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Statistics - International statistics


International organisations that produce statistics
including the UN, UNESCO, FAO, IMF, and WHO.
Directory of statistics from official sources by country or topic. From the University of Auckland.


Demographic yearbook
Provides official population statistics for over 230 countries. Includes statistics on births, deaths, marriage, divorce as well as population size and other related subjects.
Europa world year book
Provides social, economic, political information on more than 250 countries. This includes basic statistics by country.
International marketing data and statistics
Provides demographic, economic and lifestyle data from over 160 non-European countries. Includes statistics in advertising and media, communications, consumer expenditure, household characteristics, retail distribution and many other subjects.
Statistical yearbook
A compilation of statistics from more than 200 countries. It covers subjects like demographics, social factors, economy and industry activity. There are also statistics for world regions in addition to those for individual countries.

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