Christchurch - a chronology


Citys population approximately 2000
January 1
New Zealand’s first rowing regatta held on Lyttelton Harbour.
March 3
First meeting of the Christchurch Municipal Council, which became the Christchurch City Council in November. John Hall elected Chairman, G. Gordon first Town Clerk.
June 1
Hospital opens on site in Hagley Park. But only after the first vigorous "Hands off Hagley" protests by irate citizens.
June 9
Municipal Council approves first street lighting (62 kerosene lamps).
July 1
New Zealand’s first telegraph in operation between Christchurch and Lyttelton.
New Zealand’s first professional boxing contest held on the banks of the Waimakariri River near Kaiapoi. Police with drawn pistols tried to stop the illegal contest, but were overwhelmed by the crowd of over 600. Subsequent legal proceedings were quietly withdrawn when it was found that the Crown Solicitor and several magistrates had been among the spectators.
(no date)
Artesian water discovered. Water found during the tunnel excavation had indicated that artesian water was likely to exist below Christchurch.

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