Christchurch - a chronology


Date unknown
Walker Electric Truck imported for Christchurch City Council fleet.
March 21
First meeting of the Canterbury Progress League (now the Canterbury Promotion Council).
July 22
After heavy snow - 175mm (7inches) - Christchurch experiences its coldest day on record. The temperature did not rise above 1 deg C.
Count Felix von Luckner imprisoned on Ripapa Island.
November 6
Beginning of the influenza epidemic which was eventually to kill 466 people in Christchurch.
November 8
Huge crowds gather in streets after false reports of World War I armistice. The Canterbury Battalion’s losses in the war had been 2353 dead.
November 12
Armistice officially announced. But this time, there was little public celebration in a city now stricken by the full effects of the flu epidemic.

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