Christchurch - a chronology


Ernest (later Lord) Rutherford enrolls at Canterbury University. His later work paved the way for the development of atomic energy, yet he once said "We cannot control atomic energy to an extent which would be of any value commercially and I believe we are not likely ever to be able to do so".
May 30
Richmond joins City.
June 21
Artist Petrus Van der Velden arrives and settles.
August 16
First inter-provincial soccer match held in Christchurch. Canterbury beat Wellington 2-0.
August 28
"Great maritime strike" (the first of New Zealand’s 3 major waterfront strikes) spreads to Lyttelton.
September 8
Striking watersiders attack and injure scab labour.
(no date)
Christchurch team wins first New Zealand polo tournament in Auckland.

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