Christchurch - a chronology


January 5
First echelon of Canterbury troops for World War II leave Lyttelton on "Dunera" and "Sobieski".
H.S. Feast begins 21 years as Town Clerk.
May 18
Harewood Airport officially opens. It was soon to be taken over by the RNZAF for the duration of the war.
May 24
Centennial music festival presents 10 days of music to large audiences. This was the New Zealand Centennial. For Christchurch Centennial see 1950.
September 1
New Zealand Railways railcar sets a speed record of 125 kilometres per hour (78 miles per hour) near Rolleston. This is still the highest speed officially acknowledged on the New Zealand rail system.
November 25
"Holmwood", en route from the Chathams to Lyttelton, sunk by German raiders. Passengers and crew were taken aboard the German ships, and eventually made their way home 2 months later.

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