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A paper called the Canterbury Guardian was started in the fifties early, somewhere about where the Salvation Barracks stand but it only lasted a few months. I think J.E. Thacker was the owner. He had a store at the corner of Cashel St and Oxford Terrace, the [sic] went to the Bays, trading in timber &c.

Buildings this style of architecture, later inhabited by Martin Cash, Mrs Hollingworth, &c. In the sixties.

On this, near this, John Bligh a cook and his wife, opened a small cook shop gradually developing into a big restaurant and boarding house. They did an immense trade and made money. Bought land &c Bligh’s Gardens at the Horse Shoe. He was not so successful after.

Trent, the original of the Trents, had a grocery here, in company with Knapman.

J.S. Buxton, a saddler, also started here in a shop. A very shrewd, grasping and unpopular man, but all there at money making.

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