Christchurch - a chronology


January 24
Steam fire engine arrives, (the first in New Zealand) and is named "Extinguisher".
Gold discovery on the West Coast leads to an inevitable exodus of prospectors from Christchurch.
March 1
Godley Head lighthouse in operation.
April 8
First issue of "Punch in Canterbury". It was modelled on the English magazine, but did not survive for long.
May 3
First Catholic school opens in a small cottage in Lichfield Street.
May 21
First news telegram sent over the new line from Bluff to Christchurch.
July 1
Severe thunderstorm. Man killed by lightning at Avonside.
July 1
Lyttelton Harbour breakwaters begun.
September 19
South Island Separation Bill defeated in Parliament by 31 votes to 17.
November 21
Provincial Council buildings in Durham Street completed. The complex of buildings was architect B.W. Mountfort’s masterpiece. He had survived a professional disaster soon after arrival in New Zealand when his first building, a church in Lyttelton, had proved structurally unsound and had to be demolished.
November 30
Canterbury Medical Association formed (the first in New Zealand).
(no date)
Railway to the west and south begins.
First public swimming pool opens at Kohler’s Pleasure Grounds (now the site of Hagley High School).
P.and D. Duncan’s engineering works established.

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