Christchurch - a chronology


January 22
Death of Professor Bickerton in England. Since his sacking by the university - see 1902 - he had operated the extraordinary Pleasure Gardens at Wainoni, made fireworks, promoted patent medicines and then travelled to England to promote his "partial impact" astronomical theory.
February 14
Christchurch - Lyttelton railway line electrification completed.
Lyttelton Times - first editionAugust 1
"Lyttelton Times" re-named "Christchurch Times" after being taken over by Auckland interests. In fact, the paper had moved from Lyttelton to Christchurch in 1863.
December 11
Edmonds band rotunda opens.
December 18
Arrest of 2 armed youths who are responsible for dozens of cases of serious arson (and a near murder) in the previous 6 months.

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