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Banks Peninsula Merger - 2006

Banks Peninsula and Christchurch City Libraries systems will merge on Saturday 1st July 2006.

Library FAQs for Banks Peninsula residents

When will I notice changes at the Banks Peninsula Libraries?
Nothing will change until 1 July 2006 when the two library systems merge. Until then, it will be business as usual at Banks Peninsula’s four libraries.
What will happen on 1 July 2006?
The two library systems will merge. Banks Peninsula’s libraries will be incorporated into Christchurch City Libraries. Both will use the same computer system, charges and conditions.


I live in Diamond Harbour and have a Christchurch City Libraries non-resident card. Will I need a different card?
Yes. Banks Peninsula residents, who already belong to Christchurch City Libraries as a non-resident member, were sent new cards in February, along with information about what the changes will mean for them.
I live in Lyttelton and don’t currently belong to Christchurch City Libraries. Can I join?
Yes you can join at any of our libraries. To do this you will need to bring two forms of ID (one being a photo ID) and proof of address such as a bank statement or account not more than 30 days old.
Will I be able to use my Christchurch City Libraries card when I am on holiday in Akaroa?
Until 1 July 2006 separate cards will be used for the Banks Peninsula and Christchurch City libraries. Then your Christchurch City Libraries card can be used in Akaroa or any other of the 20 libraries in the expanded network.

Charges & Borrowing

When will the non-resident charges be dropped?
These were dropped on 6 March 2006, when a Banks Peninsula residents could join Christchurch City Libraries as a “Christchurch resident”. Banks Peninsula libraries have also dropped subscription charges for Christchurch residents.
Will it cost more to use Lyttelton Library after amalgamation?
Fees and charges will change on 1 July 2006 when the library systems merge. As a result, some will be a little dearer, some a little cheaper. Note that some Christchurch City Libraries charges are increasing on the same date.
How long will I be able to keep my books out?
From 1 July 2006, all books, magazines, talking books and CDs will be issued for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks there is a charge of 30 cents a day for adult borrowers. DVDs and Bestsellers will be issued for 1 week.
Will I be able to return my Lyttelton Library books to Linwood Library or vice versa?
Not until after 1 July 2006. Until then, Banks Peninsula libraries will not be able to discharge Christchurch City books, and vice versa.


Will the opening hours of the Banks Peninsula Libraries change?
There are no current plans to change any existing hours.
Where are the 20 libraries I will be able to use?
In addition to the Banks Peninsula Libraries (Lyttelton, Diamond Harbour, Little River, Akaroa), you will be able to use Fendalton, Bishopdale, Papanui, Redwood, New Brighton, Shirley, Parklands, Linwood, South (Beckenham), Sumner, Spreydon, Hornby, Halswell, Upper Riccarton, Central City plus a Mobile Library.
What are Bestsellers?
Bestsellers are additional copies of popular books, CDs & DVDs, bought for people who don’t want to wait on a reserve list for the free copies. Christchurch City Libraries will buy about 50 copies of these popular titles most of which will be free to borrow. Borrowing Bestsellers attracts a charge.
Will the Akaroa Library still have the books I like?
Yes, books will still be bought to suit the community served by the library. From 1 July 2006 Banks Peninsula residents will have access to more than 1 million books, magazines, talking books, CDs, and DVDs. These will be able to be reserved online, by phone or at any library and sent to your nearest library. There is a charge for placing holds.
What will I be able to do online?
As a member of Christchurch City Libraries, you will be able to place holds online, check to see what you have out, when they are due back and whether you have any holds waiting to be collected. Questions can be asked online and homework help is also available. You will also have free access to a range of databases.