Christchurch - a chronology


February 10
First sitting of the Court of Appeal.
March 5
Samuel Bealey elected third Superintendent of Canterbury.
March 31
21 Canterbury military volunteers sail north on "Phoebe" for duty in the Waikato land wars.
May 5
Christchurch Gas Company formed.
June 23
First cab stand in City, on the corner of Colombo and High Streets.
July 9
Civic tree planting begins. Part of the day’s planting was a commemorative tree, generally regarded as the beginning of the Botanic Gardens.
September 7
City’s first murder trial. G. Lumley convicted.
October 22
First Agricultural and Pastoral Association show in showgrounds (which is now Sydenham Park). An "unofficial" show had been held in October, 1862.
October 26
Chamber of Commerce transfers from Lyttelton.
November 10
First Cobb & Co. coach to Timaru.
Provincial Government commission tables critical and far-reaching education report. This report led directly to the opening of the first public schools in the following year.
December 1
Opening of the Ferrymead to Moorhouse Avenue railway, New Zealand’s first public steam railway. (The gauge was 5ft 3ins.)
December 26
Opening of the Royal Princess Theatre, the city’s first true theatre. It had been the Canterbury Music Hall, see 1861.
First patients at Sunnyside Hospital.
(no date)
Total Abstinence Society formed - the beginning of the New Zealand temperance movement. The City’s crime and drink problem was one of the worst in New Zealand during these years.
Aulsebrooks biscuit factory established.
"Brother’s Pride" arrives at Lyttelton with 44 fever deaths during the voyage - the worst ever of any ship to Canterbury. The hapless survivors were quarantined under very primitive conditions at Camp Bay.

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