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Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt 2009

Stand-out winner for the 2009 Heritage Week Photo Hunt

Anzac DayThe judges for the competition unanimously declared ANZAC Day submitted by Jan Shuttleworth the overall winner of the Christchurch City Libraries 2009 Heritage Week Photo Hunt. Mr Shuttleworth will receive a $100 gift voucher from Image Photo and Frame of Sydenham. The judges felt that this particular photograph (the winner of the Peace and Remembrance category) encapsulated the spirit of a community's dedication to honouring those who served in times of conflict.

Runners up and theme winners who will each receive a $50 voucher from Image Photo and Frame, are as follows:
Away from Home theme: Greetings from N.Z.E.F. in the Pacific, submitted by Barbara Molloy.
Life at Home theme: Nurses, submitted by Dave Howell.

The following entry was highly commended by the judges, and will also receive a $50 voucher: Welcome Home DVD entered by The Regimental Association (Inc).

Thank you to all those people who contributed some wonderful images of Christchurch and beyond. 

Our Doves and Defences photo set shows all images from the Photo Hunt.


Peace and Remembrance

Overall winner/and Peace and Remembrance category winner

ANZAC Day - submitted by Jan Shuttleworth

Mr Shuttleworth provided a number of images for this year's competition all from events in his home of Akaroa. We felt this image captured the significance of ANZAC Day to smaller communities in Canterbury.

Away from Home

Greetings From N.Z.E.F in the Pacific

Greetings from N.Z.E.F. in the Pacific submitted by Barbara Molloy

Many of these postcards would have been distributed among the forces in the Pacific, but this particular entry has such a delightful personal message from Sgt. Reginald Sydney O'Neill to his young relative Anita.



Life at Home

Nurses Nurses submitted by David Howell

An intriguing postcard of two nurses posing in front of a decorated car. Little is known about this entry, which is one of the reasons it was selected as we are sure there is a fantastic story behind this image.


Highly Commended entry

Frame from 1945 Coming Home to Lyttelton movie

Welcome Home DVD entered by The Regimental Association (Inc)

This fantastic 15 min film shows personal footage from the three forces returning to Lyttelton on the 21st of December 1945. Permission was given by the Regimental Association to extract frames from the movie to place on Flickr. There were many historically significant and candid images to choose from.

About the 2009 Photo Hunt

This contest was part of Beca Heritage Week, 16th - 26th October 2009 - Doves and Defences, Discover Christchurch in Peace and Conflict

Christchurch City Libraries invited the public to be part of a gathering and documentation of historical photos on peace and conflict in Christchurch from 14 September until 23 October. We collected images of Canterbury’s involvement in peace and conflict over the years and published them on the libraries' Flickr site.

The Photo Hunt 2009 was open from 14 September until 23 October and formed part of the Beca Heritage Week’s Doves and Defences celebrations.

The contest covered three broad themes, fitting with this year's Heritage Week:

Life at Home

Including images of Protest/Dissention, War Effort and Home Defence

Away from Home

Including images of Leaving Home, Overseas/On Duty, and Arriving Home

Peace and Remembrance

Including images of Buildings, Natural Sites, Memorials/Monuments and Processions