Christchurch - a chronology


March 15
Sheepstealer James McKenzie arrested and imprisoned at Lyttelton. He subsequently escaped and was recaptured several times, and was conditionally pardoned on January 11, 1856.
March 31
Weld and Clifford pioneer the inland stock route to Marlborough.
April 17
Formation of the Canterbury Local Steam Navigation Co.
April 25
Coal from the Malvern Hills on sale in Christchurch at 5-10s a ton.
Provincial Council decides to sell the Christchurch town reserves to help its ailing finances. Contrary to popular belief, the reserves were never intended as a "green belt", but were to be kept in reserve until sections in the central area were sold.
(no date)
Hagley Park declared by provincial ordinance. It appears to have been planned by Captain Thomas at the request of the Deans brothers to create a barrier between the Deans’ farm and the new city.

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