Christchurch: a chronology

A timeline of some Christchurch events in chronological order from 1700s to 1989.

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March 2, 1970
Amid mounting controversy, City Council begins construction of road deviation through Hagley Park. The work was stopped by March 7 for legal reasons, and the project was eventually scrapped.
March 2, 1974
Re-built Centennial Pool opens.
March 3-7, 1977
Visit by Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.
March 3, 1862
First meeting of the Christchurch Municipal Council, which became the Christchurch City Council in November. John Hall elected Chairman, G. Gordon first Town Clerk.
March 3, 1879
First Town Hall design competition. But building costs were too high and the project was abandoned in March 1882.
March 3, 1939
Statue of J. E. FitzGerald in Rolleston Avenue 'unveiled' as a student prank. The statue, a gift from R. E. Green, had been offered to the City Council in 1934 and to the Beautifying Association in 1936, but had been declined by both because of legal diputes between Mr Green and his family. The statue was finally accepted by the Domains Board in 1938, but was never officially unveiled.
March 4, 1909
Te Wai Pounamu Maori Girls College established at Ohoka. The college moved to Christchurch in 1921.
March 4, 1977
Museum Antarctic wing opens.
March 5, 1863
Samuel Bealey elected third Superintendent of Canterbury.
March 6, 1856
Riccarton race course established.
March 6, 1914
First point to point flight in Canterbury by J. W. H. Scotland from Timaru to Christchurch. In the same year, Scotland had the dubious privilege of becoming the first pilot to crash in New Zealand.
March 6, 1989
Visit by Princess Anne, the Princess Royal.
March 7-8, 1964
Air exposition at airport marks opening of runway extensions (to 2400 metres) and 50th anniversary of Scotland’s Timaru to Christchurch flight.
March 7, 1925
Cholmondeley Home for children (a gift of Hugh Heber Cholmondeley) opens at Governors Bay.
March 8, 1958
Christchurch athlete Marise Chamberlain breaks world record for 440 yards.