Christchurch - a chronology


January 18
New Brighton pier opens.
February 15
First New Zealand cricket team defeated by New South Wales at Lancaster Park.
High pressure water supply system in operation at Sumner.
March 22
First "local option" poll fails to achieve liquor prohibition in Christchurch.
Decision to build 45 by 10 metre swimming pool at Lancaster Park. Although the pool was equal to any in New Zealand, and hosted the 1907 Australasian swimming championships, it was never a popular success and was closed down within a few years. See 1985.
New Zealand Cricket Council formed in City.
Internationally famous English climber E. A. Fitzgerald makes much publicised preparations in Christchurch to climb Mt Cook but is beaten by 3 young New Zealanders. Piqued, Fitzgerald refused to set foot on the mountain.
(no date)
Ernest Rutherford transmits New Zealand’s first radio waves in his basement laboratory at university.

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