Christchurch - a chronology


January 19-21
Visit by the Duke of Gloucester.
January 19
River carnival on the Avon near Park Terrace.
February 16
First test match by New Zealand women cricketers played against England at Lancaster Park. (England won.)
June 10
John Drew and poet/typographer Dennis Glover founded Caxton Press to publish New Zealand literature. Most of the decade’s best writers were first published by the company.
July 1
Evening papers "Star" and "Sun" merge to become the "Star Sun", ending a 6 year Newspaper war, the longest and most bitter in New Zealand’s history. The "peace" agreement between the 3 companies concerned also saw the demise of the "Christchurch Times" (once the "Lyttelton Times"), the oldest daily paper in the country.
July 20 and 23
Concert by violinist Yehudi Menuhin (already famous at only 17).
December 17
City Council decides to buy 230 hectares of land at Harewood for a city airport. The purchase was strongly criticised in many quarters as excessively large, but subsequent history has more than vindicated the decision.

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