New Titles Non-Fiction May 2016 (arrived in April 2016)

Art & Architecture

A day at Chateau de Fontainebleau, text by Guillaume Picon ; photography by Eric Sander. .728.82 PIC
A visit to the exceptionally well-preserved Fontainebleau, one of the few royal residences left intact during the French Revolution, offers unparalleled access to French history, art, and architecture.
Bramantino : the Renaissance in Lombardy, Mauro Natale.759.5 BRA
Enrico Donati, Dawn Ades.759.13 DON
Everywhen : the eternal present in indigenous art from Australia, Stephen Gilchrist with essays by Stephen Gilchrist.709.94 EVE
From art brut to art without boundaries, Carine Fol.709.04 FOL
Through the works and thoughts of three protagonists of the Outsider art, Hans Prinzhorn (1886-1933), Jean Dubuffet (1901-1981), and Harald Szeemann (1933-2005), the catalogue attempts to portray the evolution of the perception of oeuvres that had no contact with the mainstream art world.
From Grafton to the Guggenheim : Max Gimblett. 759.993 GIM
Heronimus Bosch, Stefan Fischer.759.9492 BOS
Italian Renaissance courts : art, pleasure and power, Alison Cole.709.45 COL
Joan Miro : wall, frieze, mural. 759.6 MIR
My Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovsky.708.7 PIO
The museum's longtime director takes the reader on a private tour of this global treasure. Holding one of the largest collections of Western art in the world, the Hermitage is also a product of Russia and its dramatic history. Founded by Empress Catherine the Great in 1764, the stunning Winter Palace was built to house her growing collection of Old Masters and to serve as a home for the imperial family.
Picasso sculpture 730.92 PIC
Picasso.mania 759.6 PIC
Roy Lichtenstein : drawing first : 50 years of works on paper, Danilo Eccher.709.73 LIC
Seeing ourselves : women's self-portraits, Frances Borzello.704.042 BOR
Sketching people : an urban sketcher's guide to drawing figures and faces, Lynne Chapman.743.4 CHA
The 20th-century world architecture. 724.6 TWE
The Bauer brothers, Paul Martyn Cooper.743.93 COO
The art of Franz and Ferdinand Bauer was praised by the poet and botanist Johann Goethe as the perfect expression of the aims of botanical illustration. The book examines the contrasting lives of Franz (1758-1840), for 50 years the resident artist at Kew Gardens, and Ferdinand (1760-1826) who led a life of travel and adventure as a natural history artist including participating in the historic voyage to Australia of HMS Investigator in the early nineteenth century.
This is not a house, the editors of Mark another architecture with Dan Rubinstein.728 THI
Presents the latest built residential projects by such design luminaries as Sou Fujimoto, Plasma Studio, and Michael Maltzan, as well as emerging ones such as Johan Selbing, among others, in an array of locations across the globe, including New York, London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.


Muscle car source book : all the facts, figures, statistics, and production numbers, Mike Mueller.629.222 MUE
Welding manual : the Haynes manual for selecting and using welding equipment, Jay Storer.629.287 STO


A day with Marie Antoinette, Helene Delalex.944.035 MAR
Marie Antoinette was a mirror of her time. Never has a queen been so passionately admired and adulated, then hunted, vilified, and defamed.
A fabulous failure : how New Zealand's queen of property turned failure into fabulous!, Nikki Connors.332.6324 CON
Failure is just another life lesson. Learn from it and move on. Nicolette Connors' life has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Enjoying mega riches and business success, she also danced with the dark side, enduring bankruptcy, domestic violence and depression. With bags of smarts, passion and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Nicolette cut a dash in advertising, film, television and publishing, creating cheeky start-up companies that were the envy of many.
A fine brother : the life of Captain Flora Sandes, Louise Miller.940.4 SAN
The only woman to serve as a soldier in the First World War, the Englishwoman Flora Sandes became a hero and media sensation when she fought for the Serbian Army and pursued a distinguished career in its ranks as officer.
A house full of daughters, Juliet Nicolson.929.2 NIC
All families have their myths and legends. For many years Juliet Nicolson accepted hers the dangerous beauty of her flamenco dancing great-great-grandmother Pepita, the flirty manipulation of her great-grandmother Victoria, the infamous eccentricity of her grandmother Vita, her mother's Tory-conventional background.
A pilgrimage of passion : the life of Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, Elizabeth Longford.821.8 BLU
He was one of England's true eccentrics: a wildly individual, larger-than-life personality who was as admired as he was disliked. A writer, poet, rebel, politician and explorer, his controversial life was in every sense a 'pilgrimage of passion'.
Adolf Hitler. [Volume 1], Ascent : 1889-1939 :a biography, Volker Ullrich.943.086 HIT
While charting in detail Hitler's life from his childhood to the eve of the Second World War, Ullrich unveils the man behind the public persona: his charming and repulsive traits, his talents and weaknesses, his deep-seated insecurities and murderous passions.
Beijing bastard : into the wilds of a changing China, Val Wang.305.488 WAN
Story of a young woman finding her place in the world and of China, as its ancient past gives way to a dazzling but uncertain future.
Bernie, Ted Rall.328.73 SAN
As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders was surrounded by grinding poverty that turned families against each other as they scrimped and saved to pay their bills. Bernie saw politics as his chance to give a decent life to everyone, not just those born into wealth or the lucky few who hit it big. But the Democratic Party and the country overall were moving to the right. Bernie joined a tiny independent party from Vermont. He ran for mayor. As a socialist. And won. That was the beginning.
Conversations with Major Dick Winters : life lessons from the commander of the Band of Brothers, Colonel Cole C. Kingseed.940.5421 WIN
Major Dick Winters led Easy Company from the confusion and chaos of D-Day to the final capture of Hitler's Eagle's Nest. Now comes the story of his last years as witnessed and experienced by his good friend Cole C. Kingseed.
Edward IV : glorious son of York, Jeffrey James.942.044 EDW
This book covers Edward's family background, the Yorkist takeover and the drift to war.
Fly by night, Chris Reid.338.04 REI
Chris Reid was pretty much your typical Kiwi kid, but in 1975, something would happen that changed his world and impacted millions. Reid, with his trusty Austin 1300 car, became one of the first courier drivers for a tiny company in London calling itself DHL. Pulling in mates from New Zealand, Australia and the UK, Reid and his gritty band of colonials helped turn DHL's London office into the heart of a global empire that today operates jets, helicopters, boats and drones.
Frank Sinatra : an extraordinary life, Spencer Leigh.791.092 SIN
In a slant light : a poet's memoir, Cilla McQueen. 821.914 MCQ
This is a book not only for those who love Cilla McQueens poetry, but for anyone fascinated by the social, artistic and literary history of New Zealand.
Into the magic shop : a neurosurgeon's quest to discover the mysteries of the brain and the secrets of the heart, James R. Doty.617.48 DOT
The author relates how a chance encounter in a magic shop with a woman who taught him exercises to ease his sufferings and manifest his greatest desires gave him a glimpse of the relationship between the brain and the heart, and drove him to explore the neuroscience of compassion and altruism.
Jihadi John, Robert Verkaik.320.55 VER
The only journalist to interview 'Jihadi John' reveals how Mohammed Emwazi went from London teenager to world's most wanted terrorist. When Islamic State's black-masked executioner, 'Jihadi John', was revealed to be Mohammed Emwazi, a 26-year-old IT graduate from west London, senior security editor Robert Verkaik was shaken more than most. In 2010 he'd interviewed this man.
Joan Chittister : her journey from certainty to faith, Tom Roberts.271.97 CHI
An intimate biography of Joan Chittister Benedictine nun and writer, a leading voice for spiritual renewal, a prophetic champion of peace and justice, and a champion of the role of women in the church and the world.
Love, loss, and what we ate, Padma Lakshmi.791.45 LAK
Television personality Padma Lakshmi examines her journey from a humble family kitchen, led by ferocious and unforgettable women, to the judges' table of Top Chef and beyond.
My wretched alcoholism : this damn puppeteer, Brian Charles Harding.362.292 HAR
A story of the after-effects of child abuse and the realities of alcoholism and life on the streets.
Orson Welles. Volume 3, One-man band, Simon Callow.791.43023 WEL
Covering the period of his exile from America (1947 1964), when he produced some of his greatest works, including "Touch of Evil" and "One-Man Band."
Princess Margaret : a biography, Theo Aronson.941.085 MAR
Part imperious royal figure, part femme du monde, Princess Margaret spent the greater part of her life torn between meeting the exacting standards of the monarchy and flouting its long-established conventions.
Rebel in high heels : true story about the fearless mom who battled-and defeated-the kingpin of revenge porn and the dangerous forces of conformity, Charlotte Law.302.343 LAW
Rebel in High Heels is a memoir about Dr. Charlotte Laws the Erin Brockovich of revenge porn who was voted one of the 30 fiercest women in the world. She fought a dangerous war against the most hated man on the Internet to protect her daughter and other victims.
Scattered pearls : three generations of Iranian women and their search for freedom, Sohila Zanjani with David Brewster.955.054 ZAN
Scattered Pearls is a story of resilience and personal growth, and of allowing the future to blossom in spite of the damage of the past. It is one of optimism, courage, and love and hope. This is the story of three women, but it carries with it the stories of an entire culture.
Soldier's heart : the campaign to understand my WWII veteran father : a daughter's memoir, Carol Tyler.741.5 TYL
Tyler's ink and watercolour narrative is in turns sprawling and gimlet-eyed: compassionate and enraged. Her father's memories are woven into her own, which span her Catholic, Midwestern childhood; her troubled marriage; her daughter's struggles; and her efforts to care for her aging parents.
Stars between the sun and moon : one woman's life in North Korea and escape to freedom, Lucia Jang and Susan McClelland.951.93 JAN
An incredible memoir of North Korea by a woman who defied the government to keep her family alive. Born in 1970s North Korea, Lucia Jang grew up in a typical household her parents worked in the factories and the family scraped by on rationed rice and a small garden.
The argonauts, Maggie Nelson.306.85 NEL
A genre-bending memoir, offering fresh, fierce, and timely thinking about desire, identity, and the limitations and possibilities of love and language. At its center is a romance: the story of the author's relationship with the artist Harry Dodge.
The co-op's got bananas! : a memoir of growing up in the post-war North, Hunter Davies.828.914 DAV
Despite the struggle to make ends meet during the tough years of warfare in the 1940s and rationing persisting until the early 1950s, life could still be sweet. Especially if you were a young boy, playing football with your pals, saving up to go to the movies at the weekend, and being captivated by the latest escapade of Dick Barton on the radio.
The imitation game : Alan Turing decoded, written by Jim Ottaviani ; illustrated by Leland Purvis.510.92 TUR
A biography of the mathematician, reveals the story of an eccentric genius, olympic-class runner, and groundbreaking theoretician whose work is still influencing the science and telecommunication systems of the modern world.
The man who returned from the dead, John Myers Myers.978 GLA
Hugh Glass was left to die. Attacked Whilst hunting in the fur-rich, Native American-held territory of the Upper Missouri River, Hugh Glass was attacked and mauled by a grizzly bear. Hundreds of miles away from help; his fellow hunters were unable to carry him out. Two men were paid to wait for him to die. Abandoned Unable to wait to the end, Glass's comrades left him alone in the wilderness taking his supplies, his knife, and his rifle. Ultimately taking his life. Alive But Glass didn't die. Inch by inch, he crawled 200 miles toward survival and his revenge.
Undocumented : a Dominican boy's odyssey from a homeless shelter to the Ivy League, Dan-el Padilla Peralta.323.63 PAD
When breath becomes air, Paul Kalanithi ; foreword by Abraham Verghese.617.48 KAL
At the age of thirty-six, on the verge of completing a decade's worth of training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. One day he was a doctor treating the dying, and the next he was a patient struggling to live. And just like that, the future he and his wife had imagined evaporated.

Business & Management

101 great answers to the toughest interview questions, Ron Fry.650.144 FRY
Breakpoints : how to shift your business to the next level, Dr Mike Ashby.650.1 ASH
Building an innovative learning organization : a framework to build a smarter workforce, adapt to change, and drive growth, Russell Sarder.658.3124 SAR
Business and post-disaster management : business, organisational and consumer resilience and the Christchurch earthquakes, C. Michael Hall, Sanna Malinen, Rob Vosslamber and Russell Wordsworth.363.349 BUS
Difficult conversations : craft a clear message, manage emotions, focus on a solution. 658.45 DIF
How performance management is killing performance and what to do about it : rethink, redesign, reboot, M. Tamra Chandler.658.312 CHA
How to get a meeting with anyone : the untapped selling power of contact marketing, Stu Heinecke.658.872 HEI
How to write copy that sells : the step-by-step system for more sales, to more customers, more often, Ray Edwards.659.132 EDW
Leaders eat last : why some teams pull together and others don't, Simon Sinek.658.409 SIN
Sales mind : 48 tools to help you sell, Helen Kensett ; illustrated by Kat Leuzinger.658.85 KEN
Small data : the tiny clues that uncover huge trends, Martin Lindstrom.658.834 LIN
Combining armchair travel with forensic psychology, Lindstrom presents a behind-the- scenes look at what it takes to create global brands and, along the way, reveals surprising and counter-intuitive truths about what connects us all as humans.
Sprint : how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days, Jake Knapp with John Zeratsky and Braden Kowitz.658.403 KNA
The new leader's 100-day action plan : how to take charge, build or merge your team, and get immediate results, George B. Bradt, Jayme A. Check, John A. Lawler.658.409 BRA
Under new management : how leading organizations are upending business as usual, David Burkus.658 BUR


Fairies in colored pencil : learn to draw imaginative fairies in vibrant color, with Lindsay Archer, Sara Burrier, and Cynthia Knox.741.24 ARC
The wayward Leunig : cartoons that wandered off. 741.5 LEU


Building maintainable software : ten guidelines for future-proof code, Joost Visser.005.1 VIS
D web development : leverage the power of D and the vibe.d framework to develop web applications that are incredibly fast, Kai Nacke.005.133 D
Data wrangling with Python, Jacqueline Kazil and Katharine Jarmul.005.133 PYT
Learning network forensics : identify and safeguard your network against both internal and external threats, hackers, and malware attacks, Samir Datt.005.8
Mastering JavaScript : explore and master modern JavaScript techniques in order to build large-scale web applications, Ved Antani.005.133 JAV
Mastering Yii : advance your modern web application development skills with Yii Framework 2, Charles R. Portwood II.005.72 POR
Microsoft OneNote step by step, Curtis Frye.005.72 FRY
New programmers start here : an introduction to computer programming Using JavaScript, Jonathan Bartlett.005.133 JAV
The second self : computers and the human spirit, Sherry Turkle.004 TUR

Crafts & Collecting & Hobbies

25 stylish knitted slippers, Rae Blackledge.746.432 BLA
All new turning projects with Richard Raffan. 684.083 RAF
This book is a collection of new woodturning projects candlesticks, a lamp and shade, sets of plates and bowls, even a turned duck call.
Amish quilts, Rachel and Kenneth Pellman.746.46 PEL
Banners, buntings, garlands & pennants : 40 creative ideas using paper, fabric & more, Kathy Sheldon and Amanda Carestio.745.5 SHE
Big book of pyrography projects : expert techniques and 23 all-time favorite projects, editors and contributors of Pyrography magazine.745.51 BIG
Birds, butterflies & blooms : learn fun and easy applique, Chris Malone.746.46 MAL
Creature feetures : 30 crochet patterns for baby booties, contributing editor, Kristi Simpson.746.434 CRE
Cross-stitch to calm : stitch and de-stress with 40 simple patterns, Leah Lintz.746.443 LIN
Donna Wilson's 35 knitted animals and other creatures : 35 unique and quirky patterns to create. 746.432 WIL
Easy baby knits : clothes, toys, and accessories for 0-3 year-olds, Claire Montgomerie ; photography by Claire Richardson.746.432 MON
Embroidered home : stitch stylish cushions, throws, napkins, bags and more, Kelly Fletcher ; photography by Vanessa Davies.746.44 FLE
Fair isle Tunisian crochet, Brenda Bourg.746.434 BOU
Flying models : rubber, CO2, electric & micro radio control : tips & techniques for beginner & expert, Don Ross.629.1331 ROS
Garden mosaics : 25 step-by-step projects for your outdoor room, Becky Paton.738.5 PAT
Great knit sweaters for guys big & small, Andrea Sanchez.746.432 SAN
How to make 50 fabulous flat kumihimo braids, Beth Kemp.745.594 KEM
Macrame jewelry & accessories : 35 gorgeous knotted projects to make and give, Lucy Hopping.746.422 HOP
Making wooden gear clocks : 6 cool contraptions that really keep time, editors and contributors of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts.681.113 MAK
Match holders : first-hand accounts of tinderboxes, matches, spills, vesta cases, match strikers, and permanent matches, edited and illustrated by Ian Spellerberg.662.5
Mixed media in clay : techniques for clay, plaster, resin and more, Darlene Olivia McElroy & Patricia Chapman.738.1 MCE
Modeling structures, Jeff Wilson.625.19 WIL
Needle felting from basics to bears : with step-by-step photos and instructions, Liza Adams.746.0463 ADA
New directions in sock knitting : 18 innovative designs knitted from every which way, Ann Budd.746.432 BUD
New Zealand soda syphons : a pictorial guide, written by Dave Smithson.748.82 SMI
Pop-up cards : step-by-step instructions for creating 30 handmade cards in stunning 3-D designs, Emily Gregory.745.594 GRE
Pure soapmaking : how to create nourishing, natural skin-care soaps, Anne-Marie Faiola.668.12 FAI
Reading & writing accessories : a study of paper knives, paper folders, letter openers and mythical page turners, Ian Spellerberg.681.6 SPE
Sensational soutache jewelry making : braided jewelry techniques for 15 statement pieces, Csilla Papp.745.594 PAP
Simple chic knits : 35 stylish patterns to knit in no time, Karen Miller and Susan Ritchie of Mrs Moon.746.432 MIL
Simply stitched gifts : 21 fun projects using free-motion stitching, Cynthia Shaffer.646.2 SHA
String quilts : 11 fun patterns for innovating and renovating : a scrap quilt book, Elsie M. Campbell.746.46 CAM
Twinkie Chan's crocheted abode a la mode : 20 yummy crochet projects for your home. 746.434 CHA
Zany wooden toys that whiz, spin, pop, and fly, Bob Gilsdorf.745.592 GIL

Crime & Espionage

A murder over a girl : justice, gender, junior high, Ken Corbett.364.1523 COR
A psychologist's gripping, troubling, and moving exploration of the brutal murder of a possibly transgender middle school student by an eighth grade classmate.
In dark places : the confessions of Teina Pora and an ex-cop's fight for justice, Michael Bennett.364.1523 POR
Teina Pora, a 17-year-old car thief, was wrongly convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Susan Burdett, who had been beaten to death with the softball bat she kept next to her bed for her own protection. Tim McKinnel, en ex-cop turned private investigator, discovered the long forgotten case 18 years later, saw an injustice had been done and set out to win Teina's freedom.
Rivals of the Ripper : unsolved murders of women in late Victorian London, Jan Bondeson.364.1523 BON
The midnight assassin : panic, scandal, and the hunt for America's first serial killer, Skip Hollandsworth.364.1523 HOL
Wayward women : female offending in Victorian England, Lucy Williams.364.374 WIL


Break up the banks! : a practical guide to stopping the next global financial meltdown, David Shirreff.332.1 SHI
Empire of things : how we became a world of consumers, from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first, Frank Trentmann.339.47 TRE
Nonprofit fundraising 101 : a practical guide with easy to implement ideas & tips from industry experts, Darian Rodriguez Heyman with Laila Brenner.361.76
The age of stagnation : why perpetual growth is unattainable and the global economy is in peril, Satyajit Das.330.9 DAS
The index card : why personal finance doesn't have to be complicated, Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack.332.024 OLE
The liar's ball : the extraordinary saga of how one building broke the world's toughest tycoons, Vicky Ward.333.33 WAR
The money makers : how Roosevelt and Keynes ended the Depression, defeated fascism, and secured a prosperous peace, Eric Rauchway.339.53 RAU
What's wrong with money? : the biggest bubble of all, Michael Ashton.332.4 ASH


Beyond measure : rescuing an overscheduled, overtested, underestimated generation, Vicki Abeles with Grace Rubenstein.370.973 ABE
Casework in education, Jan Johnson.370.152 JOH
This book focuses on the behind-the-scenes planning and decision-making which are important when there are concerns for students' moderate to severe behaviour or learning difficulties.
Elwyn Richardson : and the early world of creative education in New Zealand, Margaret MacDonald.371.1 RIC
Twelve brain principles that make the difference, Brian M. Pete, Robin J. Fogarty.370.152 PET
How the brain learns best and all the things teachers can do to facilitate the learning part of the teaching scene.


How things work : the mechanics behind the world around us. 620 HOW
Have you ever looked at a car and wondered how it worked? Maybe an airplane piqued your curiosity. Or a building, or a piece of everyday technology like your phone. Learn about how these things developed over time and how they impacted the course of human development.


Climate change : what everyone needs to know, Joseph Romm.363.7387 ROM
Pathways to prosperity : safeguarding biodiversity in development, Marie A. Brown.333.95 BRO
New Zealand's world-renowned natural heritage is in crisis, and efforts to safeguard it in a development context can be fraught. New Zealand relies on thriving biodiversity as it underpins our prosperity and substantial change is needed to turn the negative trends around.
The boiling river : adventure and discovery in the Amazon, Andres Ruzo.333.7 RUZ
This true account reads like a modern-day adventure, complete with extraordinary characters, captivating plot twists, and jaw-dropping details including stunning photographs and a never-before-published account about this incredible natural wonder.


Permaculture and climate change adaptation : inspiring ecological, social, economic and cultural responses for resilience and transformation, Thomas Henfrey and Gil Penha-Lopes.. 631.58 HEN


East End fashionistas, Anthony Webb.391 WEB
Multicultural, adjacent to London's wealthy financial district, home to artists and designers of all stripes, funky boutiques and a vibrant night-life, the East End is alive with creative possibility, and its inhabitants are stylishly individual and self-fashioned to the extreme.
Impossible wardrobes, Tilda Swinton & Olivier Saillard.746.92 SWI
A glorious ode to fashion, Impossible Wardrobes presents and elevates couture to a veritable art
Inside haute couture : behind the scenes at the Paris ateliers, Desiree Sadek ; photographer, Guillaume de Laubier.746.92 AZI
Libertine, Johnson Hartig.746.92 HAR
Libertine is an invitation into Johnson Hartig's world, as the designer shares images of his eccentric and whimsical fashion designs, inspirational references, and his captivatingly eclectic interiors.
Manolo Blahnik : fleeting gestures and obsessions, principal photography by Michael Roberts.746.92 BLA
The first comprehensive and lavishly illustrated volume to document the influences and life work of Manolo Blahnik, one of the most influential and talked-about icons in contemporary fashion.
Perfume : a century of scents, Lizzie Ostrom.668.54 OST
Sewing dress-up : 35 cute and easy costumes for kids, Emma Hardy.646.478 HAR

Film, Television & Theatre

The art of Star Wars, the force awakens, written by Phil Szostak ; foreword by Rick Carter.791.437 SZO


The secret lore of London, John Matthews with Caroline Wise.398.20942 SEC
The Secret Lore of London is a guide to the legends, including a discussion of their importance as part of the oral tradition of Britain, combining Prehistoric, Celtic, Arthurian, Roman, Saxon and Norman levels each of which has contributed to the many-layered life of the city.
Uprooted : on the trail of the Green Man, Nina Lyon.398.36 LYO
Who, or what, is the Green Man, and why is this medieval image so present?

Food & Wine

100 million years of food : what our ancestors ate and why it matters today, Stephen Le.641.3 LE
50 birthday cakes for kids, Annie Rigg ; photography by Sandra Lane.641.8653 RIG
A year in my real food kitchen, written, styled and photographed by Emm Galloway.641.563 GAL
Best kitchen basics : a chef's compendium for home, Mark Best.641.5 BES
Broth : nature's cure-all for health and nutrition, with delicious recipes for broths, soups, stews and risottos, Vicki Edgson and Heather Thomas ; photography by Lisa Linder.641.5 EDG
City Harvest : 100 recipes from great New York restaurants, Florence Fabricant ; foreword by Eric Ripert ; photographs by Noah Fecks.641.5 FAB
Cravings : recipes for all the food you want to eat, Chrissy Teigen with Adeena Sussman.641.5 TEI
Dehydrating at home : getting the best from your dehydrator, from fruit leathers to meat jerkies, Michelle Keogh ; introduction by Karielyn Tillman.641.44
Deliciously Ella every day : simple recipes and fantastic food for a healthy way of life, Ella Woodward.641.5637 WOO
Deliciously wheat, gluten & dairy free, Antoinette Savill.641.5631 SAV
Dips & spreads : 45 gorgeous & good-for-you recipes, Dawn Yanagihara ; photographs by Angie Cao.641.812 YAN
Eat grub : the ultimate insect cookbook, Shami Radia, and Neil Whippey ; recipes by Sebastian Holmes ; food photography by Mowie Kay.641.696 RAD
Every bite takes you home, Gaye Weeden & Hayley Smorgon ; photography by Peter Tarasiuk & Mark Roper.641.59 WEE
First bite : how we learn to eat, Bee Wilson ; illustrations by Annabel Lee.641.013 WIL
Hungry, healthy, happy : how to nourish your body without giving up the food you love, Dannii Martin.641.5635 MAR
Jar salads : 52 happy, healthy lunches, Alexander Hart.641.83 HAR
Lean in 15, Joe Wicks.641.5635 WIC
Lean in 15 features 100 recipes for nutritious, quick-to-prepare meals and guides you through Joe's signature HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) home workouts, revealing how to combine food and exercise to ignite intense fat-burning.
Meathooked : the history and science of our 2.5-million-year obsession with meat, Marta Zaraska.641.36 ZAR
Mocktails, cordials, infusions, syrups, and more : over 80 recipes proving alcohol-free drinks don't have to be boring and bland. 641.875 MOC
One pot favourites, Pete Evans.641.82 EVA
Pipi at home, recipes by Alexandra Tyler ; photography by Richard Brimer.641.5 TYL
Real food projects : 30 skills, 46 recipes, from scratch, Kate Walsh.641.5 WAL
Summers under the tamarind tree : recipes & memories from Pakistan, Sumayya Usmani ; food photography by Joanna Yee.641.595491 USM
Sweet and tart : 70 irresistible recipes with citrus, Carla Snyder ; photographs by Nicole Franzen.641.643 SNY
The mocktail manual : over 90 delicious non-alcoholic drinks, Fern Green.641.875 GRE
The world's best street food recipes. 641.59 WOR
Veg out! : fresh & modern vegetarian recipes. 641.5636 VEG
What's for dinner? : 80 weeknight favourites, My Food Bag & Nadia Lim.641.555 LIM
Wu Gu by Blue Eye Dragon : a mother's recipes through her daughter's eyes, Jade and Muriel Chen.641.5951 CHE
Traditional Tawianese food with a modern twist.

Gardens and Gardening

Container theme gardens : 42 combinations each using 5 perfectly matched plants, Nancy J. Ondra ; photography by Rob Cardillo.635.986 OND
Daffodil : biography of a flower, Helen O'Neill.635.93 DAF
Growing vegetables in straw bales : easy planting, less weeding, early harvests, Craig LeHoullier.635 LEH
High-yield vegetable gardening : grow more of what you want in the space you have, Colin McCrate and Brad Halm.635 MCC
Incredible! : plant veg, grow a revolution, Pam Warhurst and Joanna Dobson.635 WAR
The field guide to peppers, Dave DeWitt & Janie Lamson.633.84 DEW

Health & Medicine

10 reasons you feel old and get fat : and how you can stay young, slim, and happy!, Frank Lipman, MD.613.2 LIP
Abandoned pregnant : a self-help guide for women going through pregnancy alone, Kandy Dolor.618.2 DOL
Diastasis recti : the whole-body solution to abdominal weakness and separation, Katy Bowman ; foreword by Christiane Northrup.616.74 BOW
Dr. Janet's guide to thyroid health, Janet Maccaro.616.44 MCC
Eat fat, get thin : why the fat we eat is the key to sustained weight loss and vibrant health, Mark Hyman.613.25 HYM
Eat like a champion : performance nutrition for your young athlete, Jill Castle.613.2024 CAS
Eye nutrition, Brad Townend, Marcia Townend, Adrian Fung.612.84 TOW
Fat science : why diets and exercise don't work - and what does, Robyn Toomath.362.196398 TOO
Fortify your life : your guide to vitamins, minerals, and more, Tieraona Low Dog.613.2 LOW
Gluten attack, Professor David S. Sanders.613.26 SAN
Health trackers : how technology is helping us monitor and improve our health, Richard MacManus.362.1 MCM
Infectious : a doctor's eye-opening insights into infectious diseases, Frank Bowden.616.9 BOW
Is your job making you fat? : how to lose the office 15 and more!, Ken Lloyd, Stacey Laura Lloyd.613.25 LLO
Mind, body, baby : how to overcome stress and enhance your fertility with CBT, mindfulness and good nutrition, Ann Bracken.618.2 BRA
Natural relief for adult ADHD : complementary strategies for increasing focus, attention, and motivation with or without medication, Stephanie Moulton Sarkis.618.9285
Peripheral neuropathy : neuropathy case histories, myths and treatments that work : a textbook on various neuropathies and their treatments, James D. Skaug.615.53
Pretty happy : healthy ways to love your body, Kate Hudson with Billie Fitzpatrick.613.0424 HUD
Primal endurance, Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns.613.7 SIS
Applies an all-encompassing approach to endurance training that includes primal-aligned eating to escape carbohydrate dependency and enhance fat metabolism; building an aerobic base with comfortably paced workouts; strategically introducing high intensity strength and sprint workouts.
Rope rescue & rigging : field guide, written and illustrated by Grant Prattley.363.348 PRA
Sports & exercise massage : comprehensive care in athletics, fitness & rehabilitation, Sandy Fritz.615.822 FRI
The 4 x 4 diet : 4 key foods, 4-minute workouts, four weeks to the body you want, Erin Oprea ; foreword by Carrie Underwood.613.25 OPR
The 8-week blood sugar diet : how to beat diabetes fast (and stay off medication), Dr. Michael Mosley.616.462 MOS
The Alzheimer's prevention program : keep your brain healthy for the rest of your life, Gary Small & Gigi Vorgan.616.831 SMA
The autoimmune connection : essential information for women on diagnosis, treatment, and getting on with your life, Rita Baron-Faust with Jill P. Buyon.616.978
The complete book of natural pregnancy and childcare : conceiving, giving birth and raising your vhild the way nature intended, from birth right through to age 5; an essential companion for every parent and carer, Anne Charlish and Kim Davies.618.2 CHA
The heart healers : the misfits, mavericks and rebels who created the greatest medical breakthrough of our lives, James S Forrester.616.12 FOR
The malaria project : the U.S. government's secret mission to find a miracle cure, Karen Masterson.616.936 MAS
The medical marijuana handbook : a patient's guide to holistic healing with cannabis, Norma Eckroate.615.78 ECK
The parent's guide to occupational therapy for autism and other special needs : practical strategies for motor skills, sensory integration, toilet training, and more, Cara Koscinski.615.851 KOS
The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook : a guide to healing, recovery, and growth, Glenn R. Schiraldi.616.8521 SCH
The un-prescription for Autism : a natural approach for a calmer, happier, and more focused child, Janet Lintala with Martha W. Murphy.616.8588 LIN
Understanding childhood hearing loss : whole family approaches to living and thriving, Brian J. Fligor.617.8 FLI
Unmasking narcissism : a guide to understanding the narcissist in your life, Mark Ettensohn.616.8585 ETT
Waterlogged : the serious problem of overhydration in endurance sports, Tim Noakes.613.711 NOA
What the doctors don't tell you : heart disease : drug-free alternatives to prevent and reverse heart disease, editor, Lynne McTaggart.616.12 WHA
What to know before seeing your pediatrician : an illustrated guide for parents, Peter Jung, M.D. ; illustrated by Becky Kim.618.92 JUN

History, Geography & Travel

A childhood at Cairnsmore : a social history of domestic and family life on a New Zealand farm in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, June Allen.929.2 MCK
Aleppo : the rise and fall of Syria's great merchant city, Philip Mansel.956.913 MAN
All the buildings in London : that I've drawn so far, James Gulliver Hancock.942.1 HAN
A love letter to London, told through James Gulliver Hancock's unique and charming drawings of the city's diverse architectural styles and streetscapes.
Black wind, white snow : the rise of Russia's new nationalism, Charles Clover.947.086 CLO
China's twentieth century : revolution, retreat, and the road to equality, Wang Hui ; edited by Saul Thomas.951.05 WAN
Continental shift : a journey into Africa's changing fortunes, Kevin Bloom & Richard Poplak.960.33 BLO
An on-the-road detective story and a report from the economic frontier, Continental Shift follows the money defining and transforming life in 21st Century Africa.
Dinner of herbs : village life in 1960s Turkey, Carla Grissmann.956.1 GRI
Carla Grissman spent the better part of a year in the '60s living in a farming hamlet in remote Anatolia, some 250 km east of Ankara. The hospitality, the friendship and the way in which the inhabitants of Uzak Koy accepted her into their community left a deep impression, and were remembered and treasured in a private memoir. Not for some forty years was it published, and yet it is one of the most honest, clear-sighted and affectionate portraits of rural Turkey.
Dispatches from continent seven : an anthology of Antarctic science, Rebecca Priestley.998.9 DIS
Dispatches from Pluto : lost and found in the Mississippi Delta, Richard Grant.976.24 GRA
New Yorkers Grant and his girlfriend Mariah decided on a whim to buy an old plantation house in the Mississippi Delta. This is their journey of discovery to a remote, isolated strip of land.
Double standards : the Rudolf Hess cover-up, Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince and Stephen Prior with additional research by Robert Brydon.943.086 HES
For sixty years there has been an unprecedented cover-up by both the British Establishment and successive generations of historians about the flight of Hitler's Deputy Rudolf Hess to Scotland in May 1941. Based on entirely new material from eyewitnesses, hitherto inaccessible archives and intelligence sources, Double standards reveals that Hess's peace mission was of supreme importance.
Great south land, Rob Mundle.994.01 MUN
Between 1606 and 1688, while the British had their hands full with the Gunpowder Plot and the English Civil War, it was highly skilled Dutch seafarers who, by design, chance or shipwreck, discovered and mapped the majority of the vast, unknown waters and land masses in the Indian and Southern Oceans. This is the setting that sees Rob Mundle back on the water with another sweeping and powerful account of Australian maritime history.
Green nomads : across Australia's wild heritage, Bob Brown.994 BRO
Heroic failure and the British, Stephanie Barczewski.941 BAR
In Europe's shadow : two cold wars and a thirty-year journey through Romania and beyond, Robert D. Kaplan.949.8 KAP
In search of our ancient ancestors : from the Big Bang to modern Britain, in science & myth, Anthony Adolph.929.1 ADO
Incarnations : India in 50 lives, Sunil Khilnani.954 KHI
Independence lost : lives on the edge of the American Revolution, Kathleen DuVal.973.3 DUV
Ireland's exiled children : America and the Easter Rising, Robert Schmuhl.941.50821 SCH
Portugal, main contributor, Martin Symington.946.9 SYM
Putin country : a journey into the real Russia, Anne Garrels.947.43 GAR
Red roses : Blanche of Gaunt to Margaret Beaufort, Amy Licence.942.04 LIC
The Wars of the Roses were not just fought by men on the battlefield. Behind the scenes, there were daughters, wives, mistresses, mothers and queens whose lives and influences helped shape the most dramatic of English conflicts.
Rick Steves Germany 2016. 943 STE
Rightful heritage : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the land of America, Douglas Brinkley.973.917 ROO
Rushing for gold : life and commerce on the goldfields of New Zealand and Australia, Lloyd Carpenter and Lyndon Fraser.993.91 RUS
Sacred geometry of the Earth : the ancient matrix of monuments and mountains, Mark Vidler and Catherine Young.930.14 VID
Scotland, main contributors, Juliet Clough.941.1 CLO
Shetland, Ann Cleeves.941.135 CLE
Slow burn city : London in the twenty-first century, Rowan Moore.942.1 MOO
Spain & Portugal's best trips : 32 amazing road trips, Regis St. Louis.946 ST
A Lonely Planet guide.
The Egyptians : a radical story, Jack Shenker.962.05 SHE
Uncovers the roots of the uprising that succeeded in toppling Hosni Mubarak, one of the Middle East's most entrenched dictators, and explores a country now divided between two irreconcilable political orders.
The Ghana reader : history, culture, politics, Kwasi Konadu and Clifford C. Campbell, editors.966.7 GHA
The Grenada revolution : reflections and lessons, Wendy C. Grenade.972.98 GRE
Grenada experienced much turmoil in the 1970s and 1980s, culminating in an armed Marxist revolution, a bloody military coup, and finally in 1983 Operation Urgent Fury, a United States-led invasion.
The Hellenistic age, Peter Thonemann.938.08 THO
The hundred-year walk : an Armenian odyssey, Dawn Anahid MacKeen.956.62 MCK
The inspiring story of a young Armenian's harrowing escape from genocide and of his granddaughter's quest to retrace his steps. Growing up, Dawn MacKeen heard fragments of her grandfather Stepan's story, of how he was swept up in the deadly mass deportation of Armenians during World War I and of how he miraculously managed to escape.
The lucky country? : reinventing Australia, Ian Lowe.994 LOW
The national trails : 19 long-distance routes through England, Scotland and Wales, Paddy Dillon.941 DIL
The private Heinrich Himmler : letters of a mass murderer, edited and with commentary by Katrin Himmler and Michael Wildt.943.086 HIM
At the end of World War II, it was assumed that the letters of Heinrich Himmler were lost. Yet sixty years after Himmler's capture by British troops and subsequent suicide, the letters mysteriously turned up in Tel Aviv.
The ribbons are for fearlessness : my journey from Norway to Portugal beneath the midnight sun, Catrina Davies.940 DAV
How do you run away when you're flat broke? Luckily, friend Andrew comes up with a plan: they'll get an old van, turn it into a camper, and busk their way from Norway to Portugal, via the midnight sun. Andrew is one of her oldest friends and they share many of the same passions and interests, including music. When Andrew is killed in a tragic accident, Catrina decides to go it alone.
Turkey, main contributor, Suzanne Swan.956.1 SWA
The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide.
Vienna, main contributor, Stephen Brook.943.613 BRO
The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide.
Village Christmas : and other notes on the English year, Laurie Lee.942.417 LEE
The author left his childhood home in the Cotswolds when he was nineteen, but it remained with him throughout his life until, many years later, he returned for good. This collection brings to life the sights, sounds, landscapes and traditions of his home.
Women of the Catlins : life in the deep south, Diana Noonan ; photography by Cris Antona.993.93 WOM

House & Garden

A woman's huts and hideaways : more than 40 she sheds and other retreats, Gill Heriz with photography by Nicolette Hallett.728.92 HER
Deck & patio furnishings : seating, dining, wind & sun screens, storage, entertaining & more, Michael R. Anderson.684.18 AND
Dream treehouses : extraordinary designs from concept to completion, text by Sonia Buchard.728.9 BUC
Eco living Japan : sustainable ideas for living green, Deanna MacDonald ; foreword by Edward Suzuki ; preface by Geeta Mehta.720.47 MCD
Essential oils for a clean and healthy home, Kasey Schwartz.648.5 SCH
Interior inspiration : Scandinavia, Sonia Lucano.747 LUC
Lumitecture : illuminating interiors for designers and architects, Anna Yudina.729.28 YUD
Modern pastoral : bring the tranquility of nature into your home, Niki Brantmark ; photography by James Gardiner.747 BRA
New vintage French interiors, text and photographs by Sebastien Siraudeau.747 SIR
Perfect imperfect : the beauty of accident, age & patina, Karen McCartney ; photography, Sharyn Cairns ; styling, Glen Proebstel.747 MCC
Scandinavian home : a comprehensive guide to mid-century modern Scandinavian designers, Elizabeth Wilhide.728.0948 WIL
The complete guide to concrete & masonry : build with concrete, brick, block & natural stone. 693.1 COM
The curated house : creating style, beauty, and balance, Michael S Smith with Julia Reed.747 SMI
The interiors book, photographs by Eugeni Pons.747 PON


Chineasy everyday : the world of Chinese characters, ShaoLan with illustrations by Noma Bar.495.1 HSU
Hebrew for dummies, Jill Suzanne Jacobs.492.482 JAC
In other words, Jhumpa Lahiri ; translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein.858.92 LAH
An autobiographical work written in Italian, investigates the process of learning to express oneself in another language, and describes the journey of a writer seeking a new voice.
Portuguese for dummies, Karen Keller.469.834 KEL
Spanish for dummies, Berlitz, Susana Wald, and Cecie Kraynak.468.2 WAL
Voila : a French course for adult beginners, Jacqueline Gonthier and Crispin Geoghegan.448.2 GON


Making money : coin, currency, and the coming of capitalism, Christine Desan.343.032 DES
The butcher's trail : how the search for Balkan war criminals became the world's most successful manhunt, Julian Borger.341.69 BOR


Brit noir : the pocket essential guide to the crime fiction, film & TV of the British Isles, Barry Forshaw.823.009355 FOR
Introducing literary criticism, Owen Holland & Piero.801.95 HOL
Stolen words : the Nazi plunder of Jewish books, Mark Glickman.027 GLI
It is the story of people of Nazi leaders, ideologues, and Judaica experts; of Allied soldiers, scholars, and scoundrels; and of Jewish communities, librarians, and readers around the world.
The pleasure of reading, Antonia Fraser.028.9 PLE
In this delightful collection forty acclaimed writers explain what first made them interested in literature, what inspired them to read and what makes them continue to do so.

Natural Science

Australian wildlife after dark, Martyn Robinson and Bruce Thomson.591.994 ROB
Bushmaster : Raymond Ditmars and the hunt for the world's largest viper, Dan Eatherley.597.9 DIT
The complete field guide to the butterflies of Australia, Michael F. Braby.595.789 BRA2
The great soul of Siberia : in search of the elusive Siberian tiger, Sooyong Park.599.75 PAR
The most perfect thing : inside (and outside) a bird's egg, Tim Birkhead.598 BIR
The rise of birds : 225 million years of evolution, Sankar Chatterjee.598 CHA


Bold expressive painting : painting techniques for still lifes, florals and landscapes in mixed media, Annie O'Brien Gonzales.751.4 GON
Jackie Shaw's learn to paint flowers : a step-by-step approach to beautiful results, Jackie Shaw.758.42 SHA


Baby on board, mum is driving!, Lyndsay Morgan ; illustrated by Emma Frederickson.649.122 MOR
Happy mama : the guide to finding yourself again, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.158.1 TAY
Yes, you can put yourself first sometimes. No, it will not make you a bad mum. Definitely, a happy mama makes for a happy family.
Mindfulness for mothers, Rebecca Ryan.155.9042 RYA
Not in your genes : the real reasons children are like their parents, Oliver James.649.1 JAM
Parenting adopted teenagers : advice for the adolescent years, Rachel Staff ; foreword by Hugh Thornberry.649.14 STA
Push back : guilt in the age of natural parenting, Amy B. Tuteur.649.1 TUT
Talking to children about divorce : a parent's guide to healthy communication at each stage of divorce, Jean McBride.306.874 MCB
The opposite of spoiled : raising kids who are grounded, generous, and smart about money, Ron Lieber.332.024 LIE


Makogai : image of hope : a brief history of the care of leprosy patients in Fiji, Sister Mary Stella.614.546 MAR
Postcards from Oceania : port towns, portraits and the picturesque during the colonial era, Max Quanchi, Max Shekleton.990 QUA
Talanoa ripples : across borders, cultures, disciplines, Jione Havea, editor.305.8995 TAL

Pets & Animals

Fit cat : tips & tricks to give your pet a longer, healthier, happier life, Arden Moore.636.80887 MOO
Fit dog : tips & tricks to give your pet a longer, healthier, happier life, Arden Moore.636.70887 MOO
In a dog's heart : a compassionate guide to canine care, from adopting to teaching to bonding, Jennifer Arnold.636.7 ARN
The dog diet, Kate Bendix.636.7085 BEN

Philosophy & Psychology

At the existentialist cafe : freedom, being, and apricot cocktails, Sarah Bakewell.142 BAK


iRevolution : notes toward a history of mobile photography, Irene Alison.778.3 ALI
Robert Mapplethorpe : the photographs, Paul Martineau and Britt Salvesen.779 MAP


As the verb tenses, Lynley Edmeades.821.92 EDM
NZ poetry
The blue outboard, Nicholas Williamson.821.92 WIL
NZ poetry
This change in the light : a collection of poems, Fiona Kidman.821.914 KID
NZ poetry

Politics & Government

Broken vows : Tony Blair, the tragedy of power, Tom Bower.941.085 BLA
Democracy : a life, Paul Cartledge.321.8 CAR
Democracy is either aspired to as a goal or cherished as a birthright by billions of people throughout the world today and has been for over a century. But what does it mean? And how has its meaning changed since it was first coined in ancient Greece?
JFK's forgotten crisis : Tibet, the CIA, and Sino-Indian War, Bruce Riedel.327.73 RIE
New Zealand's empire, Katie Pickles and Catharine Coleborne.327.93 NEW
The book critically revises our understanding of the range of ways that New Zealand has played a role as an imperial power, including the cultural histories of New Zealand inside the British Empire, engagements with imperial practices and notions of imperialism, the special significance of New Zealand in the Pacific region, and the circulation of ideas of empire both through and inside New Zealand over time.
The devil's chessboard : Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the rise of America's secret government, David Talbot.327.12 TAL
The road to ruin : how Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin destroyed their own government, Niki Savva.324.294 SAV


A whakapapa of tradition : 100 years of Ngati Porou carving, 1830-1930, Ngarino Ellis ; with new photography by Natalie Robertson.736.4 ELL
Ka ngaro te reo : Maori language under siege in the nineteenth century, Paul Moon.499.442 MOO
Our own image : a story of a Maori filmmaker, Barry Barclay.791.430993 BAR
Barry Barclay details his views on the process of filmmaking within his own Maori community and discusses how his work differed from popular cinema, advocating for indigenous control, participation, and perspectives in media.
Te matau a Maui : fishhooks, fishing and fisheries in New Zealand, Chris Paulin with Mark Fenwick.639.2 PAU
Discusses the form and function of the traditional Maori fishhook, customary fishing, and development of commercial fishing in New Zealand since European settlement including the adoption of the "rotating hook" design as a re-discovery of the innovative and highly effective Maori hook design by present day commercial long-line fisheries.
The struggle for Maori fishing rights : te ika a Maori, Brian Bargh.333.956 BAR


121 first dates : how to succeed at online dating, fall in love, and live happily ever after (really!), Wendy Newman.306.73 NEW
Quantum love : use your body's atomic energy to create the relationship you desire, Laura Berman.306.7 BER
The mating game : a primer on love, sex, and marriage, Pamela C. Regan.306.7 REG
The secret loves of geek girls, Hope Nicholson.646.77 SEC
The secret loves of geek girls collects the personal stories and anecdotes from a variety of women.

Religion & Ethics

Awaken your divine intuition : receive wisdom, blessings, and love by connecting with spirit, Susan Shumsky.204.2 SHU
In the land of blue burqas, Kate McCord.266 MCC
Written under pseudonym to protect herself and her sources, McCord depicts sharing the love and truth of Christ with women living in Afghanistan. These stories are honest and true, and the harsh reality of their lives is not sugar-coated.
The joy of discipleship : reflections from Pope Francis on walking with Christ, Pope Francis ; edited and compiled by James P. Campbell.248.4 FRA
The quest for Mary Magdalene, Michael Haag.226.092 MAR


Beaches, Gray Malin.551.45 MAL
Awe-inspiring aerial photographs of beaches around the world shot from doorless helicopters, creating playful and stunning celebrations of light, shape, and perspective, as well as summer bliss.The ultimate visual escape.
Cheats and deceits : how animals and plants exploit and mislead, Martin Stevens.581.4 STE
Common ground : who's who in New Zealand botanical names, Val Smith.580.92 SMI
Cosmosapiens : human evolution from the origin of the universe, John Hands.577 HAN
Death on earth : adventures in evolution and mortality, Jules Howard.576.8 HOW
How do you find an exoplanet?, John Asher Johnson.523.24 JOH
An authoritative primer on the four key techniques that today's planet hunters use to detect the feeble signals of planets orbiting distant stars.
The sacred combe : a search for humanity's heartland, Simon Barnes ; illustrations by Pam Guhrs-Carr.508 BAR
It's a book about the quest for paradise, and the eternal human search to find such a paradise everywhere.

Self Development

Black box thinking : the surprising truth about success (and why some people never learn from their mistakes), Matthew Syed.155.24 SYE
Let it out : a journey through journaling, Katie Dalebout.808.066 DAL
This interactive guidebook offers you a new way to navigate your daily life, cope with stress, and create exciting, permanent change. Divided into seven sections covering everything from clearing clutter to finding presence to cultivating abundance to moving beyond fear, this book will be your new best friend and coach anytime you seek clarity or crave solace. Simply grab a pen, open your journal, and prepare to let it out
Originals : how non-conformists move the world, Adam Grant.153.35 GRA
The worry trick : how your brain tricks you into expecting the worst and what you can do about it, David A. Carbonell.152.46 CAR
Wired to create : discover the 10 things great artists, writers and innovators do differently, Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire.153.35 KAU

Social Issues

A history of violence : living and dying in Central America, Oscar Martinez.303.6 MAR
With his precise and empathetic reporting, he reveals the underbelly of some of the most dangerous places in the world, going undercover to drink with narcos, accompanying police patrols, riding in trafficking boats and hiding out with a gang informer. The result is an unforgettable portrait of a region of fear, helping to explain why migrants have been fleeing the area by the millions.
American girls : social media and the secret lives of teenagers, Nancy Jo Sales.302.23 SAL
Ancient fire, modern fire : understanding and living with our friend & foe, Einar Jensen.363.37 JEN
Blood and earth : modern slavery, ecocide, and the secret to saving the world, Kevin Bales.306.362 BAL
City of thorns : nine lives in the world's largest refugee camp, Ben Rawlence.362.87 RAW
Girls & sex : navigating the complicated new landscape, Peggy Orenstein.306.70835 ORE
Here be dragons : science, technology and the future of humanity, Olle Haggstrom. .303.483 HAG
The 21st century will most likely see even more revolutionary changes than the 20th, due to advances in science, technology and medicine. Particular areas where extraordinary and perhaps disruptive advances can be expected include biotechnology, nanotechnology, and machine intelligence.
I had to survive : how a plane crash in the Andes helped me to save lives, Dr. Roberto Canessa and Pablo Vierci.363.124 CAN
This is a gripping and heartrending recollection of the harrowing brink-of-death experience that propelled survivor Roberto Canessa to become one of the world's leading pediatric cardiologists. Canessa played a key role in safeguarding his fellow survivors, eventually trekking with a companion across the hostile mountain range for help.
Just keep breathing : a shocking expose of real letters you never imagined a generation was writing, Reggie Dabbs and John Driver.371.58 DAB
These are real words written by a real girl. There are thousands more just like her. Her pain is real. Her story is true. But her voice has been hidden until now.
Make it zero : the movement to safeguard every child, Mary Frances Bowley with Jennifer Bradley Franklin.362.7 BOW
Tying shocking statistics to real stories, Make It Zero explores various forms of childhood vulnerability and offers specific ways for everyone to end them.
Marriages are made in Bond Street : true stories from a 1940s marriage bureau, Penrose Halson.306.73 HAL
Drawing on the bureau's extensive archives, Penrose Halson who many years later found herself the proprietor of the bureau tells their story, and those of their clients.
Scars across humanity : understanding and overcoming violence against women, Elaine Storkey.362.83 STO
Sexual politics, Kate Millett ; foreword by Catharine A. MacKinnon ; afterword by Rebecca Mead.305.42 MIL
Standing together : the Salvation Army's response to the Canterbury earthquakes, Robin Raymond.363.349 RAY
Take it as a compliment, Maria Stoian.362.88 STO
After interviewing and receiving anonymous messages from women and men across the globe who have experienced sexual abuse and harassment, Maria Stoian has illustrated their experiences in this powerful collective graphic memoir to express the complex emotions felt by victims of sexual abuse and explore what needs to change.
The interregnum : rethinking New Zealand, Morgan Godfery.320.993 INT
The prison book club, Ann Walmsley.365.6 WAL
When Ann Walmsley was asked to take part in a book club in a men's prison, she was initially anxious. But this wasn't your typical book club there was no wine and cheese, plush furniture or superficial chat about recent holidays. Classic works of fiction and non-fiction became springboards for frank discussions about loss, anger, redemption and loneliness, and for the men a prized oasis in which to regain a sense of humanity.
The silent cry : alone, there is nothing Kim can do as her mother's mental health spirals out of control, Cathy Glass.362.733 GLA
The heartbreaking true story of a young, troubled mother who needed help. The sixteenth fostering memoir by Cathy Glass. It is the first time Laura has been out since the birth of her baby when Cathy sees her in the school playground. A joyful occasion but Cathy has the feeling something is wrong. By the time she discovers what it is, it is too late.
This is an uprising : how nonviolent revolt is shaping the twenty-first century, Mark Engler and Paul Engler.303.61 ENG

Sport & Recreation

Canyoning in New Zealand, Daniel Clearwater.796.524 CLE
Canyoning technical manual, main author, Grant Prattley ; contributing author, Daniel Clearwater.796.524 PRA
Leading from behind : winning while coming last, Niva Retimanu.796.425 RET
Shooter's bible guide to handloading, Wayne van Zwoll.683.406 VAN
Sport business management in New Zealand and Australia, edited by Sarah Leberman, Chris Collins, Linda Trenberth.796.069 SPO
Striking gold : New Zealand hockey's remarkable victory at the 1976 olympics, Suzanne McFadden.796.355 MCF
The Himalayan tahr : (hemitragus jemlahicus), written and compiled by D. Bruce Banwell and Marcus R.W. Pinney on behalf of the New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association.799.26 BAN

Trains, Boats, Planes

A pilot's accident review : an in-depth look at high-profile accidents that shaped aviation rules and procedures, John Lowery.363.124 LOW
The Cashmere : New Zealand Immigration Ship, 1851-1863, Belinda Lansley.910.45 LAN


1941 : fighting the shadow war : a divided America in a world at war, Marc Wortman.973.917 WOR
Describes how Franklin D. Roosevelt quietly used his power and all the tools he had to assist Winston Churchill in fighting the Axis long before the United States' official entry into World War II.
81 days below zero : the incredible survival story of a World War II pilot in Alaska's frozen wilderness, Brian Murphy with Toula Vlahou.940.544 CRA
A greater sum of sorrow : the battles of Bullecourt, David Coombs.940.43 COO
In April-May 1917 the sleepy hamlet of Bullecourt in northern France became the focus of two battles involving Australian and British troops.
Armenia, Australia & the Great War, Vicken Babkenian & Peter Stanley.956.6 BAB
Australian civilians worked for decades supporting the survivors and orphans of the Armenian Genocide massacres. 24 April 1915 marks the beginning of two great epics of the First World War. It was the day the allied invasion forces set out for Gallipoli; and it marked the beginning of what became the Genocide of the Ottoman Empire's Armenians.
At war on the Gothic Line : fighting in Italy, 1944-45, Christian Jennings.940.5421 JEN
Experience of a lifetime : people, personalities and leaders in the First World War, John Crawford, David Littlewood & James Watson.940.3 EXP
Finland at war : the continuation and Lapland Wars 1941-45, Vesa Nenye [and 3 others].940.5421 NEN
First day of the Somme, Andrew Macdonald.940.42 MCD
Guadalcanal : the American campaign against Japan in WWII, Jon Diamond.940.5426 DIA
Hospital ships, Rupert Goodman.359.326 GOO
Hunters and killers. Volume 1, Anti-submarine warfare from 1776 to 1943, Norman Polmar and Edward Whitman.359.9 POL
Hunting season : James Foley, ISIS, and the kidnapping campaign that started a war, James Harkin.956.054 HAR
Based on his groundbreaking reporting for Vanity Fair, Hunting Season is award-winning journalist James Harkin's harrowing investigation into the abduction, captivity, and execution of James Foley and the fate of more than two-dozen other ISIS hostages.
Midnight in broad daylight : a Japanese American family caught between two worlds, Pamela Rotner Sakamoto.940.53 SAK
True story of a Japanese American family that found itself on opposite sides during World War II an epic tale of family, separation, divided loyalties, love, reconciliation, loss, and redemption this is a riveting chronicle of U.S.-Japan relations and the Japanese experience in America.
Prisoners of the British : internees and prisoners of war during the First World War, Michael Foley.940.472 FOL
Railway guns of World War II, Steven J. Zaloga; illustrated by Peter Dennis.623.41 ZAL
Reporting the Second World War : the battle for truth, Brian Best.070.449 BES
The fair dinkums, Glenn McFarlane.940.41 MCF
You had to be fair dinkum to enlist after the hell of Gallipoli hit home. A new breed of warrior and patriot stepped up as Anzac's second wave. Among them were 152 men of the 7th Battalion fruit pickers and farmers, bootmakers and blacksmiths, miners and mailmen. A chronicle of sad loss.
The Ghost Army of World War II : how one top-secret unit deceived the enemy with inflatable tanks, sound effects, and other audacious fakery, Rick Beyer & Elizabeth Sayles.940.5486 BEY
The prison diary of A.C. Barrington : dissent and conformity in wartime New Zealand, John Pratt ; with an introduction by John Barrington.940.5316 BAR
Archie Barrington was a leading New Zealand pacifist during World War 2. Incarcerated in Mount Crawford Prison for his beliefs in 1941, he kept an illicit diary, scrawled in the margins of books. Many years later his son John happened across the diary and painstakingly reconstructed it.
The Syrian jihad : Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and the evolution of an insurgency, Charles R. Lister.956.91 LIS
The West Point history of World War II. Volume 1, The United States Military Academy.940.54 WES
Uniforms of World War II : over 250 uniforms of Armies, Navies and Air Forces of the world, Peter Darman.355.14 DAR
Verdun 1916 : the deadliest battle of the First World War, William F. Buckingham.940.42 BUC