 821.92 ZEL
In between the selfie and the self-realisation, Karen Zelas explores with intense fascination the people and histories that inform
Impressions : Picton poets : an anthology Julie Kennedy 821.91408 IMP
Keel & drift Adrienne Jansen 821.914 JAN
Some of these poems tell a story, some offer an insight, some offer a moment of lyrical beauty. Together, they invite the reader to pause, and pay attention.
New sea land Tim Jones 821.92 JON
Awarded the New Zealand Society of Authors' Janet Frame Memorial Award for Literature, Jones writes of the mapping and re- naming of land and sea by those who came before him, and the places he travelled as a child and knows as a man and travels now.
Reading the water Paul Schimmel 821.92 SCH
Rock & roll : selected poems in five sets Mark Pirie 821.914 PIR
Rock & Roll features poems selected from 1992 to 2016 in the form of five set lists: Rock & Roll (music poems); Special FX (film/TV poems); Good Luck Bar (love poems); Sidelights (sporting poems); and Postcards (Australian poets/poems).
Unconditional rose. 2 Amber Jo Illsley 821.914 ILL
A selection of 101 poems in this illustrated collection take you through the varying dimensions of the spiritual realm, cat antics, the blues, legends, rediscovering friendship, tongue-in-cheek humour, nostalgia, and tributes to important people.

Politics & Government

A consequential president : the legacy of Barack Obama Michael D'Antonio 973.932 OBA
A world in disarray : American foreign policy and the crisis of the old order Richard Haass 327.73 HAA
Audacity : how Barack Obama defied his critics and created a legacy that will prevail Jonathan Chait 973.932 OBA
Fever swamp : a journey through the strange Neverland of the 2016 presidential race Richard North Patterson 324.973 PAT
In the jaws of the dragon : how China is taking over New Zealand Ron Asher 327.93 ASH
The man with the poison gun Serhii Plokhy 327.12 PLO
The life that would serve as inspiration for Ian Fleming's final novel.
Turkey : the insane and the melancholy Ece Temelkuran 320.9561 TEM

Religion & Ethics

A grief observed [C.S. Lewis] with contributions from Hilary Mantel 242.4 LEW
This new edition includes the original text of A Grief Observed alongside specially commissioned responses to the book and its themes from respected contemporary writers and thinkers: Hilary Mantel, Jessica Martin, Jenna Bailey, Rowan Williams, Kate Saunders, Francis Spufford and Maureen Freely.
Big mind, big heart : finding your way Dennis Genpo Merzel 294.34 MER
This book presents a highly original and accessible pathway to self-discovery and personal liberation. Since 1999 the Big Mind process has been experienced by many thousands of people in seminars across America.
God created humanism : the Christian basis of secular values Theo Hobson 211.6 HOB
God with us : the meaning of the cross and resurrection then and now Rowan Williams 232.96 WIL
Letters to a young Muslim Omar Saif Ghobash 297 GHO
The burning question, Ghobash argues, is how moderate Muslims will unite and find a voice that is true to Islam while actively and productively engaging in the modern world.
Love from heaven : practicing compassion for yourself and others Lorna Byrne 212.7 BYR
Modern Christian theology Christopher Ben Simpson 230 SIM
My father : Richmond E. Harrison and how his life was gradually wrecked by the Exclusive Brethren recalled and written by his son Peter Wycherley Harrison 289.9
Saving Donkey Peter K. High 230 HIG
Known as a master storyteller by all who meet him on the road, Peter High (aka Donkey) spins a lively tale about the twists and turns of life, about what makes him tick - and about encounters with a mysterious character named JC.
Self analysis : a simple self-help volume of tests and processes based on the discoveries contained in dianetics L. Ron Hubbard 299.93 HUB
The heart of centering prayer : nondual Christianity in theory and practice Cynthia Bourgeault 248.3 BOU
The Islamic enlightenment : the modern struggle between faith and reason Christopher de Bellaigue 297 DE
A revelatory and game-changing narrative that rewrites everything we thought we knew about the modern history of the Islamic world.
The unbreakable Miss Lovely : how the Church of Scientology tried to destroy Paulette Cooper Tony Ortega 299.93 ORT


100 essential things you didn't know you didn't know about maths and the arts John D. Barrow 510 BAR
Are numbers real? : the uncanny relationship of mathematics and the physical world Brian Clegg 510 CLE
Chemistry 3 : introducing inorganic, organic and physical chemistry Andrew Burrows 540 BUR
Gravity : a very short introduction Timothy Clifton 531.14 CLI
Gravity's kiss : the detection of gravitational waves Harry Collins 539.75 COL
Horizons : exploring the universe Michael Seeds, Dana Backman 520 SEE
Horizons: exploring the universe, 14th Edition, helps you understand our place in the universe and how scientists work.
How to solve physics problems Daniel Milton Oman, Robert Milton Oman 530 OMA
I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that : selected writing Ben Goldacre 500 GOL
The very best journalism from one of Britain's most admired and outspoken science writers, author of the bestselling Bad Science and Bad Pharma.
Mars : the ultimate guide to the Red Planet Giles Sparrow 523.43 SPA
Mathematics 1001 : absolutely everything that matters in mathematics in 1001 bite-sized explanations Dr Richard Elwes 510 ELW
Physics essentials for dummies Steven Holzner with Daniel Wohns 530 HOL
Tales of the quantum : understanding physics' most fundamental theory Art Hobson 530.12 HOB
The cosmic tourist : the 100 most awe-inspiring places in the universe [Brian May, Patrick Moore, Chris Lintott] 523.1 MAY
Three astronomer experts explore and explain what can be found beyond the Solar System, in deep space, including asteroids, comets, clusters, zodiacal dust and much more.
The secret life of the periodic table : unlocking the mysteries of all 118 elements Dr. Ben Still 546.8 STI
The Turing guide B. Jack Copeland 510.92 TUR
This volume will bring together contributions from some of the leading experts on Alan Turing to create a comprehensive guide to Turing
Why balloons rise and apples fall : the laws that make the world work Jeff Stewart 530 STE

Self Development

Against empathy : the case for rational compassion Paul Bloom 152.41 BLO
Against Empathy overturns widely held assumptions to reveal one of the most profound yet overlooked sources of human conflict. It demonstrates with absolute clarity that, when faced with moral decisions, we must choose reason and compassion, not empathy, as our guides.
Angry white men : American masculinity at the end of an era Michael Kimmel 155.332 KIM
Sociologist Michael Kimmel has spent hundreds of hours in the company of America's angry white men, from white supremacists to men's rights activists to young students in pursuit of an answer. Angry White Men presents a comprehensive diagnosis of their fears, anxieties, and rage
Beautiful money : the 4-week total wealth makeover Leanne Jacobs 158.1 JAC
This revolutionary four-week wealth plan shows you how tostop chasing money and start creating joyful, powerful, and meaningful wealth.
iPhone for seniors Dwight Spivey 621.38456 SPI
Juggling in high heels : how to organise chaos Lisa O'Neill 158.1 ONE
Learn the art of juggling priorities with good planning, so you can feel on top of it all and can do more of what you want.
Lovelands Dr Debra Campbell 152.41 CAM
Lovelands is psychologist Dr Debra Campbell's map for traversing the treacherous terrain of love and cultivating the wisdom and self-compassion for healthy love relationships.
Mastery Robert Greene 158.1 GRE
The author debunks the prevailing mythology of success and presents a radical new way to greatness. It also draws on interviews with world leaders.
Micro-resilience : minor shifts for major boosts in focus, drive, and energy Bonnie St. John, Allen P. Haines 153.73 ST
Musings of a blogger : inspirational thoughts for your life's journey Ruth Anne Caukwell 158.1 CAU
Musings of a Blogger: Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life's Journey speaks with a voice of courage and a spirit of discovery as it reveals the musings of a woman who has devoted her life to personal improvement through education, reflection, and transformation.
Spirit unleashed : reimagining human-animal relations Anne Benvenuti 241.6 BEN
In Spirit Unleashed, Anne Benvenuti uses analysis of real encounters with wild animals to take us on an intellectual tour of our thinking about animals by way of biological sciences, scientific psychology, philosophy, and theology to show that we have been wrong in our understanding of ourselves amongst other animals.
The happiness equation : want nothing + do anything = have everything Neil Pasricha 158 PAS
The motivation manifesto : 9 declarations to claim your personal power Brendon Burchard 158.1 BUR
The untrue story of you : how to let go of the past that creates you, and become fully alive in the present Bryan Hubbard 158.1 HUB
Traveling with ghosts : a memoir Shannon Leone Fowler 578.77 FOW
From grief to reckoning to reflection to solace, a marine biologist shares the solo journey she took through war-ravaged Eastern Europe, Israel, and beyond to find peace after her fiance suffered a fatal attack by a box jellyfish in Thailand.

Social Issues

Against everything : on dishonest times Mark Greif 306 GRE
These essays address such key topics in the cultural, political, and intellectual life of our time.
Age is just a number : what a 97-year-old record-breaker can teach us about growing older Charles Eugster with Matt Whyman 305.26 EUG
Retired dental surgeon Charles Eugster rekindled a love of competitive rowing he'd neglected for most of his adult life at the age of 63. He took up bodybuilding at the age of 87. And at the age of 95 he started sprinting for the first time in his life, becoming World Champion at 200m indoor and 400m outdoor.
Beyond tribal loyalties : personal stories of Jewish peace activists Avigail Abarbanel 303.66 BEY
Blue on blue : an insider's story of good cops catching bad cops Charles Campisi with Gordon Dillow 363.2 CAM
Bridge over Blood River : the rise and fall of the Afrikaners Kajsa Norman 305.83936 NOR
Dangerous years : climate change, the long emergency, and the way forward David W. Orr 363.7387 ORR
A leading environmental thinker takes a hard look at the obstacles and possibilities on the long road to sustainability This gripping, deeply thoughtful book considers future of civilization in the light of what we know about climate change and related threats.
Double whammy : a story about beating an 'unbeatable' cancer Rowan Bishop 362.196994 BIS
Dreams from my father : a story of race and inheritance Barack Obama 305.896 OBA
Fighting blind : a Green Beret's story of extraordinary courage Ivan Castro and Jim DeFelice 362.41 CAS
Fighting was a practiced routine for Lieutenant Ivan Castro. But when a mortar round struck the rooftop of his sniper's post in Iraq, he found himself in a battle more difficult than even he could have imagined.
From contempt to curiosity : creating the conditions for groups to collaborate : using clean language & systemic modelling Caitlin Walker 302.3 WAL
Caitlin Walker has spent 15 years working with diverse groups from disaffected teenagers to senior leaders in business and education. Along the way she developed Systemic Modelling, a methodology for encouraging groups to move away from drama and towards collective trust.
Hidden : betrayed, exploited and forgotten : how one boy overcame the odds Cathy Glass 362.733 GLA
From the author of Number One bestseller 'Damaged' comes the poignant and shocking memoir of Cathy's recent relationship with Tayo, a young boy she fosters whose good behaviour and polite manners hide a terrible past.
I own you Dawn McConnell with Katy Weitz 362.829 MCC
To the outside world, Dawn was a successful businesswoman. No one knew that every waking minute of her day was controlled by her husband Stuart. She had been subjected to years of coercion belittled, threatened and hit.
Invisible influence : the hidden forces that shape behaviour Jonah Berger 302.13 BER
The notion that our choices are driven by our own personal thoughts and opinions seems so obvious that it is not even worth mentioning. Except that it's wrong. Without our realizing it, other people's behaviour what psychologists call "social influence" has a huge influence on everything we do at every moment of our lives.
Irresistible : why we can't stop checking, scrolling, clicking and watching Adam Alter 302.23 ALT
Lion: A long way home Saroo Brierley with Larry Buttrose 362.734 BRI
The miraculous and triumphant story of a young man who rediscovers not only his childhood life and home but an identity long-since left behind.
Modified : GMOs and the threat to our food, our land, our future Caitlin Shetterly 363.192 SHE
My old man : tales of our fathers Ted Kessler 306.8742 MY
In this carefully curated collection, a dazzling list of contributors including Florence Welch, Paul Weller, Nina Stibbe and the sons and daughters of Ian Dury, Johnny Ball, Roy Castle, Leonard Cohen and many others open up, some for the first time, about their paternal experiences.
Ngā ahurea iwi taketake = Indigenous cultures Filipe Eduardo Moreau 305.898 AHU
Nobody's son : all Alex wanted was a family of his own Cathy Glass 362.733 GLA
Born in a prison and removed from his drug-dependent mother, rejection is all that 7-year-old Alex knows.
Raising the transgender child : a complete guide for parents, families & caregivers Dr. Michele Angello & Alisa Bowman 306.874 ANG
Social research methods Alan Bryman 300 BRY
Taken : an abandoned baby, separated from her only family, searching for a true home Rosie Lewis 362.734 LEW
The big letdown : how medicine, big business, and feminism undermine breastfeeding Kimberly Seals Allers 649.33 SEA
The boys in the bunkhouse : servitude and salvation in the heartland Dan Barry 362.3 BAR
A full-length account of the author's prize-winning New York Times story chronicles the exploitation and abuse case of a group of developmentally disabled workers, who for 25 years, were forced to work under harrowing conditions for virtually no wages until tenacious advocates helped them achieve their freedom.
The fourth industrial revolution Klaus Schwab 303.483 SCH
The walking stick tree : a memoir Trish Harris 362.19672 HAR
About growing up with acute arthritis - about pain and loss, identity, and living creatively. This book captures a deeply moving experience of knitting a body and soul together
The woman who changed her brain : and other inspiring stories of pioneering brain transformation Barbara Arrowsmith-Young 362.3 ARR
Includes a new chapter that examines the latest research demonstrating the positive impact of cognitive exercises on students' brains, investigates the many ways that neuroplasticity and education are now converging, and offers a list of schools in Australia and New Zealand that have embraced the Arrowsmith Program.
Why I am not a feminist : a feminist manifesto Jessa Crispin 305.42 CRI
Outspoken critic Jessa Crispin delivers a searing rejection of contemporary feminism and a bracing manifesto for revolution.
With a suitcase of saris : from India to Aotearoa : stories of pioneer Indian women their daughters & granddaughters ; compiled by Vasanti Unka ; edited by Rebecca Lal 305.488 WIT
Work pause thrive : how to pause for parenthood without killing your career Lisen Stromberg 305.43 STR

Sport & Recreation

1000 football clubs : teams, stadiums, and legends of the beautiful game Jean Damien Lesay 796.334 LES
A day to die for : 1996 : Everest's worst disaster : the untold true story Graham Ratcliffe 796.522 RAT
Basic pool : the ultimate beginner's guide Arthur "Babe" Cranfield and Laurence S. Moy 794.73 CRA
Benaud : an appreciation Brian Matthews 796.358 BEN
From backyard games in the 1950s and an encounter at Old Trafford to Benaud's heyday in the commentary box-via the Benaud family home in Parramatta and ancestral home in France-Matthews traces the contours in the life of one of the greats.
How to win : lessons from the Premier League the Secret Footballer with the Secret Psychologist 796.334 SEC
How to win at 5-a-side : take your team to the next level Nick Ascroft 796.334 ASC
The culmination of years of 5-a-side football experience, this celebrated manual to 'scaled-down' soccer success covers every element of the game and features expert advice on how to organise a winning team.
LEGO space : building the future Peter Reid and Tim Goddard 688.725 REI
Manhunter : the art of tracking Ian Maxwell 796.5 MAX
Manhunter is the ultimate guide to tracking skills in both wild and urban environments.
Paul Zenon's practical jokes : pranks, tricks and wind-ups 793.8 ZEN
Paul Zenon's practical magic : street magic, close-up tricks and sleight -of-hand 793.8 ZEN
Powerboating : your first book for your first boat Ken Kreisler 797.125 KRE
Stroke of genius : Victor Trumper and the shot that changed cricket Gideon Haigh 796.358 TRU
The art and science of staff fighting : a complete instructional guide Joe Varady 796.8 VAR
The art of the brick : a life in LEGO Nathan Sawaya 688.725 SAW
The LEGO architect Tom Alphin 688.725 ALP
The ultimate guide to vintage Star Wars action figures 1977-1985 Mark Bellomo 688.72 BEL
Total competition : lessons in strategy from Formula One Ross Brawn, Adam Parr 796.72 BRA
Total immersion : the revolutionary way to swim better, faster, and easier Terry Laughlin with John Delves 797.21 LAU
Why we climb : the world's most inspiring climbers Chris Noble 796.522 NOB

Trains, Boats, Planes

Jib trimming : an illustrated guide Felix Marks with photography by Neil Hinds 623.88 MAR
Everything you need to know about trimming the foresail.
The world encyclopedia of aircraft carriers and naval aircraft Bernard Ireland and Francis Crosby 623.8255 IRE


An iron wind : Europe under Hitler Peter Fritzsche 940.534 FRI
Germany ascendant : the Eastern Front 1915 Prit Buttar 940.42 BUT
Hitler's eagles : the Luftwaffe 1933-45 Chris McNab 358.400943 MCN
Instrument of war : the German Army 1914-18 Dennis Showalter 355.3 SHO
Medal of Honor : portraits of valor beyond the call of duty foreword, Bradley Cooper ; essays, Tom Brokaw, Victor Davis Hanson, Senator John McCain ; photographs, Nick Del Calzo ; text, Peter Collier 355.134 COL
An updated edition of the New York Times bestseller, featu
Phantom boys : true tales from the UK operators of the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Richard Pike 623.7464 PHA
Soldier boys : the militarisation of Australian and New Zealand schools for World War I axwell N. Waugh 940.4 WAU
This research shows how our schools were used by the respective governments to help prepare a ready-made army of well-trained, disciplined and patriotic young lads, glad to risk their lives in the terrifying, bloody and mindless conflict that was World War 1.
Songs of a war boy Deng Thiak Adut with Ben Mckelvey 355 ADU
Deng Adut's family were farmers in South Sudan when a brutal civil war altered his life forever. At six years old, his mother was told she had to give him up to fight. At the age most Australian children are starting school , Deng was conscripted into the Sudan People's Liberation Army.
The fatal fortress : the guns and fortifications of Singapore 1819-1856 Bill Clements 355.033 CLE
We die like brothers : the sinking of the SS Mendi John Gribble and Graham Scott 940.41 GRI