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Conditions and prizes

Any primary or intermediate child living in the Crusader Franchise catchment which includes Canterbury, the West Coast, Nelson and Marlborough is eligible to enter and be in to win a number of great prizes.

Children will be asked to read their choice of six fiction or non-fiction titles and complete an reading log with details of their reading which they give to their teacher. Homeschooled children can download this entry form to send in with their reading details.

Crusader Franchise catchment


Simply enter the 2009 Reading Crusade and receive a participation certificate printed with the signatures of the Crusaders team. You’ll also go in the draw to win heaps of cool prizes:

  • Jersey15 Reading Crusaders will be invited to watch a special Crusaders training session on w/c Monday 4th May, win a book, as well as being invited to the Reading Crusade prize-giving at AMI Stadium in Christchurch on Thursday 9th April at 2pm.
  • 35 Reading Crusaders will win runner-up prize packs, as well as being invited to the Reading Crusade prize-giving at AMI Stadium in Christchurch on Thursday 9th April at 2pm.
  • 2 signed Crusaders jerseys are up for grabs for the two best schools in 2009. The two schools that have the largest percentage participation (as a ratio of total student numbers at those individual schools) in the 2009 Reading Crusade will each receive a signed Canterbury Crusaders jersey for their school.

All winners of major prizes (grand and runner-up prizes) will be invited to attend the Reading Crusade prize giving in Christchurch – transport & accommodation at own cost.

PaperPlusOur thanks to Barrington Paper Plus who are sponsoring 15 book prizes for the Reading Crusade Prizegiving.


How can I register/enrol to be part of the Reading Crusade?
Check with your teacher if your class/school is going to participate in the Reading Crusade. If they are your teacher can register your class online.
If your class/school is not participating or you are home schooled you can register online yourself.
Can individual children enter if they are home-schooled / their school has not registered?
The 2009 Reading Crusade promotion is open to students from all primary and intermediate schools (Years 1 to 8 inclusive), together with any students of primary or intermediate age being home-schooled in the Canterbury Crusaders Catchment area.
Can preschoolers enter?
No, the Reading Crusade is a reading promotion for Primary and Intermediate age children (Year 1 -8). You need to be 5 years old or older to participate.
How can I get an entry form?
Your school will be sent a Reading Crusade pack in January which will include a copy of the entry form so they can photocopy this for your class.
If your class/school is not participating or you are home schooled please download a copy of the entry form from our website.
Can individuals send more than one entry form?
You can enter as many times as you like as long as you complete a separate entry form for each entry.
What do I do with my form when it is all filled in?
If your school is registered for the Reading Crusade, please hand your completed form to the person collecting the forms at your school.
If you are home schooled, please hand your form in at any Christchurch City Libraries or post it to:
Christchurch City Libraries,
PO Box 1466,
Christchurch 8140.
What if I read more than six books?
We suggest that you enter multiple times if you are able to read more than six books during the Reading Crusade. Remember to fill in a separate form for each entry.
What if I can't read 6 books?
If you find that you are unable to read six books by yourself, you can ask a parent, caregiver or sibling to read a book with you. You can then record the details of those books on your entry form, as well as the ones that you have read by yourself.
Can I read magazines instead?
You can read any combination of fiction or non-fiction titles, magazines, graphic novels or audio books. You can also include any books that you read for homework or for projects that you are working on at school.
Do audio books count?
Yes, you can record the details of any audio book on your entry form.
Do books that I read TO my child count?
Yes, you can record the details of any book that you have read with your child.
How can I send letters to the Crusaders?
You can go to the Crusaders website and place a shout out on the "shout out" page. Then you are in the draw to win home game tickets.
There is also a text alert service that you can subscribe to and receive regular updates about Crusaders games.
There is a Text alert service which children can subscribe to - text the word JOIN to 513 and and receive regular updates about Crusaders games.