Christchurch - a chronology


February 4-5
Severe storm and gales. Several ships wrecked, floods throughout Canterbury. Waimakariri River overflows into the Avon causing serious flooding. Water flows a metre deep in Market Square (now Victoria Square).
May 14
"Lyttelton Times" publishes evening paper, the "Star".
May 22
William Rolleston becomes the fourth (and last) Superintendent of Canterbury. The 4 superintendents have been remembered in the names of the city’s "four avenues", previously called the Town Belts.
June 10
William Wilson elected first Mayor of Christchurch.
August 16
Tsunami ("tidal wave") in Lyttelton Harbour. Part of the harbour bottom was laid bare, then a wave swept in, damaging the "Novelty".
(no date)
Fire sweeps across the Port Hills. It took 2 weeks to burn out.

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