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FingerTip Library's 150 tukutuku panel

This panel was designed, created and constructed by the FingerTip team, as part of the Tukutuku project in 2009 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Christchurch City Libraries.

Wahi Patoto (FingerTip’s Māori name)

  • Ribbon, shoe laces, pom poms, tinsel pipe cleaners, string
  • 122 x 60cm

Our main activities at FTL are listening and talking on the telephones. The panel is landscape and is divided into two parts – the left and right.

The left hand side shows the ‘speaking’ elements. The white zig zags are called Waha Rua and this is the ‘call’. White is the colour of purity. The tree-like patterns are the branches of phone lines reaching out to customers, colleagues, the Internet and the world. The pom poms signify these points of contact as we talk on the phone. Yellow is the colour of enlightenment and epiphany.

The right hand side shows the ‘talking’ elements. The white diamond-like shapes are called ‘purerehua’ and are musical instruments and symbolize listening. Again, white is the colour of purity. There is a shell in the middle a ‘conch’. This symbolises listening to customers. Yellow and red tinsel is used and these colours mean abundance and enlightenment/epiphany.

On both sides of the panel are red coloured ‘poutama’ – stairway to heaven. This suits us because we are positioned on the top floor of Central. The overall panel is divided into separate squares to make it look like a huge keyboard.

Panel creation

Images from FingerTip Library's tukutuku panel weaving

CCL Staff's Fingertip Library tukutuku panel photoset CCL Staff's Fingertip Library tukutuku panel photoset

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