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Tintin colouring competition

October 2011 was Tintin Month.

The judge’s report

A big thanks to you all for getting behind the Tintin colouring in competition. We had 989 entries, and they were wonderfully colourful and creative.

Bishopdale customers submitted the highest number of entries at 140, followed very closely by Papanui and Shirley. Linwood Mini and Halswell did remarkably well for their size with 94 and 88 entries respectively.

Entries came from everywhere and it was great to receive them from Diamond Harbour and Central South City Library.

The decision making skills of the judges were severely tested. The creativity and inventiveness of the entries was amazing as I hope you can see from this small collection of photos.

Amber's entry Paris's entry Leni's entry Laura's entry Jackson's entry Emily's entry Deena's entry Amy's entry Amelie's entry