Christchurch - a chronology


February 14
Visit by Queen Margarethe of Denmark.
February 21
Plans for 152 metre high observation/tourist tower revealed by Christchurch businessman Jamie Tulloch.
March 14
"Te Māori" exhibition opens at the McDougal Art Gallery. Over a nine week period, 147,012 people visited "Te Māori", the largest number to a single exhibition at the Gallery
May 8
Sir Neil Isaac, founder of Peacock Springs Conservation Park dies.
June 6
$84 million redevelopment of Christchurch Hospital approved.
July 21
St Michaels Church Day School - 136th anniversary.
July 23
Lotto sales start.
September 5
Canterbury Rowing Club 125th anniversary - believed to be the oldest sports club in New Zealand. See 1861.
October 20
World-wide share market crash affects Christchurch Stock Exchange .
November 22
"Trans Alpine" express train designed specifically for the tourist trade, begins its daily run from Christchurch to Greymouth.
December 1
Visit by King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola of Belgium.
December 5
Rev Margaret Wood elected the first female Archdeacon in the Christchurch Anglican Diocese.
December 18
Stage 1 of Museum restoration approved.
December 27
Rewi Alley dies in Peking, China. He left Christchurch for China in 1926.

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