Christchurch - a chronology


City population approximately 12,000.
January 4
First meeting of the Christchurch Drainage Board.
February 4
Railway south completed to Timaru.
April 13
Visit of tightrope walker Blondin.
November 1
Provincial Government abolished. The 9 provinces were replaced by 64 counties under the first Counties Act.
November 4
Second Theatre Royal opens. Built in only 17 weeks on the same site as the first, the New theatre was claimed to have the largest stage in New Zealand.
December 23
Lyttelton time-ball station in operation. Its time signals to shipping were superseded by radio signals in 1934. See also 1978.
(no date)
Blackheath Place built in Sydenham. It is the city’s only surviving example of English style terrace housing. Terraced houses called "The Bricks' were built in Cambridge Terrace in 1903, but were demolished in 1968 to make way for the New Town Hall.

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