Christchurch - a chronology


January 1
Radio Broadcasting Company of N.Z. (owner of the YA stations) taken over by Government to form the nucleus of a State broadcasting system.
April 1
New Regent Street opens, built on the site of the old Colosseum. (See 1908)
May 4
Christchurch Tramway strike. One of the bitterest in the city’s history, it lasted 16 days. There were many injuries and arrests among the strikers. The tram sheds were barricaded with barbed wire, and trams were fitted with wire mesh screens over their windows to ward off attacks.
June 16
Robert McDougall Art Gallery opens. The gallery was a gift of R.E. McDougall, Managing Director of Aulsebrooks and Company.
August 10
Statue of Captain James Cook unveiled in Victoria Square.

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