Christchurch - a chronology


January 8
First trial of harvesting machines at Riccarton.
January 17
Council swimming pool in the Avon River opens. Not one of the Council’s better projects - the pool was only a few hundred metres downstream from the hospital’s effluent outfall.
January 18
First meeting of the Lyttelton Harbour Board.
February 23
Lillywhite’s "All England" cricket team visits.
The Normal School (designed by Samuel Farr, and opened in April 1876) becomes New Zealand’s first teachers training college.
June 7
New Canterbury College (University) building opens. Designed by B.W. Mountfort, the building is now part of the Arts Centre.
August 11
Canterbury Cricket Council formed.
September 13
Christchurch Girls High School (designed by Thomas Cane) opens on the corner of Hereford Street and Rolleston Avenue. The school moved to its present Cranmer Square site in 1881. The original school is now part of the Arts Centre.
October 25
First high pressure water supply system in operation at Lyttelton.
October 29
Sydenham Borough formed.
December 20
70 kilometres (44 miles) of railway line north to Amberley converted from broad to narrow gauge in a single day by 500 men - in time for the opening of the railway station the following day.
December 21
New Christchurch railway station opens.
(no date)
Police duties taken over by Government.

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